Neēin was a gay man who lived in the village of Pėrmet, Albania in the mid-nineteenth century and wrote a number of beautiful love songs. The ambassador from Austria-Hungary at the time, J. G. von Hahn, compiled some of these in the hybrid alphabet in use at the time, as well as providing a German translation. I have transliterated the songs listed here into the post-1908 alphabet which has since been the standard alphabet used for reading and writing in Albanian, and provided an English translation. Where I show the hybrid alphabet, the shareware WINGREEK V 1.9 is required, which provides Greek, Hebrew and Coptic fonts for any True Type-compatible environment. In the text (non-.WRI) version, no special fonts are needed.
Love songs in English and Albanian: Windows 3.1/95 .WRI format
Love songs in English and Albanian: Plain text ANSI w/ ASCII equivalents
Plain text love songs in ANSI w/ ASCII equivalents (via QRD)
One of these songs in three-part harmony (sheet music)
Get the Greek, Hebrew and Coptic shareware font package from Forthnet, S.A.

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