Did 'ya miss me?  It's the Rusting Tardis newsletter.  As always, feel free
to pass this along. _Yet still_ coming soon - that FAQ list.
Here's the latest news and gossip:
Sound bites:
        GOOD NEWS!!!  NBC has finally renewed "TV Nation".  It will be back
        sometime in 1995, and with luck it will have a somewhat bigger
        budget.  (Apparently the reason Michael Moore was in so much of the
        final two episodes was because the show had run out of money.)
        In the "Hmmm..." catagory: from the "Radio Times" - November 19th:
        "Later with Jools Holland" - Robert Plant and Jimmy Page with a
        12-piece Egyptian orchestra give "an exclusive performance of
        dramatically reworked versions of Led Zeppelin classics."
        This year's "Children in Need" special (you know, where the Dr. Who
        30th anniversary show was broadcast last year) will be on November
        25th, and will include special episodes of or appearances by:
        EastEnders, Drop the Dead Donkey, The Brittas Empire, Gary Glitter,
        Barry Norman, Josie Lawrence, The Real McCoy, etc.  And a panto
        spoof of a Terry Wogan show.
        Sources report that John Cleese has been working on a script for a
        sequel to "A Fish Called Wanda" tentatively titled "Death Fish II".
        England's first ever National Lottery was shown live on Saturday. 
        was a one-hour programme (yawn), hosted by Noel Edmonds (ouch).
Local news:
        Orycon 16 turned out to be a good way to spend a weekend.  We had
        people at the Anglicon room party, and Lionel Fanthorpe was
        and entertaining (of course).
        "Festival Hong Kong" returns to the Varsity next week with Tsui
        "Green Snake", and "Dragon Chronicles: The Maiden".  "Green Snake"
        the story of two giant female snakes who want to become human in
        to experience love, but when they become aroused they turn back
        snakes.  Meanwhile, a spirit-fighting monk whose quest is to rid
        world of spiritual anomalies is challenged by seductive female-like
        human monkeys...  Um, for more conventional fare, Jackie Chan is on
        the bill for the following two weeks.
        Due to a "miscommunication" (i.e. "they screwed up"), I was not
        to get the "Red Dwarf: Smegups" tape in time for Orycon, so I
        cancelled the order (DHL costs $$$, after all).  I have been
        that others will be receiving this tape soon, so it should show up
        soon at a video meeting.
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (November 23):
        "Chef!", starring Lenny Henry.  If a new episode does not come in,
        I'll run "Beyond the Pass" from the first season, this time _with_
        the ending (the copy shown previously was cut off).
        "Spitting Image"
        "Have I Got News for You"
        "Nightingales", starring Robert Lindsey, episode 3: "All at Sea"
        "Gengis Cohn", starring Robert Lindsey and Diana Rigg
The next Rusting Tardis Social (November 29, 7pm), will be held at the
University Village Round Table Pizza.
See you on Wednesday.
                        "Every minute looked as though it was going to be
                        their last.  Every second looked as though it was
                        be their penultimate fraction of existence time."
                                --"Land of the Living Dead", Leo Brett
                                  (actually Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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