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First, I would like to welcome the sixteen-or-so new subscribers to this
Our appearance in the "Seattle Times" has generated quite a bit
of interest.
I've started sending out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) mailing to
subscribers -- if you haven't received a copy, let me know.  I'm sorry I
wasn't able to respond to each of you -- some of your messages didn't make
clear whether you wanted to be on the list, so I just stormed ahead and
all of you.  If you wish to be removed from the list, just ask and it shall
Second, a thank you to everyone who has sent me news "clippings"
from the
net.  There has been so much going on these past couple of weeks
(particularly concerning Craig Charles and Stephen Fry), that I've put most
of the clippings in a separate mailing.  (New subscribers take note -- the
volume on this list is not usually this high.)
And now, on with the latest news and gossip:
Sound bites:
        Craig Charles was aquitted on all counts late last week.  The jury
        was unanimous, taking between 1.5 and 2 hours (depending on which
        source you ask) to reach their verdict.  Craig took pains to thank
        the BBC and Red Dwarf people for their support.
        Robert Llewellyn has apparently claimed (in an interview on
        Australian radio) that there is a feature-length "Red
Dwarf" movie
        planned for next year.  This appears to be false.  He also claimed
        that there will be eight episodes in season seven.  This may or may
        not be false.
        KCTS (Channel 9) has scheduled a "Red Dwarf" marathon on
March 17,
        18, and 20.  FYI, people often ask why our friends at KBTC do not
        "Red Dwarf".  The reason is because thay can't - Channel
9 actually
        buys "exclusive" rights to "Red Dwarf" in the
Puget Sound area so
        that they don't have to share their cash cow with KBTC.
        Comedy Central will begin airing "The Young Ones" on
March 11th.
        There is no word on whether the episodes will be commercial-free
        MTV ran them in the 80's).
        The third season of "Absolutely Fabulous" will run in the
        (presumably on Comedy Central) on June 12.
        BBC Video is releasing two videos comprising the whole series of
        Day Today" on March 6th.
        Mr. Bean's car is currently available as a Dinky toy.
        Scott Thompson of "The Kids in the Hall" joins "The
Larry Sanders
        Show" next season as Hank Kingsley's new assistant.
Local news:
        This Thursday "Festival Hong Kong" (at the Varsity) will
be showing
        Jackie Chan's "Project A, Part II" (one of his best), and
"City on
        Fire" (much of which was lifted for "Reservoir
Dogs").  Next Thursday
        will feature John Woo's hyper-ballistic "Hard Boiled"
(one of my
        _very_ favorite films) and Jackie Chan's "Dragons
Forever".  Jeff-Bob
        says check it out.
        The Seattle Art Museum's 1995 Winter Film Series is running through
        March 16th, and the theme is "Classics of British
Comedy".  This,
        however, does not mean "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
        654-3100 for details.
        News is that the Aha! Theatre has extended its run of "Star
Drek: The
        Musical" at least through the end of March (or perhaps even
        April).  The theater is located at 2222 2nd Ave. (in Belltown), and
        the show (actually two separate episodes) runs Thursdays through
        Sundays.  Admission is $8 for one episode or $14 for both.  For
        info or reservations, call 728-1375.
        March is pledge month at KBTC, so give early and give often.
        News is out on a new piece of television-studio technology that
        softens and smooths skin tones (i.e., erases visible wrinkles)
        leaving the rest of the picture sharp.  CBS uses it on the
        Show" and the "CBS Evening News", among others.
        Since it wasn't designed for modular television, the Ed Sullivan
        Theater has no blue stage doors like on "Late Night", so
CBS had
        fake ones installed.  Open them and they lead nowhere.
        There is a new "Absolutely Fabulous" web site:
        There is now also an "Absolutely Fabulous" newsgroup:
        There is now a Private Eye web page (I think these are alternate
        to reach the same page):
        Apparently it is still pretty basic, but gives you a feel for what
        Private Eye is.  The intention is to post cartoons, articles, etc.
        from the current issue.  This is a three-month trial only as the
        management has yet to be convinced of the benefit of the Internet.
