And now for something completely, um, different...
Here's the latest news and gossip:
Sound bites:
        Dr Who news: KTEH (Channel 54 in San Jose) will be showing the
        complete "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" this weekend.  So it
seems that
        episode 1 (which survives only in B&W) is now being made
        (I don't know if it's ever been shown here, but it has been omitted
        from the Pertwee package every time I've seen it.)  The story makes
        quite a bit more sense with it.
        For those who can't wait until 1995 for the return of "TV
        there will be a Christmas special.  No word on when it will air
        here, but it's scheduled on BBC2 for Christmas Eve (8:55-9:45, for
        those who'll be there).  Here's the blurb:
                The offbeat investigative reporter and his team return with
                a Christmas special from New York. After a year of American
                foreign policy adventures, Moore wonders where the troops
                can be sent in 1995 and asks travel agents which island
                might make a nice break for 40,000 marines.  On a more
                seasonal note, British reporter Louis Theroux reports on
                Christmas spent with Roy McMillan, an extreme
        According to the producer of that Fox SF special to be aired on
        ("...the History of Television Science Fiction", or some
such), "Dr.
        Who" will not be mentioned because they couldn't get the
rights to
        show any footage.
        TVOntario will be showing the "Chef!" Christmas special
(on 12/19),
        apparently followed by the second season.  This presumably means
        it is available to PBS stations.  Call KBTC and let 'em know that
        want to see it.
        I don't think I mentioned this before - the sequel to "The
        Trousers" is called "A Close Shave" (ETA Christmas
'95).  And Boots
        (a UK chain store) sells fridge magnets and bendy toys.
        I haven't tried it, but there is an "EastEnders Trivia
Page" on the
        WWW at
Local news:
        "Festival Hong Kong" continues at the Varsity this week
with two
        Jackie Chan films.  "Supercop - Police Story III" may
well be my
        favorite Jackie Chan film, and definitely the most spectacular.
        And there's "Crime Story" which, while good is not a
        Jackie Chan film.
        The Seattle Art Museum's 1995 Winter Film Series begins January
        and the theme is "Classics of British Comedy".  This,
however, does
        not mean "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".  They start
with "Pride
        and Prejudice" (1940).  There are ten films, running weekly
        March 16th.  Call 654-3100 for details.  (I'll bring a few fliers
        the next meeting in case anyone is interested.)
        I have a copy of the "Red Dwarf: Smeg Ups" tape (thanks
to David
        White), and I'm planning to run that at the first January video
        meeting.  The feature this next meeting will be the extended
        than 30 Years in the TARDIS", which has lots of goodies (40
        cut from the "30 Years in the TARDIS" shown earlier this
Newcomers to the list might not know that I often forward news from
mostly-former SOTRT-er Kris Sabo, who has started up her own group in a
in Lousiana that is _not_ New Orleans. :-)  Because some of the people on
list are also on this one, I have created a sub-list so that people can
seeing the same stuff twice.  If you want to not get forwards of her news,
let me know.  (So far, Kris, Ryan, and Eric Gjovaag are the only ones not
on this sub-list.)
For those of you interested in buying your own goodies, here's some info I
pulled off of the net.  (Note that I have not tried any of these - no
endorsement is implied.)
   The BBC World Service Shop offers a mail-order service; ask for a
   catalogue. Videos sold are in PAL format, and due to licensing issues
   cannot be shipped to the USA.
     BBC World Service Mail Order
     P.O Box 76
     Bush House
     London WC2B 4PH
     Tel: +44 71 379-4479
     Fax: +44 71 497-0498
   DSL sell BBC videos and BBC Radio and Audio Collection tapes; postage
   is free in the UK, overseas orders are accepted:
     PO Box 357
     London SW19 8BT
   John Fitton has been recommended as a good source for UK-released PAL
   videos; they also carry a lot of SF merchandise. Credit cards are
     John Fitton (Books & Magazines)
     1 Orchard Way
     Hensall, Nr. Goole
     North Humberside DN14 0RT
     Tel: +44 977 661048
     Fax: +44 977 662501
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (December 14):
        "More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS"
        "Ain't Misbehavin'", starring Peter Davison.  It's, um,
        If, after seeing this, people actually want to see more, well,
        "Spitting Image"
        (Time permitting:) "Chef!", starring Lenny Henry. 
"Beyond the Pass"
        (from the first season, this time _with_ the ending).
The next Rusting Tardis Social (December 20, 7pm), will be held at the
Longshoreman's Daughter, 3514 Fremont Pl. N (in Seattle).
See you on Wednesday.
                        "Rolant seemed to shrink into himself like a
                         garlic clove."
                                --"Curse of the Khan", Robert
Lionel Fanthorpe

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