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Welcome to my Music Page. This page contains MIDI and NWC files of my arrangements and compositions of Greek and Albanian songs.

Please note: If importing MIDI files into NWC format using Noteworthy Composer, all pitch bends are lost, so some of these songs will not play correctly if this is done. However, the MIDI files will play correctly using the freeware Noteworthy Player, or any standard MIDI player. Noteworthy Player will also display the lyrics and correct notes, including pitch bends, for NWC files.

Ελληνικ — Greek

Ta logia kai ta hronia ta hamena (Τα Λγια και τα Χρνια τα Χαμνα), by Giannis Markopoulos (Γιννης Μαρκπουλος). Traditional Cretan song with a very interesting pattern of meter changes, in the minor key with a touch of accidental Sabah.
In MIDI and NWC format.

As ton trello stin trella tou (ς τον τρελλ στην τρλλα του) by M. Mitsias (Μ. Μητσιας).
Arranged August 1980 by Raymond Philip Zymaris.
In Phrygian (minor with flat II, sometimes ¾-step flat, Ουσκ in Greek).
In MIDI and NWC format.

Otan Vasilevei o Ilios (ταν βασιλεει ο λιος), by Kostas Psihogios (Κστας Ψυχογιος — Thanks to Photos for author info, who also noted that Kostas Kafasis [Κστας Καφσης] put out an LP of this song in the late 1970's).
Sabah with quarter tones and more.
In MIDI and NWC format.

Note: Sabah (Sa-BAKH, Σαμπχ, “morning” in Turkish) is a natural minor with a flatted IV and VIII (but not I, so the octave is diminished), often using Dorian (minor with sharp VI) in final cadences.

Shqip — Albanian

S’gjen ndonji zok qi këndón, by Neçín of Përmet, c. 1854. Arrangement copyright © 1991 Nicholas Zymaris. In MIDI format

Ma s’e pritti lotja lotin, by Neçín of Përmet, c. 1854. Arrangement copyright © 1991-2003 Nicholas Zymaris. In MIDI format

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