Silver's Film Noir Reader 2!

This just in!Alain Silver and James Ursini, editors of Film Noir Reader have recently published the Film Noir Reader 2: another critical anthology on Film Noir for publication in 1999 by Limelight Editions. The first volume, Film Noir Reader, was published by Limelight Editions in May, 1996.

An excerpt from their web page:

Silver has done more to aid understanding of film noir than perhaps any other author. He is also co-author of the essential Film Noir : An Encyclopedia Reference to the American Style , which contains production credits, plot summmaries, stills, and brief analyses of hundreds of films noirs, as well as excellent appendices which include summaries of the Film Noir genre and a chronology. No noir enthusiast should be without it. Silver is also the coauthor of a great book called Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles (with Elizabeth Ward) which features selections from Chandler's novels and short stories paired with with photographs of the locations that inspired them.

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