        For those who don't already know, "Private Eye" is a
British magazine
        featuring a mix of jokes, cartoons, gossip and (fierce)
        journalism. The latter two have resulted in frequent lawsuits and
        large awards against them which are normally met by appeals to
        readers for donations.  Currently the editor is Ian Hislop (of
        I Got News For You" fame).
        Jeff's comic pick of the month: "Instant Piano" #3.  Evan
        latest installment of "The Eltingville Comic-Book
        Fantasy, Horror, and Role-Playing Club" is probably the most
        yet hauntingly familiar depiction of fandom I've seen.  Plus, it's
        loaded with the most trivial fandom trivia I've even seen assembled
        in one place.  (Example: "What magazine did Electrawoman and
        Dynagirl's alter egos work for?)  One has to wonder how much of
        came from Evan himself.  And Kyle Baker's stuff just keeps getting
        better and better.  (Oh yeah, the answer is "Newsmaker".)
From: Douglas Adams 
Subject: Re: Comic Relief WWW -address!
[Yes, _that_ Douglas Adams.  --jeff]
In article  Douglas Adams, adamsd@cerf.net writes:
>Subject: Comic Relief WWW
>From: Douglas Adams, adamsd@cerf.net
>Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 13:29:11 GMT
>Comic Relief has just set up a Web presence in preparation for Red Nose
>Day, 17th March. I've just checked it out, and it's fairly rudimentary
>right now, but it could become something really good. Everybdoy can
>with feeback, suggestions, offers of help and, of course, donations!
>Please put the word round.
Whoops - I forgot the address. It's:
Douglas Adams        
From: Dave Fetrow 
 There are some web pages for some pretty damn obscure shows
including Fireball XL-5, which was my first sci-fi show as a lad.
The best place to look is:
 but my site has a few of the more interesting ones too:
 -Dave Fetrow           fetrow@biostat.washington.edu
Here's the latest Dr. Who news from Eric Gjovaag :
Hi, Jeff.  Laura and I just got back from the Gallifrey One con last
night, and already there's news on the net!  But this is one that may or
may not make it onto Usenet, so I'm forwarding it to you, as I know it
will get proper propogation if I do this.  But it looks VERY good now for
"Doctor Who"'s future, and most of the fans there were reassured
by Peter
Segal and what he had to tell us.
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Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 07:02:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Rjm Lofficier 
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Subject: New Who Update 02/25
We just returned from Gallifrey '95 where we had arranged
for Philip Segal, executive producer of the new DOCTOR WHO
show, to hold a presentation (and where a merry time
was generally had by all).
Philip announced that he was very hopeful that he would be
able to officially announce within the next couple of weeks
that DOCTOR WHO is back on line, not as a pilot but as a
two-hour made-for-television feature.
There really is no difference between a pilot and a made-for-
tv feature -- except that they are approved by different people
in different departments.  So if a project gets rejected by one
such department, it makes sense to try the other.
Clearly, this made-for-tv feature would really be what is called
a "backdoor pilot", meaning that, if ratings are good, it might
ultimately still lead to a regular series.
We must stress the word "hopeful"; NOTHING HAS BEEN SIGNED YET!
But Philip feels that things are moving in the right direction.
As they say, keep watching this space.
Philip screened a video showing computer-generated images of the
opening titles -- remarkably like those used during the Tom Baker
years -- and the new, unfolding, metallic, spider-like Daleks.
Phil stressed that these images had just been developed as tests to
show the BBC what Ambin Imaging could do, and were by no means
final or definitive.
He also screened a number of slides showing one of the production
artist's renderings of the TARDIS's interior, the console room,
Gallifrey, and even the Doctor's own personal "glyph", lifted
THE DEADLY ASSASSIN.  Phil again emphasized that these images had
just been created to help him sell the show, and that they were not
Philip said he wanted to show this to the fans, because he wanted
them to see some of the development work, and get their feedback.
And feedback he got.
There were 300+ people in attendance, and Philip took and answered
many questions afterwards, often covering the same ground covered
in our material posted on this forum.
