=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#13)

>From Seattle, the city proud to be Nordstrom's doormat, it's the latest
and gossip:

The big news is the advent of the Society of the Rusting TARDIS web page.
Jim Taylor has set it up, and I don't really know what all is there, since
need to buy a faster modem before I can "surf the web" [gag] in
real time.
The address is "http://www.halcyon.com/sotrt".  (Thanks, Jim!)

Sound bites:

        The third series of "Absolutely Fabulous" starts March
30th on BBC1
        (although I've heard a rumor that it will be delayed).

        From "Off the Wire":

                "The ground-breaking British puppet show
"Spitting Image,"
                which showed Queen Elizabeth in hair curlers and Margaret
                Thatcher as a crazed harridan, is to be scrapped after
                critics complained that the series had lost its

        "Dancing Queen", an episode of Rik Mayall Presents, is to
be made
        into a proper film - but without Rik and Helena Bonham-Carter.
        Instead it will star Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. 

        There is an updated edition of George Perry's 1983 "Life of
        book called "The Life of Python: The History of Something
        Different" (Running Press Book Publishers, 1995 (U.S.) ISBN
        1-56138-568-9 (paperback)).  It includes updated biographies of all
        six Pythons, new interviews with most them, lots of photographs (if
        you flip the pages quickly you can see an animated John Cleese
        a silly walk).  It also includes an updated listing of Monty Python
        related books, films, recordings, etc.

        Dave Foley of "The Kids in the Hall" has a major role in
        Hartman's new series "Newsradio" (which begins this

Local news:

        During Channel 9's "Red Dwarf" marathon they advertised
(as one of
        their premiums) a 25-minute interview with Craig Charles that they
        recorded at Anglicon.  I'll be generous and say that they made
        several "misrepresentations" about the video.  (Others
have been
        less generous in their descriptions.)  The bottom line is that it
        was more of a press conference than a "one-on-one"
interview, and
        their tape is 25 minutes long because they arrived twenty minutes
        late to the 45 minute meeting.  Our friends at KBTC likely will be
        making the _entire_ thing available during their June "Dr.
        marathon.  And of course there's always the official Anglicon 7
        which includes two hours of Q-and-A with Craig.

        "Festival Hong Kong" (at the Varsity) skips this week,
but will return
        next week with Jackie Chan's "Armour of God", and
"Butterfly Sword"
        with Michelle Khan.  Jeff-Bob says check 'em out.  Call 632-3131

        The Aha! Theatre has extended its run of "Star Drek: The
Musical" at
        least through the end of March (or perhaps even early April).  The
        theater is located at 2222 2nd Ave. (in Belltown), and the show
        (actually two separate episodes) runs Thursdays through Sundays.
        Admission is $8 for one episode or $14 for both.  For more info or
        reservations, call 728-1375.


        Here's a Monty Python web page with a collection of Python sketches
        and songs: http://scf.nmsu.edu/~enielsen/Python.html

        Jeff's video pick of the month: "Remote Control".  Easily
the best
        comedy to come out of Iceland since...um...well, in a very long
        It's in the "snowballing disaster" genre, and it involves
a remote
        control (of course), moronic gangsters, longhaired rockers, Spur
        Cola, etc.  And the soundtrack sports a few new songs by Bjork. 
        was one of my favorite films at last year's Seattle International
        Film Festival (and I saw 40 of 'em).  Jeff-Bob says check it out.


Subject: ANGLICON 8 in Seattle, 5/5/95 - 5/7/95

                              ANGLICON 8

                         May 5 - May 7, 1995
                   Quality Inn, SeaTac, Washington

                     This year's Guests of Honor:

                            NIGEL BENNETT
                     La Croix on "Forever Knight"

                             RANDY ROGEL
                    Emmy and Peabody award winner
         Writer: "Batman: The Animated Series" &

Anglicon is the Northwest's premier British (and international) media
It is a celebration of all things British, but special attention is given
media (television, film, books, etc).  The three-day convention includes:

        Question-and-answer sessions and autograph sessions with the
        art show...art & charity auction...panel discussions...movie
        previews...two video tracks with over 90 hours of British and
        Commonwealth video...dealers' room...dance and masquerade ball...
        casino...gaming...and much more!

Membership is $45.  Dealer tables and artist panels are also available.
Rooms are $62 per night.  All prices are in U.S. funds.

Anglicon is a non-profit convention with all proceeds benefitting PBS
KBTC-TV, Tacoma, WA.

Anglicon would like to thank last year's guests, Craig Charles and Terrence
McDonnell for making Anglicon 7 a success.

Please do not reply to this message.  Any questions should be directed to
the Anglicon information line: 206-745-2700, or write to Anglicon,
P.O. Box 75536, Seattle, WA 98125.


