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Okay, so I didn't get a newsletter out last week.  So whaddya expect for
anyway?  :-)

I've (reluctantly) decided to change how the mailing list is organized.
Rather than keep one list for "my" mailings and another for Kris Sabo's,
be trimming hers down much more and including them with the regular SotRT
mailings.  I realize that many of you are already on her list and don't
to read (or in some cases pay for) the same stuff twice, so I'll be a bit
more severe in my editing, but then, you can always get her stuff straight
from the horse's mouth.  Um, so to speak.  (Sorry, Kris :-)

Sound bites:

        Starting this week on BBC2: "Look at the State We're In", a series
        six short satirical films on British laws.  The first is called
        Organisation", with Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

        Rumours about who will star in the American "version" of AbFab:
        (1) Carrie Fisher and Barbara Carerra, (2) Carrie Fisher and Sandra
        Bernhard, (3) Kristy Alley (with Carrie Fisher writing it).  And so

        CBS/FOX video has announced that they will release "Absolutely
        Fabulous" and "Middlemarch" in the U.S. later this year.

        Some time ago this newsletter reported that "Spitting Image" had
        cancelled.  Well, it appears that the same people will be doing a
        series to be called "Rubber News".  It appears to be similar to the
        old show, but they claim that it will not be "a slave to politics".

        Rumour has it that the seventh season of "Red Dwarf" is not in
        production because Grant Naylor is/are working on a second season
        "The 10%ers".  But then again, Grant and Naylor have supposedly
        broken up.

        Even if you're not a "Forever Knight" fan, if you attended Anglicon
        you'll be glad to hear that the USA Network has acquired the rights
        to the series.  USA will air a 3rd season of the show, composed of
        episodes, starting this fall.  So Nigel Bennett will have steady
        for at least another year.

        Also of possible interest to Anglicon 8 attendees: "Animaniacs"
        move from FOX to WBN this fall.

        And speaking of pseudo-networks, UPN has cancelled _every_ show on
        their schedule, except for "Star Trek: Voyager".  The best thing
        could be said of these shows is they had better ratings than any of
        the programmes on the Warner Brothers network.

        "Speed Racer" will be coming to the big screen, starring Johnny
        And if you think that's hard to swallow, Nicholas Cage will be
        playing Racer X.

        Comic Relief 1995 ("Red Nose Day 5") raised over 10 million pounds
        for charities in the UK and Africa.  (But '93 was a better

        Bravo now has a web page: "http://www.uaep.co.uk/bravo.html".  They
        advertise "complete daily schedules for May and June, background
        information about programmes, including an episode-by-episode guide
        to Twin Peaks, ITC and Twin Peaks stills, video clips from our
        promos, and more.

        Anyone remember "Flying Blind"?  Tea Leoni will be starring in "The
        Naked Truth" this fall on ABC (Wednesdays at 9:30pm).  She plays a
        tabloid photographer.

Local news:

        The Seattle International Film Festival is underway.  I'll have
        copies of the schedule at the next video meeting, but you can pick
        one up in the Broadway Market (where the tickets are on sale). 
        gone to six films so far, so that leaves ~37 to go.  (There are
        over 100 films to choose from.  So go choose some.)  You can also
        get info via the web: "http://www.film.com".

        For some reason they're not advertising it by name.  What am I
        talking about?  Patrick Stewart's new film, "Jeffrey".  It's the
        "Special Sneak Preview" at the Seattle International Film Festival
        (June 2nd, 9:30pm at the Egyptian).  They mention that it also star
        Steven Weber and Sigourney Weaver, and that it is a "gay romantic
        comedy".  Some secret - I knew what it was instantly and I've been
        living in a cave for the last couple of months.  For info call
        325-6828.  To order tickets, call 325-6150.

        "Pulp Fiction" (the Japanese release) is available for rent at
        Scarecrow Video.  It _is_ subtitled, but it's also letterboxed, and
        the subtitling is below the picture.

        "Pledge" returns to KBTC for the first two weeks of June. 
        include a repeat of "Tales of the City" during the first week, and
        "EastEnders"/"Doctor Who" marathon on Saturday, June 10th.  (I'll
        down there that night, so don't make my sacrifice meaningless by
        pledging, okay? :-)

        I picked up a flier advertising something called "The Seattle Area
        Official X-Files Convention" on June 24th.  Unfortunately, it
        appears to be a "Creation Con".  They promise "special guests".
        Call 818-409-0960 for details.


