Okie Rumble V, October 2001

    New York

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Meadows-Corona Park
  1. Just after leaving: Mineola-E. Williston line.
  2. Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.
  3. Roosevelt Av. underpass.
  4. Queens Blvd. Looking for a firehouse to buy FDNY shirts for a friend who'll be at Okie.


    Sears Tower, Chicago

    During layover in Chicago, rode to a supermarket and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

  5. Sears Tower, from supermarket lot.
  6. Along Lake Michigan.
  7. Marina, Lake Michigan.
  8. Graffiti in restroom, suggesting that writer desires that which he criticizes.


    Arkansas ridge

    Took overnight train to Little Rock, Arkansas, arriving around dawn, then biked to Oklahoma City from there.

  9. Just assembled bike & ready to leave station area.
  10. Arkansas Route 10, a few miles west of Little Rock.
  11. Near Lake Maumelle.
  12. Descending from a mountain pass in the Ozarks.
  13. The valley past the mountain pass.
  14. Mountain range to the north of the valley, whose highest point is 2753-foot Magazine Mountain.
  15. Interesting names of towns out here (Casa & Ola)....
  16. ...Counties too.
  17. Hill and rain in western Arkansas.
  18. A long, gradual incline, which becomes typical of western Arkansas terrain, and continues into Oklahoma.
  19. Just east of Fort Smith, Arkansas.
  20. The Arkansas-Oklahoma state line.


    U.S. 69, Oklahoma
  21. Top of hill in eastern Oklahoma.
  22. Haskell County, Oklahoma; the terrain is almost but not quite flat, continuing the gradual gain in altitude (Little Rock being around 300, and Oklahoma City 1100 feet elevation).
  23. Rolling terrain - 1 | 2.
  24. Storm cellars and bail bonds.
  25. Approaching Eufaula, first sign mentioning destination.
  26. Entrance ramp to Route 69, Eufaula area. Sign's upside down, not that it matters in this case. ;-)
  27. On Route 69.
  28. Hay there -- it's ready for shipping.
  29. Near Shawnee, not far from Oklahoma City. A front comes through; no precipitation but strong winds and unusual-looking sky. No tornadoes either.
  30. The front coming through.
  31. Midwest City.
  32. Oklahoma City -- the skyline comes into view.
  33. The Oklahoma City Memorial.
  34. Welcome to the Habana Inn.
  35. Room at the Habana Inn.
  36. Habana Inn Corridor late at night.
  37. The storage place across from the Habana Inn at sunrise.

    headstand pushup

    So, where's the wrestling pics? You'll have to see the other years' pages for that; in 2001 I couldn't stop wrestling long enough to take pictures of any matches. If you have any 2001 pics to contribute, feel free to e-mail them and I'll post them.

    Metro match

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