Subject: AbFab series 3 premiere info! (UK)

Courtesy of the BBC web page:


Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) return, laden with
'Absolutely Fabulous' awards, for the third and final series, penned by
Jennifer Saunders, on Thursday, March 30.

Life moves on for the two pals, but Edina's problems remain the same.  The
simple business of facing the day is fraught with complications - what to
wear, will it fit, flagging career and sex life, and a rapidly-maturing
daughter who wants her independence.

The elegantly dissolute Patsy, on the other hand, sails through life with
Edina as an unwitting accomplice.

Saffron (Julia Sawalha) is begining to mature, and make plans to go to
University.  Mother (June Whitfield) is unmoved by anything anyone may say
do; she is the embodiment of calm in a frenetic household, which is
by the appearance of Edina's air-head assistant, the effervescent Bubble
"I'd only written for myself, before writing 'Absolutely
Fabulous'," says
Jennifer.  "So writing for other people was very difficult in the
but now the characters have taken over and almost write themselves.  At the
start I imagined Patsy as a seedy, nicotine-stained person, but Joanna's
hairstyle defined her character, and it was Joanna who suggested she might
an up-market magazine editor. This series moves everyone on, has a less
frantic pace than series two, and concentrates more on the

The `Ab Fab' look is inspired by Conran.  "The Conran shop in Sloane
Street is
the essence of the image I wanted to create," continues Jennifer. 
"And the
rest is gleaned from browsing through glossy magazines."

In `Doorhandle', the first in the new series, Edina decides it's high time
organised her exhausting, high-powered life. First she decides that a
organiser is the key to a new Edina but finally concludes that it's better
schedule her own life, rather than leaving it to a machine.

This done, Edina's first aim is to complete the agonising task of selecting
door handle for the kitchen, followed by lunch. Edina and Patsy agree that
York is the only place to do both in a day, so they embark on a whirlwind
visit. Once there, Patsy persuades Edina to become a fashion victim and
succumb to having her belly button pierced.  Later, she spots her dream
handle - on someone else's door.

CEEFAX Subtitles: Page 888           
9.30 - 10.00pm 


A Comic Relief rundown, from the horse's mouth:

New Comedy

We couldn't get Charles Dickens, but we did manage to persuade Richard
to write OLIVER 2, the sequel to Oliver Twist. The world (or at least
Bart) thought Oliver's story was over but, as we will reveal, it had only
begun. This sumptuous costume drama in three short parts is performed by
Diana Rigg, Pauline Collins, Alan Cumming, Michael Palin, Jeremy Irons,
Deayton, Stephen Fry and Oliver Reed to name but eight.

We present a unique opportunity to witness Jayne Torvill and Rowan Atkinson
skate together as, obviously, TORVILL and BEAN. This Comic Relief Exclusive
will feature BOLERO as never seen before and an extraordinary performance

PHIL COLLINS has recorded a rather unusual version of Old Macdonald Had A
with a remarkable stable of animal impersonators that boasts Goldie Hawn as
duck, Martin Sheen as a cow, Emma Thompson as a pig, Whoopi Goldberg as a
chicken, Hugh Grant as a cat and Desmond Tutu as a sheep.

RUBY WAX is going ON THE RAMPAGE to try and raise RUBY'S MILLION.  Anywhere
Anneka Rice can go, Ruby can go badder - she'll spend the programme
scheming and blackmailing the British Public (especially the rich ones) to
help her raise her own million to add to the pot.

DROP THE DEAD DONKEY are creating a wickedly funny and shockingly up to the
minute DTDD Special just for us. Victoria Wood has written a comedy special
called 'Dawn' featuring Dawn French. Viewers should also look out for bits
other regular Comic Reliefers like Jonathan Ross, Joanna Lumley, Tony
Robinson, Ade Edmonson and Rik Mayall.

LENNY HENRY will start the show at TV Centre in London, and then travel to
Belfast during the programme to host a live St Patrick's Day broadcast from
the Grand Opera House in Belfast featuring Ben Elton, Julian Clarey, Jo
and Patrick Kielty.

For further information and photos please call the Press Office on 0181 576

[:o)] Comic Relief Top Level


                     The Numbers You Need To Know

All media information and pictures:

Comic Relief Press Office: 0181 576 0932

Numbers to tell the public about:

Information Hotline:        0891 405060
Donation line: LO CALL      0345 910910

(all 0891 lines cost 39p cheap rate, and 49p at all other times. LO
CALL calls at local rate.)


[:o)]Charity Projects ) 1995

Red Noses In Cyberspace is hosted by PIPEX's Worldserver [WorldServer]
Press Info: davidb@pipex.net


From: j.kew@ic.ac.uk (James Kew)
Subject: Britcomedy Digest: Red Nose Day Special Issue
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 15:31:11 +0000

                     B R I T C O M E D Y  D I G E S T

VOL. I                     HAPPY RED NOSE DAY!              March 17, 1995
No. 10                      ~ Special Issue ~

A monthly electronic newsletter on British comedies.