        If you're planning on being in London on June 5th, you might want
        stop by HMV, where Craig Charles will be doing a signing to promote
        the release of "Red Dwarf" season six on video.  (The first half
        actually released on May 1st.)

        There will be a Robin of Sherwood convention in Novi, Michigan,
        July 5-7, 1996.  Invited guests are Mark (Nasir) Ryan, Ray (Will
        Scarlet) Winstone and Richard Carpenter, creator of the series.  No
        memberships will be sold at the door - preregistration only.  For
        more info, contact chrisrhood@aol.com or "Spirit of Sherwood" (the
        official RoS club), 1276 W. Marshall, Ferndale, MI 48220.

        Jeff's comic pick of the month: "Lisa Comics" (issue #1).  Lisa
        Simpson gets her own comic book, and get this - according to Matt
        Groening, it's actually aimed at young girls.  When is the last
        _that_ happened?  (Actually, it was probably DC's "Angel Love",
        ten years ago.)  This is a clever update/parody/tribute to "Alice
        Wonderland", and has to be read to be appreciated.  (For example,
        Otto and his lookalike "Bob" (a.k.a. Tweedledee and Tweedledum)
        in "Backwords Country" and go around saying things like "Aha", "A
        Toyota", and "Swap God for a janitor, rot in a jar of dog paws".
        Okay, so maybe I couldn't write a review to save my life.  So what?
        Buy this book.


Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 17:54:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Randy/Jean-Marc Lofficier 
Subject: NEW WHO UPDATE 05/09/95



Matthew Jacobs has been signed to write the script of the two-hour
DOCTOR WHO made-for-television feature, to be co-produced by BBC 
Worldwide and Universal Television for the Fox Network.

Matthew was born in England.  In 1986, he wrote "Smart Money", a 
BBC TV feature, and directed "Vardo", a short feature which was 
very well received at the London, Edinburgh and Sydney Film 

His "Hallelujah Anyhow", which he wrote and directed for the BBC 
in 1990, was nominated as best TV film of the year by the WGGB.  It 
was the London Film Festival's centerpiece, and was successfully 
screened at the Sundance and Seattle Film  Festivals.

Matthew has also worked as a writer for a variety of American and 
British productions, including Jim Henson's "Monster Maker" (1989).  
He wrote "Paper House" (1989), a feature film which won two fantasy 
awards at the Avoriaz and Brussels Film Festivals, and "Somewhere To 
Run" (1989), a Thames production, which won the Europa Award. Another 
of his scripts, "Some Lie and Some Die" (1990), was nominated by the 
WGGB as best TV film of the year.

More recently, Matthew has written scripts for the ABC/Lucasfilm/
Paramount television series, "Young Indiana Jones" (1991-93).

Of interest to DOCTOR WHO fans will be the fact that Matthew's father
is Anthony Jacobs, who played Doc Holliday in "The Gunfighters".  
Matthew visited the set when he was 8, and met William Hartnell,
whom he remembers as being quite nice to him.  

Needless to say, Matthew is excited by the prospect of writing 
the new DOCTOR WHO television feature.

The producers expect the script to be completed by mid-July, at which
point it must still be approved by Fox, Universal and the BBC.  Do not,
therefore, expect any major announcements until then.

Now for those who don't check the FAQ:


BBC Worldwide and Universal Television have signed a script deal 
with the Fox Network for the development of a two-hour (with 
commercials), made-for-television DOCTOR WHO feature.

Please note that this is a *SCRIPT* commitment, and NOT yet a *FILM* 
commitment.  The script and the budget must still be approved by Fox, 
Universal and the BBC in order for the feature to be filmed.

Due to various factors too complicated to explain here, mostly having
to do with Dreamworks SKG (the new Spielberg/Katzenberg/Geffen studio),
Amblin's name has been removed from the project.

It is inaccurate to refer to the new DOCTOR WHO as "Amblin Who", 
"Spielberg Who", "U.S. Who" or " American Who", as the BBC is,
and will be, actively involved in every creative phase of the project.

