Hey folks!  The list continues to grow.  If you know someone who might be
interested in this stuff, pass it along.  Coming soon - a FAQ list.
Here's the latest news and gossip:
Heard lately:
        "Red Dwarf: Smegups" containing outtakes from the series has been
        released on video.
        "Have I Got News for You" starts a new series this week in England.
        "Back to School, Mr. Bean" (I think this is new) airs on Wednesday
        in England.
        "More Than Thirty Years in the Tardis," an extended version of the
        documentary shown on BBC1 (and at Rusting Tardis) last year is
        supposed to be released November 7th.
        There is a new Who-like video project (a la "The Stranger") in the
        works, featuring Sophie Aldred, Jan Chappell, the Sontarans, and
        supposedly Brian Croucher as the mysterious guy who solves the
        problems.  It's called "Shakedown."
        Hong Kong fans will be excited to hear that "Hard Boiled", the
        ultimate John Woo film, may be out on Criterion laserdisc just in
        time for Christmas.  No details about what kind of extra goodies
        we'll get this time, but you have to wonder, since they put
        everything but the kitchen sink on "The Killer" last year.  A
        reliable source claims that "Bullet in the Head" is next...
Local news:
        This Saturday (October 29th) is practically Halloween, and KBTC
        be celebrating by showing two classic low-budget horror films.  As
        this writing they will be showing "Night of the Living Dead" and
        original "Little Shop of Horrors".  Look for yours truly along with
        some other familiar faces shamelessly begging for (much-needed)
        contributions.  This is the kickoff for a weekly low-budget flick
        that will be airing after "Dr. Who".  More details as they become
        "Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation" runs
        October 29th at the King Performance Center.  (I dunno, the last
        I saw wasn't so hot.)
        The new season of "Kids in the Hall" started running last week on
        CBC (channel 2), Mondays at 9pm.
        For those without Comedy Central, "Absolutely Fabulous" is now
        running on CBC on Mondays at 11:30pm.
        I saw a cheesy office training film at work last week.  The subject
        was reducing paper in your office (ho hum), but the two main
        "characters" in this office drama were played by French & Saunders!
        Jennifer was, of course, the wise boss, and Dawn was the
        employee.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to snag a copy.  (BTW,
        kill for copies of those "Dilbert" training videos...)
As you may have noticed, I've decided to forward Kris's newsletters in
separate messages pretty much unedited (except for her meeting
announcements -
I don't want to confuse anyone).
Unfortunately, my source for "Chef!" and "Cadfael", David W. (I'll protect
your anonymity :-), was unable to attend the last meeting, so those have
pushed back to this week's meeting.
Oh yeah, I meant to include this followup to Kris's posting in my previous
mailing, but I forgot.  Here it is:
From: Eric Gjovaag 
Subject: Re: Doctor Who info (+ mailing address)
This is a follow-up to Kris' plea for letters of support to be sent to Fox.
First of all, DO IT!  Second of all, there is an effort on the nets to make
this a coordinated event, with two waves of letters going out.  The first
letters are being sent out October 25th, to arrive at Fox a few days later.
If that's too soon (and it is for many groups, such as my own Emerald City
Androgums, there's no time for us to tell everybody), the next wave is set
for November 23rd, the Doctor's birthday.  That way letters will pop up
after Thanksgiving.  Third, I also encourage everybody to also write (or at
least send a copy of your letter to Fox) to your local Fox affiliate. 
too, need to know that the Doctor is coming and has a following, and that
there are people out there willing to help with publicity and the like.
We've done it for PBS over the years, it's time to do it for Fox as well.
Finally, I urge everybody to spread the word about the letter writing
campaign as much as possible, both to individuals and other clubs.  The new
man in charge at Fox apparently is a fan, and excited about being a part of
"Doctor Who"'s revival, but the letters and publicity can't hurt the show's
chances of being picked up as a series.
--Eric Gjovaag, Seattle, WA USA
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (October 26):
        "Chef!": The first episode of the new season, starring Lenny Henry.
        "Have I Got News for You"
        "Hale and Pace"
        Nightingales: "Crime & Punishment"
        "Cadfael": By popular demand, the "missing" episode.  (We "missed"
        it first time through because the beginning of it is "missing".)
The next Rusting Tardis Social (November 1), will be held at Round Table
See you on Wednesday.
Oh yeah...Kris has tactfully pointed out that I erred when I referred to
their group as being in New Orleans.  They are in fact located in Baton
Rouge.  I guess I would be sensitive too if I was the only person in the
entire state not related to everyone else. :-)
                        "Of course they are, or I wouldn't be sitting here
                        talking to someone like you."
                                --Barbara Cartland, on being asked by a BBC
                                  interviewer if she thought class barriers
                                  were breaking down in Great Britain

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