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The ELO Mailing List Digest
Issue #006
October 14, 1997

     In this issue:

     World Party - sounds like Jeff
     More on first ELO Part II album
     New entry in Eric's Diary
     Jumpin' Biz (used to be Classical Gas/First Movement)
     Jeff influenced by The Beatles
     "Access All Areas" video review on the Web
     "Sweet Talkin' Woman" ripped off?
     Leeds show reviewed by Ken Latta


Subject: World Party - sounds like Jeff
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 15:00:47 +0000
From: Maurice Dockrell

does anyone think that World Party at times sound like Jeff Lynne in his
ELO days, Wilbury moments and solo. I have jsut been listening to their
last two albums and there are moments when I think hey that sounds just
like Jeff vocally and musically.i bought my first World Party album "Bang"
becasue I actually thought that "All I Gave" was Jeff's new single when I
heard it on the radio. Their new album "Egyptology" has some wonderful
Beatlesque, ELO and Lynne moments.

Does anyone know if Karl Wallinger has ever stated he is influenced by
Jeff or ELO - at times it is just uncanny how similar he sounds to Jeff.


Subject: World Party
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 20:00:25 -0500 (CDT)
From: Adam John Vogt 

As was mentioned before, World Party at times does indeed have that
ELOish sound. EGYPTOLOGY is the latest album, and many moments,
especially "Call Me Up" and Beutiful Dream" have Lynne-similarites.
Much like Robert Palmer, World Party albums frequently go thru a
barage of styles, and not everything on EGYTOLOGY sounds like ELO, but
most of the album is very good and listenable.  "All I Gave" off BANG
is one of my favorites from WP.

Whoh, this list is ten times as busy as it usually is! I don't
post very often so I just take it all in. When the first Part 2 album
came out it was a complete surprize to me. This was in the long-box
days, so I couldn't read the personnell and there wasn't a sticker
explaining what was going on. So I bought it, and for me the album is
black and white: the Erik songs are quite good, Honest Men may be a
little overboard but I love the production, and Heart Of Hearts would
have been a good single (and yet it was the b-side for both US
singles, neither of which charted). The songs that Erik dosen't sing
on are awful. I doubt anyone buying this album on the strength of past
ELO material appreciates a song like "Every Night", sung by a
no-talent singer, sounding like bad Poizon, and including lyrics like

"I've got an itch that just won't quit
I see you wear that dress that just don't fit
I know what you do every night every night
and I want you to do it to me."

That's just plain BAD.I figure the only reason that and HEARTBREAKER
are there is to appeal to rock radio, but they were never released, so
they are both worthless and useless.Someone said that later ELO fans 
would like this album, but connections to BOP or SECRET MESSAGES 
are nil!

My own opinions, mind you. Don't get mad. I think MOMENT is great!


Subject: Re: World Party - sounds like Jeff
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 15:37:46 -0700
From: Steve Rifkin 

Actually, Jeff Lynne once said in an interview that he thought that World
Party would be an up and coming band, the type that he'd like to produce...
or something like that.

LIGHT!'s home page:


Subject: Re: World Party - sounds like Jeff
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 11:56:22 +0000
From: Maurice Dockrell

thanks that is very interesting as I think that World party at times
sound frighteningly like Jeff and at times how I wish Jeff would write
again - I mean all the experimental complicated stuff which could be very
hit and miss but rarely boring.


Subject: Re: World Party - sounds like Jeff
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 17:37:54 EDT
From: Caballero Roberto

Pardon me if this has been mentioned already, but...

On the Rockline interview with Jeff in 1990, the interview asked
him about any current bands he liked.  Jeff mentioned that he was
really big into the new (at the time) World Party CD, Bang.  Said he'd
like to produce 'em too, I think.


Subject: Re: World Party - sounds like Jeff
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 19:12:25 -0500 (CDT)
From: Adam John Vogt 

Actually, BANG! didn't come out until 1993. You're probably referring
to GODDBYE JUMBO, the 1990 release, which is probably the better of
the 2 albums.

Total stab in the dark here, but my totally uninformed theory as
to the release delay for Jeff's new album is that they want him to
tour (woundn't a club tour be great?) and he refuses to.He turned down
a Wilbury tour in 1990, apparently.Maybe he's built up a kind of 
tour-phobia. Tourophobia?  Could be!


