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Here's the latest news and gossip:
Sound bites:
        "Red Dwarf: Smegups" containing outtakes from the series was
        supposedly released in England on November 7th.  In theory a copy
        winging its way to me in time for the Anglicon Room Party at Orycon
        this weekend.  I'm (tentatively) planning on running it at the
        December 14th video meeting.
        As mentioned above, Orycon 16 is this weekend down in Portland. 
        is sure to be a good time will be made even better by the
        of prolific British pulp SF/Fantasy writer Robert Lionel Fanthorpe.
        For more info, send email to alano@teleport.com or call
        According to the latest figures in the Radio Times, "The X-Files"
        BBC2's most watched programme for the week of 26th September to 2nd
        October. It pulled in 4.51 million viewers, with "Red Dwarf" and
        Gear" into second and third place respectively.
        An article in BBC Magazine apparently mentioned a Mr. Bean movie,
        out sometime in 1995.
        Pointless trivia: Sky One showed "Tree House of Horror V" (this
        year's Simpsons' Halloween special) five hours before Fox did.
Local news:
        Thanks to all those who turned out for KBTC's Halloween special.
        The station really went all out on decorating the set, and watching
        it afterward, it was definitely the loosest pledge they've done
        since I've been in town.  And based on the people who called to say
        that they were watching mostly _for_ the pledge breaks, I'm hoping
        that KBTC is understanding the value of differentiating themselves
        from channel 9.  I learned that night that their viewership is up
        in the last year-and-a-half, while channel 9's has been declining.
        Unfortunately _they_ don't know much more than that, since they
        cannot afford to buy their detailed Neilson stats.  Of course
        9 can afford to but both their own _and_ KBTC's.  What is your
        Jeff?  Well, basically it's that KBTC is flying blind, and the
        way they get any idea of the size of their audience is by looking
        pledge stats.  So pledge early and pledge often.
        It looks like KCTS has started running "Yes, Minister" again in
        that 11:30 pm time slot.
        "The Seattle Americana Paper, Ephemera & Book Fair" will be held at
        the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms 11/19 10:00-5:00 and 11/20
        If I haven't already mentioned that you should all be watching "The
        Tick" (on Saturday morning on Fox), well, now I have.
        Anyone happen to have a Seattle World's Fair Band hat that's 7
        Just asking.
Here's the latest news on Craig Charles, culled from the net:
Here are transcripts of all the reports in today's (Wednesday 26th
October 1994) national press about Craig Charles's release on bail.
_The Independent_, _The Times_ and _The Guardian_, all serious "heavy"
broadsheet papers, didn't mention the story at all. One heavy, _The
Daily Telegraph_, and all the tabloid newspapers did carry reports.
_The Daily Express_
* Rape case sci-fi star wins bail *
Rape charge actor Craig Charles was released on bail yesterday. The star of
BBC's sc-fi cult series Red Dwarf won his freedom after a secret Old Bailey
hearing. Charles, 30, is said to have been attacked and abused by fellow
inmates at London's tough Wandsworth jail. He is expected to stay with
relatives in Liverpool as a condition of bail. Charles and company director
John Peploe, 36, of Camberwell, South London, are charged with raping and
indecently asaulting a 38-year-old woman last July.
_The Daily Telegraph_, p.4
* TV star bailed *
Craig Charles, 30, star of the BBC Red Dwarf series, was freed on bail by
Old Bailey judge pending a court hearing for a rape charge.
_Today_, p.15
* Red Dwarf star leaves jail *
Red Dwarf star Craig Charles, 30, left prison in a chauffeur driven limo
night after being granted bail. The comic - Lister in the BBC show - has
held in Wandsworth prison since July accused of rape.
_The Sun_, p.13
* Red Dwarf Craig freed *
TV Red Dwarf star Craig Charles was yesterday granted bail on the rape
he is facing. Charles, 30, was freed from London's Wandsworth Prison
following the decision by an Old Bailey judge. The actor, who has
been attacked in jail, was not in court. Charles - Lister in the BBC2
comedy - will stand trial with company director John Peploe, 36, in
_Daily Mirror_, p13
* Red Dwarf star's limo to freedom *
Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles left prison in style last night... in a
chauffeur-driven limousine, clutching flowers and champagne. The star of
BBC2 sci-fi comedy had earlier been granted bail by an Old Bailey judge on
charge of rape. He had been on remand in South London's Wandsworth prison
since July, accused of raping a 38-year-old woman with two other men.
