Welcome to the corner of Seaman and Cumming!

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clear pic of corner
The above pic is of unknown source, circulating around the web; all the other pictures on this web page were taken by me on July 13, 2002.

An interesting corner in upper Manhattan, New York City. Really. Want to see some Seaman and Cumming? Just read on!

To get here, you go west on Dyckman St. (itself somewhat oxymoronic), and turn right on Seaman. If you go left, you hit the park and can go up the path to the Cloisters. If you're coming from the riverside path or the West Side Highway, e.g. on Fast & Fabulous' Ossining route, then you'll turn left on Seaman.

Nice view of Seaman.

That's me at the corner, and with a friend I rode up with to see the location.

There is actually an Episcopal church here; hopefully with a good sense of humor. Holy Trinity also hosts a children's theater as well as other events. Just tell 'em to meet you at Seaman and Cumming!

Another picture of the church at this corner.

A closeup of the corner.

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