P/OS V2.0 I/O Driver Fiche, #AH-CG61A-TK, April 1984

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P/OS is the variant of RSX-11M-Plus used for the Professional 300-series PDP-11-based personal computers. These fiches were originally confidential, marked "For Internal Use Only" when made in April 1984. However, in November 1984 DEC decided to release them to encourage programming for the Pro350, though why use fiche instead of disks as the medium when the latter would be so much more useful for programmers? Around 1989, P/OS (but not RSX-11M nor RSX-11M-Plus) was put into the public domain and released to DECUS; the latest version is V3. There are 16 fiches whose contents include the Executive and driver source code, plus maps and cross-references. Shows the inner workings of the video bitmap, and the support for RX50 diskette formatting (which unmodifed Pro hardware did not support, though the Rainbow as well as PC high-density floppy drives did). Each of the fiches have 13 rows and 16 columns; B1 is in the upper-left corner; C1 is the next page just below it, N1 is the last page in column 1, and the next page starts at B2, just to the right of B1. There is no A1, A2, etc. Here is what the first fiche looks like (note: large file). This fiche was affected more than the others from being stored in a damp basement.

Please note: these files may have to be reduced for easier viewing, but are deliberately saved here in black & white 300-dpi GIF format to facilitate their being OCR'd into text. They will also print out well on 300-dpi printers. I could also have saved them as .TIFF files instead of .GIF files and saved a little more space, though I think GIF files are accessible to a wider range of popular software. Feel free to mirror or OCR these files.

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