Also, the executive producers in charge of the new DOCTOR WHO, Philip 
Segal and Peter Wagg, and the writer, Matthew Jacobs, are all British.  
They are all fans of, and well acquainted with, the original DOCTOR WHO.

Prior to working for Amblin, Segal was an executive at ABC, and was
involved in the programming of "Twin Peaks", "ThirtySomething",
"Young Riders" and "Young Indiana Jones".  This production is, for him,
the fulfillment of a long time desire to see DOCTOR WHO brought back to
television.  Segal made a recent appearance at Gallifrey One in
California, where his presentation was warmly received by the fans.

Peter Wagg's credits include producing the U.S. version of "Max Headroom".
Alan Yentob and Michael Wearing, respectively of BBC and BBC Worldwide,
are monitoring the production on their end.

If the script and the budget are acceptable to all, the producers would
like to shoot the feature in the fall, for a November broadcast, during
the rating sweeps period. It is too early to say where the feature will
be shot.  The BBC will likely show it in the U.K. around the same time 
that it is shown in the U.S.

If the feature gets good ratings, and is well received, it is likely
that it will be followed by a regular series, but there are no
certainties about this at this time.

As announced previously, the producers intend to cast a British actor 
to play the part of the Doctor.

The theme music will remain virtually unchanged, but a new master will 
be recorded (for technical reasons).

Production designs will be updated.  Whether we like it or not, DOCTOR
WHO must now compete with TREK and BABYLON-5 in the area of visual
effects.  But every effort will be made to preserve traditional design
elements from the Original Programme.  For example, the TARDIS will remain
a police box.

Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier
(For DOCTOR WHO, fan liaison)



[If you want the whole thing, get on _her_ mailing list.]

         "THERE'S A PENGUIN ON THE TELLY"  (TeAPOTT of Baton Rouge)
-A group devoted to the serious watching of anything even remotely British.

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Where can I buy British videos in the U.S.?

This is from the alt.comedy.british FAQ, by James Kew/ j.kew@ic.ac.uk. You
can find this on the web at:


     Lionheart Television
     630 Fifth Avenue Suite 2220
     New York, NY 10111
     Tel: 212-705-9300

The following mail-order vendors sell NTSC tapes:

Critics' Choice Video
     Telephone 1-708-775-3355 (information, Mon-Fri 0700-2100, Sat
     CT), 1-800-367-7765 (orders, 24h; Spanish-speaker available during
     hours above), 1-800-727-2900 (TDD, hours as above) or fax
     1-708-775-3355. Critics' Choice Video, P.O. Box 749, Itasca, IL
Fusion Video
     Telephone toll-free 1-800-959-0061 or write Fusion Video, 17311 Fusion
     Way, Country Club Hills, IL 60478-9906. Ask for their catalogue "The
     British Video Collection".
Laughinghouse Video
     Telephone 714-956-9032 (1030-1800 pacific time) or write P.O. Box
     Anaheim, CA 92812-0572. Email contact Michael Walsh (MrWally@aol.com).
     Laughinghouse can import PAL-format videos and provide a "free" NTSC
     copy. Their 500 page/6000 title British TV and film catalogue costs
     $10, and includes a $5 discount coupon for use on your first order.
     It's also available in a PC version (Windows 3.1, supports 16 colours,
     256 preferred) at the same price. Also available: import music,
     multimedia titles, and books (as yet no catalogue).
     Telephone toll-free, any time, 1-800-669-9696, or write Signals, WGBH
     Educational Foundation, P.O. Box 64428, St. Paul, MN 55164-0428. They
     accept major credit cards over the phone and take checks with mailed
     orders. They have a few different catalogues; request the video
The Video Catalog
     Telephone toll-free any time 1-800-733-2232 or write P.O. Box 64267
     Paul, MN 55164-0267. They also offer a custom order service, "Video
     Trackers". Call 1-800-71VIDEO (1-800-718-4336), toll-free between
     0700-0000 CT; if the title you want is currently available, they'll
     find it for you.
Video Collectables
     Telephone toll-free 1-800-268-3891 (USA), 1-800-387-5758 (Canada) or
     write Video Collectables, 350 Newkirk Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario,
     Canada L4C 3G7. They'll mail you a free catalogue."
Melinda "I want to be the story-telling woodland sprite of the '90s."
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>From che015@news.salford.ac.uk Tue May  2 10:33:28 CDT 1995
Someone on alt.fan.holmes was asking about the tour of the Baker Street