Charles, 30, of Kennington, denies the charge.
_Daily Mail_, p.21, with photograph
* Freedom for Red Dwarf star *
[The black-and-white photograph shows Charles and his girlfriend in the
of the limo. He's nearest the camera, wearing a striped suit and looking,
well, a bit dazed.]
Actor Craig Charles enjoyed his first day of freedom yesterday after three
months on remand in jail. The star of the BBC2 science-fiction comedy Red
Dwarf was welcomed out of Wandsworth Prison by his girlfriend. After a
celebratory kiss, the couple (above) were driven away in a chauffeur-driven
limousine containing gifts of flowers and champagne.
Charles, 30, had been on remand since July, charged jointly with two other
men with rape. At the Old Bailey yesterday he was awarded bail on condition
he stays with relatives in Liverpool.
The actor claims to have been the victim of several assaults while in
custody. In the latest incident earlier this month, another prisoner tried
stab him with a home-made knife. Charles was not injured.
_Daily Star_, p.4, with two photographs
* Red Dwarf star bailed *
[The first photograph shows a back view of CC being hugged by a broadly-
grinning woman. The caption reads: "Welcome Home: Charles is hugged by a
neighbour." The second photograph is a close-up of a smiling Craig Charles
(probably an old publicity photograph), captioned: "Rape charge: Charles"]
Actor Craig Charles was released from jail yesterday after being held for
three-and-a-half months on a rape charge. Charles, who plays Dave Lister in
cult BBC2 series Red Dwarf, was bailed after reports that he had been
attacked with a knife in Wandsworth prison and feared for his life. Later,
when the 30-year-old star returned home to Kennington, south London, he was
hugged by a neighbour. But he refused to comment and a man answering the
intercom at his home said: "He doesn't want to say anything."
Charles and businessman Jon Peploe, 36, deny raping a 38-year-old woman at
her flat in Clapham, south-west London. A third man is being hunted by
Mr. Peploe was released last Friday. The two will face trial on February
Long-time SotRT-ers will find the following Usenet message amusing.  And
congratulations to our own Ryan K. Johnson for being the creative force
behind the new "Dr. Who".  ;-) ;-)
From: doshaw@math.lsa.umich.edu (Doug Shaw)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: True or False
Date: 26 Oct 1994 22:12:23 GMT
My friend has a friend who told him the following story.  I told him I
ask y'all for your opinion.
This guy in Washington State saw the Dr. Who pilot shown on the Seattle
community access station, evidently pirated from a broadcast in England.
The Doctor was played by a female.
Is said pilot out?  Is the new Doctor female?  Whazzup?
Doug Shaw
From the BBC Radio Times:
The Brittas Empire (starring Chris Barrie, of course) returns on Monday
October 1994, on BBC 1 (8.30pm).
"Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, monstrous leisure centre manager
Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) is back with a new series.
Sacked at the end of the last series, Brittas is now riding high again,
reinstated as manager of the rebuilt centre (the old one burnt down) and
peddling a new book, I BELIEVE, spelling out his vision of leisure for the
In this first episode, THE OLD, OLD STORY, more glory seems to be coming
way when SONGS OF PRAISE [religious programme made by BBC visiting various
places around the country, meeting Christians in all walks of life] chooses
the centre as a venue, but Brittas is understandably concerned that a
rampaging serial killer could seriously lower the tone."
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (November 9):
        "Chef!", starring Lenny Henry, episode 2: "Time Flies"
        "Spitting Image"
        "Have I Got News for You"
        "Drive", with Alexei Sayle
        "Nightingales", starring Robert Lindsey, episode 2: "Crime and
        "Gengis Cohn", starring Robert Lindsey (assuming nobody saw it on
        earlier this month).
The next Rusting Tardis Social (November 15, 7pm), will be held at the
Hi-Spot Cafe (1410 34th).
See you on Wednesday.
                        "Of course they are, or I wouldn't be sitting here
                        talking to someone like you."
                                --Barbara Cartland, on being asked by a BBC
                                  interviewer if she thought class barriers
                                  were breaking down in Great Britain

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