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  1. South Carolina-Georgia-Florida (Sawmill), February 2002
  2. Boston 1982
  3. Other 1980's Bike Trips
  4. Digest of NY-Boston-Hillside (Pennsylvania)-NY Ride (811.53 mi., July 19-24 and 28-29, 1997)
  5. Pictures from Boston-Hillside 1997
  6. Boston 1998 and Hillside 1998 pictures (August 1998)
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Bike Miles since July 19, 1981: 143818.0+ (231446.3+ km)
(As of April 4, 2004; 22+ years)

  • Click here for information on a pulse monitor I built which does what the $800+ Polar heart rate monitors & interfaces do: gives realtime pulse display, flashes on each systole and downloads and analyzes the data in realtime, saving it in an ASCII file on flash memory or disk to be read by graphing or other programs. Took about 1.5-2 days of assembler programming and some inexpensive parts lying around the apartment.

    Various other cycling resources

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    The AIDS Rides are popular but expensive, with over half of raised funds going to administrative expenses, and a minimum $1400 in donations required from the rider and sponsors combined. They could do a great service to all by revising this policy.

    The Florida AIDS Ride has split from the management of the other AIDS Rides and is now called the Florida Red Ribbon Ride; it still goes from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando. According to the April 1998 Log Cabin Newsletter this was due to disagreements with the way the other AIDS Rides were done, including the fact that most of the funds raised went to administrative expenses and paying high salaries for AIDS Ride officials, instead of going to organizations fighting AIDS.
  • The others (Boston-NY, Philly-DC, Chicago, Texas, California) are still run by Tanqueray AIDS Rides Network

    Here's how to do it without all the overhead!

  • American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), General Information
  • AmFAR, Donations

    Then you can use the money you saved to plan and do a really great bike tour!

    Click here to E-mail me for info on doing your own ride to Boston, Philadelphia or D.C.!

    The background is an embossed (depth 3) and gamma-corrected snapshot of the 2 1/2 (not 3) mile hill on R.I. Rte. 3 in Arcadia, Rhode Island, April 1, 1982, shortly after noon. More info on the Boston 1982 page in the "Three Mile Hill"/"ascending out of Hope Valley" paragraph. This shoulderless section of four-lane road has since been upgraded to two lanes with a nice wide shoulder; the section farther up the hill remained four lanes with a good shoulder which was designated a bike route in the late 1990's.

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    Last updated: Sunday, April 4, 2004 (day & date anniversary of the ride back from my second ride to Boston in 1982 with the wintry weather on the way back and for much of that Spring blamed on a volcanic eruption).    double pi