=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#18, 06/13/95)

>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 


Well, the 21st Seattle International Film Festival is history.  Look for my
thumbnail reviews in the near future.  For the first time in three months,
can see free evenings, and even weekends, on the horizon.

Sound bites:

        The latest "Dr. Who" news from the Lofficiers: Despite being on
        British radio and TV news reports, Eric Idle IS NOT going to be the
        new Doctor.  The misunderstanding was due to him being at Amblin
        recently because of some involvement in "Casper".

        BBC Video are considering releasing an extended version of "The
        Doctors".  Guesses are that this would be the one with 7.5 minutes
        of extra (and apparently unnecessary) footage.

        A second season of "The All-New Alexei Sayle Show" begins this
        at 9:30pm on BBC2.

        Craig Charles was interviewed recently on VH-1, and talked about a
        stand-up tour he is putting together, and new Red Dwarf.  According
        to him, series 7 and 8 are currently being developed, as well as
        long-awaited Xmas special.  There was also mention of a second
        "Smeg-Ups" video.

        According to the president of Comedy Central (as quoted in USA
        6/7), they are considering airing another AbFab marathon and then
        pull the show off completely for a while.

        The last four episodes of this season of "Babylon 5" have been
        until October, since the third season is set to start in November.
        In an odd twist, those episodes _will_ air in the UK shortly.  (And
        for those who care, issue 9 of the comic will contain SPOILERS
        it was written long before this delay.)

        It's official: "Animaniacs" spin-off "Pinky and the Brain" will
        the Warner Brothers Network on September 10th.

        This fall CBS will be airing "American Gothic," the story of a
        town overshadowed by a demonic sheriff.  Buford T. Pusser, where
        you when we need you?

        Dow Jones and MacNeil/Lehrer Productions will air a new nightly (at
        11 p.m.) news programme, "The National News," next spring on PBS.

        Upcoming video releases in the UK include "Star Trek: Voyager"
        already) and "Earth 2" (June 17th).

        The Monster Raving Loony Party has been temporarily saved from
        bankruptcy by a bookie who didn't want to see the party go under.
        The leader of the party (Screaming Lord Sutch) has lost every
        parliamentary election since 1963.

        David Letterman's week in England did not go over very well with
        natives.  The BBC has cancelled plans to air "The Late Show" after
        reading their own "viewer mail".  According to a report, "Viewers
        thought it was inane, irrelevant to the British people and a waste
        licence-payers' money."

        Paramount has cancelled "The Jon Stewart Show".

        Web page with general info about BBC Radio programmes:

Local news:

        The "Dr. Who" marathon on KBTC on June 10th raised ~$8500, which
        a bit shy of their $10,000 goal.  (According to their calculations,
        they need to raise $20,000 each year during "Dr. Who" marathons.)

        The Society of the Rusting TARDIS 10th anniversary picnic: August
        13th.  More details to follow as Ryan makes them available. :-)

        "Festival Hong Kong" returns to the Varsity this Thursday, with
        Hark's "The Lovers" (which I haven't seen) and "Chinese Ghost
        Story II" (which I can vouch for).  Call 632-3131 for show times.

        "Crumb", the documentary about cartoonist Robert Crumb and his
        whacked-out family (which won best documentary at the Film
        will run from June 16 to June 22 at the Varsity.  Call 632-3131 for
        show times.

        Archie McPhee has a Web page: http://www.halcyon.com/mcphee/

        I spoke with Tracey Conway recently (you know...from "Almost Live!"
        (it's a long story)), and although she has friends who are fans of
        British television, sadly it doesn't look like we'll be seeing her
        a meeting anytime soon.  But I'm sending her a FAQ, so who knows?
        (And yes, she remembered Kris Sabo and the folks in Baton Rouge.)


        What a great time to be alive.  Gennifer Flowers has a Web page:

        Anyone on the list know who "gun-sgt.@prostar.com" is?  This person
        has tried to subscribe twice, but I can't seem to find an address
        that will reach him (or her).  The bounce states, "There is no
        with this name at ProStar Internet Gateway."


Subject: Emerald City Androgum news

Hi, Jeff.  Sorry to have to do this to you, but I need to get some news 
out to the Rusties, and we're not going to be there this week!  (My class 
is having fifth grade graduation that night!)  So, could you let 
everybody know that there is an Androgums gathering this Saturday in 
Renton, we're showing an episode of "Voyagers!", "Battlefield," "Doctor 
Who and the Daleks" (the first Peter Cushing movie), and some scenes of 
the Androgums at Visions 93, including my propositioning Nicola Bryant.  
If anybody wants more info, our phone number is 763-9332, or e-mail us at 
tiktok@eskimo.com or tegan@eskimo.com.  Thanks, and have a good time 
without us!