It is part of the Granada Studios Tour in Manchester (large city 200-
250 miles from London in the NW of England). They also have many other
working sets that you can tour round, including the set for "Coronation
Street", a 30-yr-old British soap opera set in a fictional town modelled on
Salford, near Manchester; a two-thirds scale set of the House of Commons
one of Downing Street. They also have demonstrations of special effects (
which is actually just blood and gore) and sound effects. There is quite a
bit of audience participation.
        You'll need a whole day to really see it properly, and it's well
worth the price of admission.
        24 HOUR INFORMATION LINE:       +44 161-832 4999


feature.  TIM CURRY has signed to star as the legendary Long John Silver.
The film will also star JENNIFER SAUNDERS of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.  She will
play a character by the name of MRS. BLUVERIDGE opposite KERMIT, MISS PIGGY
and the rest of the Muppet cast of characters.  [Hollywood Column, N.Y.
Daily News dated 4/19/95]


   Also- Rumor has it that Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson may head
the list of guests for a major convention in this country next year.
I'll keep you all updated as firm information becomes available. 
Promise.   [I'll be the first one in line for tickets to this, I 
assure you.]

>From casino@pobox.upenn.edu Sat May 13 09:28:04 1995
                        B R I T C O M E D Y  D I G E S T
VOL. I                                                          APRIL 1995
No. 12

A monthly electronic newsletter on British comedies.


Britcomedy Digest (ISSN 1077-6680) 
Copyright (c) 1995 by Melinda Casino. Reproduction for personal and
non-profit use is permitted only if this copyright notice is retained. Any
other reproduction is prohibited without permission.

by Michelle Street

Just when he thought things were looking up after being acquitted of rape
charges, "Red Dwarf" star Craig Charles was dealt another blow when his
upcoming series "Go Getters" was canceled because of the negative publicity
surrounding his trial.

Charles, 30, was reportedly shocked when he heard of the cancellation. "I
had no idea this was happening," he said. No idea at all. I haven't had a
letter from anyone telling me about this."

Executives at ITV were apparently concerned because "Go Getters" is a
daredevil program aimed at children. Even though Charles was found innocent
of raping his former lover, the sensational aspect of this trial, plus the
newspaper reports in which he admitted to drug use, made executives
whether he would be a suitable star/role model for a children's series.

This decision not only affects Charles but others who were scheduled to
appear in the series, such as Danniella Westbrook, Michaelea Strachan,
Keith Chegwin, and presenter Lloyd Grossman.


It didn't win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, but "Four Weddings And A
Funeral" swept the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
Awards, which were handed out in London on Sunday, April 23rd.

The romantic comedy, starring Hugh Grant and written by Richard Curtis (of
"Black Adder" fame) won five of the top awards. Here is a list of the
winners in the major categories:

BEST FILM: Four Weddings and a Funeral
BEST DIRECTOR: Mike Newell, Four Weddings and a Funeral
BEST ACTOR: Hugh Grant, Four Weddings and a Funeral
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Kristin Scott Thomas, Four Weddings and a Funeral

BEST COMEDY: Two Fights, Two Weddings, And A Funeral (BBC 2)
BEST ACTOR: Robbie Coltrane, Cracker (ITV)
BEST COMEDY PERFORMANCE: Joanna Lumley, Absolutely Fabulous (BBC 1)

Film: Four Weddings and a Funeral
Television: Cracker

Comedy fans now have an easy way to find out what's happening at one of
London's most famous stand up clubs. As part of the growing trend of
businesses publicizing themselves online, London's famed Comedy Store now
has its own homepage at This nifty page will
give you information about tickets and upcoming performers at the club. For
those who live in London or are planning a visit there, it will be a handy
guide to what's on, while those of us in the rest of the world can just
at it and drool.



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Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (May 24), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

        Have I Got News For You

        The Vicar of Dibley

        Glam Metal Detectives

        Nice Day at the Office

        Absolutely Fabulous (season 3, episode 3)

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Coming in the near future: more of the new season of "Absolutely Fabulous",
and the new season of "Goodnight Sweetheart".

The next Rusting Tardis Social (May 30, 7pm) will be held at Round Table
Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle).

See you on Wednesday.

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