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Aspartame, also known as NutraSweet® and Equal®, is an artificial sweetener made from a combination of methanol, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Methanol is wood alcohol, which is highly toxic and causes nerve damage, blindness and death. Even in the smaller doses associated with occasional drinking of for example diet soda, it can cause headaches and fatigue. Aspartic acid and phenylalanine are amino acids, which can be harmful if taken in isolation or in proportions different from that which occurs naturally in protein. Phenylalanine in particular can interfere with serotonin levels and cause depression and lethargy, and phenylketonurics must totally avoid foods containing phenylalanine as well. Following are some links giving useful information on this subject. There is also information on other additives which their manufacturers insist are safe, despite evidence to the contrary, such as rBGH or rBST (recombinant bovine growth hormone). The older artificial sweeteners saccharin and cyclamate also raised serious health concerns, and true to form, its defenders resorted to coverups and derision rather than rationally arguing their point. For example, Theodore Roosevelt said that anyone who thinks saccharin is harmful is an "idiot". Of course, this was a time when smoking was actually considered healthful by many, and medications containing mercury and arsenic were considered safe and effective. "Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!"

  1. Scientific and general aspartame information - main page
  2. Detailed aspartame report by M. D. Gold, with references
  3. DORway Aspartame Archives Page
  4. The UKOPRP: News about Aspartame & rBST and FDA negligence
  5. Repost Regarding Aspartame
  6. Dieting, Diabetes, and Alternative Sweeteners
  7. Sugar - "Everything in Moderation", 16 Calories per teaspoon
  8. Separating Fact from Fiction in SUGAR BUSTERS
  9. Structure of molecules of sugars and artificial sweeteners
  10. UPI 1987 Report on aspartame by Greg Gordon (3 parts) in HTML or text format [New!]
  11. Star Tribune 1996 article on aspartame by Greg Gordon
  12. A recall on the drug aspartame

  13. Saccharin information from phys.com
  14. Information in German on aspartame's predecessors (unfortunately, these links seem to have been removed): Cyclamate and E954 Saccharin or roughly translated (I may supply a better translation in the future) by Altavista's Babelfish: Cyclamate and E954 Saccharin

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