Film Noir of the Month

The Noir of the Month is The Window (1949), by Ted Tetzlaff.

The Window is a noir retelling of the old fable, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Like the fable, its central character is a young boy, Tommy Woodry. You might think that this film is a kiddie flick and not a real noir. But that would be wrong. The Window stands out among other films in the same genre because its heart-stopping suspense comes from the fact that the main character is a child.

Director Ted Tetzlaff worked as cinematographer for mystery director Alfred Hitchcock and rivals the master at building suspense. It helps that he works from a script so economical, it's almost terse in building up a tiny universe where everyone and everything matters. The actors are fine but the star is the child. Very few child actors are good enough to transcend the clumsy, artificial mode of acting and avoid being cutesy. But then twelve-year-old Bobby Driscoll rises to the challenge. He evokes sad little noir icon Gloria Grahame with his wistful eyes and nervous hands. As the haunted, hunted Tommy Woodry, Driscoll is the real thing.

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