New bits of information included:
a) Amblin as a company may no longer be attached to the project;
however, there will be NO change in the creative staff or the
BBC's co-production arrangement. Philip Segal, as Executive
Producer, has the option on the rights for another five years.
In fact, he suggested that fans no longer think of the show as
the "Amblin Who", which may soon become a misnomer.
b) A plan to rerecord the classic theme music with the London
Philharmonic Orchestra, because apparently no high quality recording
exists of the theme music.
We would describe the reaction from the fans in attendance as over-
whelmingly positive.  Even the "new" Daleks seemed to be well
if not by all, at least by the great majority of fans.
Philip's obvious love and knowledge of the "classic" WHO came
loud and clear, and his honest, sometimes disarming, answers, were
very well received by the audience, who gave him a standing ovation
at the end.
To conclude, we'd like to thank Christian McGuire, Shaun Lyon,
Robbie Cantor and all the folks at Gallifrey who made all this
possible, and made us all so welcome.
Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier
for Doctor Who, fan liaison
Here's something pulled from the net that may be of interest to
"Britcom" fans:
                       The Definitive UK Sitcom List
This is *supposed to be* a complete list of all situation comedies that
have ever been made in the UK and broadcast on UK terrestrial TV.
The data has been assembled from a variety of sources and contributors,
and though it isn't possible to guarantee its accuracy or completeness, on
the whole it's pretty good.
I don't care if they're actually funny or not, only whether they were
supposed to be (though sometimes I wonder....)
Not included are sketch shows, stand-up comedy, comedy dramas, or cartoons.
The list is posted on, or as soon as possible after, the 1st of each month
to both the newsgroups alt.comedy.british and rec.arts.tv.uk
It's posted in sections because some people's mailers have a filesize
each section is kept to less than 500 lines (except M-O is just over at
In addition to the main body of the list I post this Intro file and a file
containing just the changes since the previous posting.
The list can be found via gopher on the Manchester University & UMIST
Information Server ( info.mcc.ac.uk ), complete with keyword search
in the Miscellaneous category: this version should always be at least as up
to date as the posted version.  I'm also supplying the list to the tardis
site ( ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/media/tv/collections/tardis/ ), but I have no
control over the actual mounting of the list there.  If you're desperate
the most up to date version possible, I can email it to you.
Many thanks are due to Jerry Kohl who has provided MOST of the data in
this list: and he's American!  A few other people are responsible for
large amounts of data: you know who you are, thanks, I owe you a drink.
A few whose names I can recall are: Pete Fenelon, Ian Collier, um.......
There are still plenty of question marks in the list just waiting for
answers to arrive - let's hear from you!
Please email any contributions to zlsiida@fs1.mcc.ac.uk
REFERENCES (just a very short list)
 Television's Greatest Hits: Paul Gambaccini & Rod Taylor,
 The Guinness Book of Classic British TV: Cornell, Day & Topping
 The Guinness Book of Sitcoms: Rod Taylor 0-85112-638-3
Ftp sites:
 The Cathouse archives: ftp://cathouse.org/pub/cathouse/
 The Tardis archives: ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/media/tv/collections/tardis/
 Melinda's list of books:
Web sites:
 Cathouse: http://cathouse.org/BritishComedy/
 Tardis: http://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/media/tv/collections/tardis/
 Britcomedy Digest: contact casino@pobox.upenn.edu
Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (March 8), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle).
        Have I Got News For You (with panelist Salman Rushdie)
        Ye Olde Spitting Image
        French and Saunders Christmas special
        Vicar of Dibley (with Dawn French as a Vicar, written by Richard
        Nightingales ("Someone to Watch Over Me")
Coming up in the near future will be a new season of "Spitting
Image" and a
few more Christmas specials (including Fry & Laurie and Lenny Henry).
The next Rusting Tardis Social (March 14, 7pm), will be held at Applebee's
Neighborhood Bar and Grill, 4626 196th Ave SW (in Lynnwood).
See you on Wednesday.
                        "Dan was the kind of man to whom panic and
fear were
                         as alien and foreign as green spotted
                                --"Formula 29X", Pel Torro
(actually Robert
                                  Lionel Fanthorpe)

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