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New! Jim Ferreira of the San Francisco Bay Area does some really keen Film Noir Portraiture. Check out his spot-on series starring Eddie Muller (of "Dark City" the book fame) and Jill Tracy, his smoldering partner in crime. Go visit!
  URBAN NOIR  New! Visit Helen K. Garber's amazing work on Noir Photography. She is re-inventing the look and feel we love about film noir in contemporary LA, NY and Paris. Shots that would make Fritz Lang swoon!
Classic Noir Online! A first rate site featuring essays on film noir, lists of films, actors and directors, quizzes, recommended titles and handy links to buy films, books and other noir spoils. Go visit!
New! Online Video Library for Rentals!A great source of hard to find video rentals (by mail!). Go visit!
New! Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang A swell site that's hitting on all eight! [Oops! As of Sept 01, 2002 it appears to be down. Oh Well.]
The 'Danger & Despair Knitting Circle' Video Club! A Resource for Classic Film Noir. The Knitting Circle trades, swaps, buys & sells Film Noir on video and 16 mm film.
Red Inkworks' (Encouraging Writers to Write!) great film noir resources for the screenwriter.
Brad Lang's great Guide to Classic Movies has a Classicmovies.org.
Attention! We are no longer recommending Robert's Hard to Find Videos. After repeated phone calls and emails, and assurances from Robert Lightmoet that he'd send them right out or refund us the charge, we never received the videos we ordered, nor the money he charged to our credit card. His videos truly were hard to find. As was our cash. I've received emails from others with a similar experience.
Check here for a history of problems.
Also, a don't miss item for film noir and fiction fans is Val Illustre's Tour Noir. Val provides custom tours of Los Angeles' 40's and 50's Film and Fiction Noir scenes. Her work was well reviewed at Digital City: Los Angeles. Next time you're in L.A., try them out and let us know how it went! (PS: Sadly, the above link seems dead, and I haven't heard back from Val in a while. Does anyone know if she still runs the service?)
Finally, the new Film Noir Reader Volume 2 by Alain Silver and James Ursini, came out recently. Check it out!

Film Links

Filmsite.org, Tim Dirk's most amazing website on film has a nice tribute to Film Noir.

Images, has a good film noir page in their In Focus section. Ten noir classics analyzed, complete with images.

No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir..

Yahoo's directory listing of Noir sites. We've submitted ours to them 4 times and they still don't have it! Ugh!

Some film noir articles from the Media Resources Center at UC Berkeley.

Complete Film Noir List from The Internet Movie Database.

Roman noir links

Rara-Avis, the excellent home page of a mailing list devoted to the discussion of hardboiled fiction.

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