Subject: Eric's Diary
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 20:21:25 +0100
From: John Kilcline 
Hi All,

At last I have managed to get Eric Troyer writing his diary again!!!

See the following for the latest installment



Subject: Jumpin' Biz!
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 03:17:42 +0000
From: Joe Ramsey

I think that what I meant to say was...

"Classical Gas," to my young mind, was the first pop hit that took an
overtly classical sounding thing and put it to a rock beat. It probably
added to the authenticity of the "classical" sound that it was
instrumental. It really was original and I think probably became one of
the templates that Roy modeled his ELO after. And I certainly didn't
mean to imply that Roy COPIED anything... every writer has some frame of
reference when he or she starts a song. Roy is just the best at taking
everything, throwing it in the pot and, in the words of the ganga
prophets, "Stirrin' it up!"

Gosh, I thought when I wrote it that someone would bring up "Eleanor
Rigby" or something like that. The George Martin scores for some of the
early Beatle things certainly are classically oriented. I mean, Roy has
even stated the he wanted ELO to take up where "I Am The Walrus" left
off... influenced by the Beatles? I'm sure.


PS. Even some of The Move classical flirtations predate "Classical Gas."
How about "Night Of Fear?" And "Blackberry Way" wasn't far behind...

PSS. Sorry for The Move references - I know, I'm in the wrong list.


Subject: New Can Of Worms
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 03:55:58 +0000
From: Joe Ramsey

Off-list comment:

> Ever notice the similarity of "Look at Me Now" and "Eleanor Rigby"?

... Or "Blackberry Way" to "Penny Lane" (lyrically more than musically -
actually closer to the "James Bond Theme" musically. "Stir It Up," Roy!
I love it!)


Subject: Re: Jumpin' Biz!
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 08:09:38 +0000
From: Scott Pierson

> I mean, Roy has  even stated the he wanted ELO to take up where
> "I Am The Walrus" left > off... influenced by the Beatles? I'm sure.

John Lennon was quoted as calling ELO the "son of Beatles" because
they seem to pick up where the Beatles left off.  Luckily for us Jeff
didn't marry anyone like Yoko....


p.s.  Do you think Jeff was influenced a little by the Beatles?
Listen to Idle Race's greatest hits...  I hear a LOT of Beatles and
even a little bit of the Hollies in there...


Subject: Re: Jumpin' Biz!
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 08:40:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bruce Dumes
On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Scott Pierson wrote:

> John Lennon was quoted as calling ELO the "son of Beatles" because
> they seem to pick up where the Beatles left off.  Luckily for us Jeff
> didn't marry anyone like Yoko....

You mean Yoko Ono?  The person that John Lennon loved, and the person
that made him happy?  The person to whom he was utterly devoted?  The
person who, John Lennon said, made it *possible* for him to stay in the
Beatles as long as he did?  John was ready to quit in 1968.  Listen to
Double Fantasy.  Read the Playboy interviews.  John was, at 40, a happy
man, and we have Yoko Ono to thank for that.

No, instead Jeff's marriage ended up in divorce and pain.  Whew, I guess
we sure are lucky about that.

My apologies to the group for getting off-topic....

> p.s.  Do you think Jeff was influenced a little by the Beatles?
> Listen to Idle Race's greatest hits...  I hear a LOT of Beatles and
> even a little bit of the Hollies in there...

George and John and Ringo and Paul
were playing lovely tunes

(from "Girl At The Window" as if you all didn't know... :-) )


Subject: Re: Jumpin' Biz!
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 09:11:42 +0000
From: Scott Pierson

Additional apologies for getting off the subject:


Sorry, didn't know Jeff's marriage ended in divorce and pain.

And actually, yes, I was referring to the Yoko that "killed" John.
The one that took him from a fading rock musician with drug problems
to a comatose, air headed, flake, who wouldn't have known his own
opinion if it was flashing before him on a neon sign!  Wake up man.
The completely untalented woman sucked all of poor John's life force
out, alienated him from his own son (so much so that Paul McCartney
had to write the lad a song -- "Hey, Jules").  The same Yoko that
still to this day is busy making sure she profits off the man

... but that's my opinion.


