Welcome to this, the first message sent to the Rusting Tardis mailing list.
So, why did I (finally) create this list?  Well, obviously just to keep up
with Kris and the New Orleans crowd. :-)  Actually, there are four reasons:
    1) To try to give advance notice of what will be shown at RT meetings
    2) To share news and rumors anyone picks up
    3) To "gateway" any good mailings I get from Kris or Ryan
    4) There is _NO_ fourth reason
In addition to being informational, this message is also a test.  Some of
the addresses on this list were obtained months ago, and it's foolish to
rely on "bounce" messages, so please let me know that you received this.
Also, if you know of any current, former, or future RT members who aren't
already on the list, tell them to send me their addresses.
So, with all that out of the way, here's what I've heard lately (and
        One of the german "Monty Python" episodes ran in the UK earlier
        year.  (Ryan or Kris, do you have a copy of this?)
        There is a video out in the UK that manages to explain (well, maybe
        that's too strong a word) the making of the final episode of "The
        Coming next year - six new Cadfael mysteries.
        Coming some year - a sequel to "A Grand Day Out" and "The Wrong
        "VH-1 Europe" is here - at last, a place to catch those old "Abba"
Local news (sort of):
        It appears that "Baseball" pre-empted the repeat of "Dr. Who" this
        past Monday night (on KBTC), but it looks like those repeats should
        begin on the 10th.  At last, we will have some insurance against
        missing that weekly "Who" fix.
        Saw "The Line, the Cross, the Curve" last week at the Varsity.
        For those who don't know, that's the film Kate Bush did (as in
        directed, and starred in), which uses six of the songs from her
        album.  Oh yeah, and it co-stars Miranda Richardson.  The verdict?
        Well, it certainly has some gorgeous scenes, and the musical
        are great, and it's not too long (40-ish minutes), but the plot is
        pretty minimal.  But given she'll probably never tour again, any
        Bush fan will be more than satisfied.
        The Jackie Chan festival at the Varsity ended this week, but look
        more of Jackie in December.  A rumor I've yet to confirm is that
        Jackie will be making an appearance at the Vancouver Film Festival
        later this month at a showing of "Drunken Master II".  (A fine
        well worth renting, BTW.)
        A Stanley Kubrick festival begins at the Varsity on November 10,
        including a new print of "Dr. Strangelove".
        Those who have yet to see "The Wrong Trousers" on the big screen
        still catch it at Kane Hall (on the UW campus) Oct 7 through Oct 9,
        as part of "Spike & Mike's Original Festival of Animation".
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (October 12):
        The big news: the first episode of the new season of "Chef!",
        starring Lenny Henry.  Also planned: "Alexei Sayle", "Hale and
        Pace", "Cadfael", and a few choice british commercials I've picked
        up lately.
The next Rusting Tardis Social (October 18), will be held at Rosita's
Restaurant, 9747 4th NW (on Holman Road, across from Art's Family Center).
Well, my brain is empty.  See (most of) you on Wednesday.
                                "Constitutionally, I don't exist."
                                                --Prince Philip

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