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In 1983 I turned 18 years old, and went on two big trips, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (March 19-April 6) for Spring Break, and to Greece and Yugoslav Macedonia in July and August. These were my first rides that were above the previous maximum of 200-300 miles.

Florida pictures are from April 1983:

  1. Riding on the packed sand "roadway" of Daytona Beach
  2. At the Daytona Inn, Rte. A1A, Daytona Beach
  3. Card from Time Square Restaurant, Daytona Beach
  4. Watching the space shuttle take off, south of Daytona Beach
  5. Palm tree in orange grove
  6. Century plant
  7. Indian River County
  8. View of Cape Canaveral, from the mainland

Greece pictures, c. July 1983, near the town of Megara:

  1. With Foti, a guy from Belgium
  2. Bike & I

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