Ladies and gentlemen, please adjust your noses

Everyone knows that comedians are great at earning laughs and raising
smiles, but today they are out to prove that they are equally good at
raising lots of cold, hard cash.

Friday, March 17th is Comic Relief Red Nose Day 5, so don't be alarmed if
people are walking around looking like they have that virus from the new
Dustin Hoffman thriller "Outbreak." It's all for a laugh, but
importantly, it's all for a good cause. And since it comes along only once
every two years, we here at Britcomedy Digest would like to add our voice
to the many others supporting and celebrating Red Nose Day 1995.


Comic Relief was started a decade ago, and has sold over 16,000,000 plastic
red noses  since then (though this year they're apparently selling one
which changes colour). The noses are worn on -- you got it -- Red Nose Day.

The money raised from the sales, along with funds raised various other
events, goes to help the needy in the UK and Africa.


Since its inception in 1985, Comic Relief has raised more than 92 million
pounds, all of which has gone to help those in need. The wonderful thing
about the Comic Relief program is that it not only supports charities which
help people with their immediate needs, but also gives a high priority to
programs which foster self-reliance. It's about helping people *and*
teaching people how to help themselves.

Every county in the UK has a program which has been funded by Comic Relief.
Among these are PANDA (People's Alternatives To Narcotics, Drugs, and
Alcohol) and numerous shelters which provide accommodation 2,000+ homeless
young people each evening.

In Africa, which contains eight out the ten poorest countries in the world,
Comic Relief has supported land mine education for refugees in war-torn
Rwanda and has funded a peace conference in strife-ridden Burundi.

Another exciting and promising aspect of the Comic Relief program is its
commitment to education. Teachers in the UK have been given access to the
RIOTOUS ASSEMBLY pack, which includes a videocassette starring Ben Elton
and Tony Robinson. These tapes give students a greater understanding of the
issues which Comic Relief addresses.


As if having an excuse to wear a red nose in public isn't fun enough, some
of the biggest names in British comedy will perform live. Past highlights:
Cliff Richard and The Young Ones doing a version of "Living
"Blackadder: The Cavalier Years" and "The New Statesman At
Number 10"

BBC1 has scheduled "A Night Of Comic Relief," which will include,
others, Lenny Henry, French and Saunders, Reeves and Mortimer, Mel Smith
and Griff Rhys Jones, Harry Enfield, Jonathan Ross. This special evening of
programming will run from 1900 to 0250. Some highlights will be:

     -- Rowan Atkinson and Jayne Torvill skating together as
        "Torvill and Bean."

     -- Dawn French in a skit written specifically for her by
        Victoria Wood. This is the first time the two women have
        ever worked together.

     -- The Dickens spoof "Oliver 2: Let's Twist Again" written
        by Richard Curtis and starring Dame Diana Rigg, Michael
        Palin, Stephen Fry, Oliver Reed, Ron Moody, Jeremy Irons,
        Angus Deayton, and others.  This will be shown in three
        parts throughout the evening.

     -- Lenny Henry Presents Belfast Live, which not only celebrates
        Red Nose Day but St. Patrick's Day.  Among the performers
        scheduled to appear live from the Belfast Opera House are Jo
        Brand, Ben Elton, Julian Clary. (Henry will be doing a Phil
        Collins Live Aid type thing by appearing first in London and
        then going by helicopter to Belfast.)

     -- Wax On A Rampage, during which Ruby Wax uses whatever means
        possible to raise a million pounds.  (And if anyone can do it,
        Ruby can...)

With this line-up, it might be very easy to get involved in the laughter
forget what the cause is all about. However, several films during the
course of the evening (including reports from Richard Wilson in Uganda,
Victoria Wood in Zimbawbwe, and Billy Connolly in Mozambique) will show how
Comic Relief has helped change lives.


More than 5,000 phone lines are set up to take donations Friday night; with
your help, Comic Relief will pass the 100 million pound mark. So remember
the key words: Donate early! Donate often!

For the public:

DONATION line: LO CALL   0345 910910

Info hotline:  0891 405060

More information is available from:


Email: red.nose@pipex.com

          Comic Relief/Charity Projects
          1st Floor, 74 New Oxford Street
          London WC1A 1EF

          Telephone:  +44 (0)171-436-1122


Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (March 22), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

        Have I Got News For You

        Spitting Image

        Lenny Henry Christmas Special

        Vicar of Dibley: episode 2

        Nightingales ("Someone to Watch Over Me")

    [reflects weight before cooking]

The next Rusting Tardis Social (March 28, 7pm), will be held at Round Table
Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle).

See you on Wednesday.

                        "Dropped, like the regurgitated particles of a
                         that has been eaten by an owl..."
                                --"The In-World", Lionel Roberts
                                  Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)


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