This page has turned mostly into a LyX page. I like LyX. It's still beta, but quite usable.

A note on LyX usability...

My wife has been using Word for Windows for a couple of years - mostly for school papers and for publishing a monthly church newsletter. She qualifies as a non-techie computer user familiar with Microsoft's Word for Windows.

I wanted to wean her from Microsoft products so that we could share our computers more effectivly. (Microsoft doesn't do multi-user.) One of us could use the 8 meg 486dlc machine as an X server, and the other could sit at the 16 meg Cx586 machine.

I was hesitant to show her LyX. While I was eager to believe that LyX had a better way of doing things, I was concerned that she might find it difficult, and not want to change from something she already knew.

So I spent some time installing and learning LyX. After learning a about it myself, it took about 5 minutes to show my "non-techie" wife how to be productive. It went better than I expected. Every now and then she would ask how to do something, and I would show her how to do what she needed. (Usually the questions were about things such as setting up double spacing and fixing margins.)

Her first impressions were neutral on the overall usability, a little frustrated with some quirks, and very impressed with the quality of output.

Her respect for LyX's overall usability went way up when she was forced to re-type a document that she had previously done in Word for Windows. With LyX, almost no effort was required to format the document in an attractive manner. All she had to think about was the typing. With Word for Windows, the majority of the time spent on the document had been tweeking the fonts, indentations, and paragraph spacings. With LyX, it was easier to get it right, and she ended up with a more professional looking document.