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    Please click this link to select any worldwide location by country or city, or also by state or zip code if in USA.

  1. WUI - Weather Forecasts (worldwide)

    Local Weather (Northeast USA)

  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. New York City
  4. Islip, NY
  5. Gibson, Pennsylvania (Hillside)
  6. Washington, DC

    Greece (Elládha)

  7. Thessaloniki
  8. Athina/Athens

    Albania (Shqipëría)

  9. Tirana

    Kosovo (Kosóva)

  10. Prishtina

    Yugoslavia (Jugoslavija)

  11. Beograd/Belgrade

    FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia/Makedonija)

  12. Skopje


  13. Sofia

    Russia (Rossiya)

  14. Moskva/Moscow
  15. Rostov


  16. Aeroparque Buenos Aires
  17. Ushuaia
  18. San Rafael
  19. Malargue
  20. La Quiaca Observatorio

    Greenland (Grønland)

  21. Station Nord
  22. Qaanaaq


  23. Vostok
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