And now for something completely, um, different...
Here's the latest news and gossip:
Sound bites:
        According to the January 9th edition of the Sydney Morning Herald,
        Roseanne Barr has the rights to remake "Absolutely
Fabulous" in the
        US, to be called "AbFab!".
        Comedy Central recently ran the two rare German episodes of
        Python's Flying Circus".
        The second season of "Goodnight Sweetheart" will start
next month on
        A fourth season of "Jeeves and Wooster" started running
        "Masterpiece Theatre" this week.  So far it looks like
it's just old
        episodes that were skipped previously.  (But ran at our video
        meetings long ago :-)
        "Cadfael" starts running on "Mystery" this
Local news:
        KBTC will be running an "EastEnders" marathon/pledge
drive on
        January 21st.  I've been told one of the "Thank You
Gifts" will be a
        10-year anniversary book not previously offered.  Pledge eary,
        pledge often.
        "Chef!" started running this past Sunday on Channel 9 at
        "Festival Hong Kong" continues at the Varsity this
Thursday with two
        Jackie Chan films - "City Hunter" and "First
Mission" (a.k.a. "Heart
        of Dragon").
        The Seattle Art Museum's 1995 Winter Film Series begins January
        and the theme is "Classics of British Comedy".  This,
however, does
        not mean "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".  They start
with "Pride
        and Prejudice" (1940).  There are ten films, running weekly
        March 16th.  Call 654-3100 for details.
        Apparently in the latest episode of "Mantis" Roger Rees
was wearing
        a sweater with a sprig of celery on it.
        Eric tells me: "The next Emerald City Androgums event will be
        21 in Renton, and that will be our fifth birthday party.  We
        definitely will show 'The HAppiness Patrol,' and if we can get a
        of a copy I'd also like to show 'More Than Thirty Years in the
        TARDIS.'  We'll have flyers and more info at [tomorrow's] video
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (January 11):
        "Spitting Image"
        Red Dwarf: "Smeg Ups"
        Nightingales: "Reach for the Sky"
        The Odyssey: Episode #1
        Dr. Who clips
The next Rusting Tardis Social (January 17, 7pm), will be held at the Inn
Restaurant, 5500 8th NW (in Seattle).
See you on Wednesday.
                        "Rolant seemed to shrink into himself like a
                         garlic clove."
                                --"Curse of the Khan", Robert
Lionel Fanthorpe

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