Subject: Access All Areas video
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 14:41:39 +0100
From: John Kilcline 
Hi All,

Just uploaded the review of "Access All Areas", the video, to the web site
Cover shot as well!!

The release date is set for 10th Nov 1997 in the USA (the resr of us will
have to wait)


Subject: "Sweet Talkin' Woman" ripped off?
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 17:38:30 EDT
From: Caballero Roberto

Anybody ever notice that Huey Lewis' "Do You Believe in Love"
is a rather blatant rip-off of ELO's "Sweet Talkin' Woman"?

Listen to the first verse.  It's not only a very, very similar melody,
the words are almost exactly the same!

I was searchin', on a one-way street
I was hopin', for a chance to meet

Huey Lewis:
I was walkin', on a one-way street
Just a lookin', for someone to meet

Has anyone else ever noticed this?


Subject: Leeds review
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 22:00:50 +0100
From: John Kilcline 

Hi All,

I just posted an excellent review of the Leeds gig
by  Ken Latta

Thanks to Ken, I felt I was there!!


Subject: Live at Leeds!
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 13:36:32 +0000
From: Lynn Hoskins 

For those who don't have Web access, here's Ken Latta's great review of
last Sunday's Leeds show.  I wish I had seen Mik's clog dance!  (Keep the
reviews comin'!)




Leeds - Grand Theatre

Sunday, 12th October 1997

This was the first visit to Leeds for ELO Pt. II, although the original
ELO did play Leeds University way, way back in 1975 during the Eldorado
tour - I know, cause I was there! With only a few tickets available on
the Sunday morning, the venue was sold out well before the end of the
afternoon! What a way to return to Leeds after all those years!

The theatre from the outside is not that impressive, but once you get
into the auditorium it really does live up to its name...Grand. With
stalls, dress circle, upper circle and gods plus boxes it really does
look impressive!

The show started at 7.30p.m. prompt and opened with Fire On High, which
got things off to a fine start. This led into a full version of All Over
The World. During the first half of the show we heard the return of
Twilight and Honest Men, the latter last performed, correct me if I'm
wrong, when Neil Lockwood and Pete Haycock were with the band. The first
half of the show also featured Shine A Little Love, a song not played by
Part II in the UK until this tour. Also performed live for the first
time was Eric's Love Or Money. The first half finished off with a great
version of The Diary Of Horace Wimp with Kelly at his best on lead vocal
and a light show to match. Very dramatic! This left the audience looking
forward to the second half.

The interval lasted about 20mins then the show unusually opened with an
acoustic-ish medley which started with an old Beatles track, Because.
This featured just Kelly, Eric and Phil on stage doing some wonderfully
tight vocal harmonies. This was followed with the welcome return of All
Fall Down. This medley also featured Midnight Blue which sounded well
when given this acoustic style treatment, although Livin' Thing, for me
at least, lost some of its impact. The medley finished with Strange

A song or two later and its time for Mik's solo. With Mik being on home
territory, he slipped in On Ilkla Moor Baht Tat to a big cheer, and a
sing-a-long, from the audience. This then led into one of the highlights
of the show - Clogdance. With Mik covering every inch of the stage, the
audience loved it!

Another highlight for me was Phil's rendition of Getting To The Point -
my thirteen year old daughter has been singing it ever since! She says
it's better than the original! I'm not one to argue!!! All throughout
the show Louis' keyboard strings, in conjunction with Mik's blue violin,
filled out the sound in the old ELO tradition, no more so than on
Telephone Line, where they returned to the original rendition of the
song. Lets hope that next year, UK audiences will be able to see the
delights of Louis waving his baton in control of some real strings.

The uptempo songs started to wield their magic on the audience, as they
leaped to their feet with the opening of Sweet Talking Woman, for a
roller-coaster ride through Ma-Ma-Belle, Dont Wanna, Rockaria! and Do
Ya. The band finally left the stage....the audience wanted more....and
they got more - in the form of an excellent Bev Bevan drum solo which led
into Let There Be Drums accompanied by Kelly and Phil plus Eric lending a
hand on percussion. The show closed with Don't Bring Me Down with even the
people up in the gods standing up, very precariously! The show finished at
10.00pm, and as the audience left one could hear them enthusing over what
they had just witnessed. 25 years of great music!

Ken Latta

End of Showdown #006

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