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RARA-AVIS is the home page of a mailing list devoted to the discussion of hardboiled fiction. We've included their Chandler bibliography here, but please do visit their homepage at the link above! They note that the following bibliography as "believed to be complete, aside from some anthologies."



Chandler would often cannabilize earlier short stories for novels, and it can be a strange experience to read the short stories after the novel. He didn't allow the stories to be collected and printed in his lifetime, but they show up in Killer in the Rain.

The Big Sleep uses "The Curtain" and "Killer in the Rain." Farewell, My Lovely uses "The Man Who Liked Dogs," "Try the Girl," and "Mandarin's Jade." The Lady in the Lake uses "Bay City Blues," "The Lady in the Lake" and "No Crime in the Mountains."

Doug (crippenl@norfolk.infi.net) adds re: The Simple Art of Murder: "It should be noted that the names of the protagonists in four of the stories have been changed: Mallory to Johnny Dalmas in 'Smart-Aleck Kill,' unnamed narrator to Philip Marlowe in 'Finger Man,' Carmady to Marlowe in 'Goldfish,' and Dalmas to Marlowe in 'Red Wind.'"

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