--Eric "June 28th, no problem!" Gjovaag


Subject: Blackadder Pilot Episode (something I had not heard of before)

From: rlju100@bay.cc.kcl.ac.uk (Steve Phillips)

Seeing as we're mentioning "Blackadder", I recently saw the pilot episode
to the show, and wrote down a few thoughts.....

There is a little-known "Blackadder" pilot still in existence, made
before June 1982.  It's an early version of "Born To Be King" but with some

changes of cast and characters and minor changes to plot.

Atkinson plays Blackadder somewhere between the series one portrayal and
that of the other series, although rather more towards the latter (although
the strong sarcasm of the latter is missing).  If you realise that what
makes the series 2-4 character work *is* the sarcastic/sardonic attitude,
you'll see that the character here is rather weakly drawn and ambiguous. 
fitting with the harsher, brasher image - gone is the pudding-basin
to be replaced by tight curls.  Such is the change in the character that
idiocy of the head-stuck-in-the-helmet slapstick, whilst fine for the
re-make, is totally out of place here. 

The biggest let down by far in this pilot is the actor playing Baldrick.
Tony Robinson may not be regarded as exactly Olivier when it comes to
acting, but having somebody else play the part reveals just how missed he
is.  The blonde-haired Philip Fox fails miserably on every level, though,
once again, the character is only thinly sketched in the script so he
be blamed for all the short-comings. 

The other major casting change is the King's part.  Instead of Brian
Blessed, John Savalent turns in a more reserved and thoughtful performance
(I was never a fan of Blessed's stock-in-trade "shouting kings" anyhow). 

A criticism, which can also be levelled at most of the first series proper,
is that the plot is over-complicated.  Indeed, during the performance of
"The Death Of A Scotsman" play, it's quite difficult to work out what is
going on!  The production team must have realised this, hence the
and simplifying of this scene prior to the re-make. 

The pilot also suffers from not having the dramatic theme music of the
series, although the opening silhouetted castle graphics are quite
effective.  The show ends with the Black Adder family crest (inscribed with
the words "Veni, Vidi, Castratavi Illegitimos", which roughly translates as
"Came, Saw, Castrated the Bastards"). 



Subject: "The Great (Dr. Who) Theme Tune Quest"

From: pih@doc.ic.ac.uk (Paul Ian Harman)


Version Name            Arranger                Album   Comments
------------            --------                -----   --------

Original Theme          Delia Derbyshire        1,4,8   Start->Late TBaker
Doctor Who Theme        Peter Howell            1,4,8   Late TBaker->CBaker

Doctor Who              Mark Lambert/Ian Hu       1     Nice new version
Delaware Version        Brian Hodgson/            3     Boingy Boingy!
                        Paddy Kingsland
Spoons Version          Mark Lambert/Ian Hu       1     McCoy plays the
                        feat. Sylvester McCoy
Mood Version            Mark Ayres                2
Terror Version          Dominic Glynn            1,2
Latin Version           Keff McCulloch            2     [1]
Panopticon 8            Mark Ayres                2
  (Regeneration Mix)
Dimensions in Time      CyberTech                 5     Aaargh!!!
Orchestral Version      Eric Winstone             6     [2]
Fenric Version          Mark Ayres                7     Remix of...
Sylvester MCoy Version  Keff McCulloch            8
Trial of a Time Lord    Dominic Glynn             8
Doctor Who is Gonna     Bullamakanka (BBC-454)   N/A    Has words!
        Fix It
Who is the Doctor?      Mac Iver                 N/A    Pertwee's Poem
Dance (Dr Who)          Mankind on Motor         N/A    MTR-001 (Mankind on
                                                          Motor Records)
Doctor in Distress      Ian Levine/Fiachra       N/A    Not really the
(UNCERTAIN)             Neil Norman               9
Disco Version           (Allegedly) Ron Grainer  N/A
Dr Who                  Geoff Love & Co           10

[1] This is the version used in the " - The Early Years" and
        "The  Years" videos.
[2] I'm not sure whether or not this passes my canonical test (see below)


1. The Worlds of Doctor Who
2. Doctor Who - Variations on a Theme
3. 30 Years at the Radiophonic Workshop
4. Classic Music from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop      - EarthShock
                                                        - The Five Doctors
5. CyberTech
6. "A-Z of British TV Themes", also "The Man from UNCLE"
7. The Curse of Fenric
8. The 25th Anniversary Album (which I _still_ can't find)
9. Greatest Science Fiction Hits II (Neil Norman)
10. Star Wars and Other Space Themes (Super Tunes Ltd.)



[If you want the whole thing, get on _her_ mailing list.]

         "THERE'S A PENGUIN ON THE TELLY"  (TeAPOTT of Baton Rouge)
-A group devoted to the serious watching of anything even remotely British.

*Kristin C. Sabo, current dictator- sabo@rouge.phys.lsu.edu  (504)768-7815
                                  kristin_s@deq.state.la.us  (504)765-0166

                        ==>> E-ZINE EXTRACTS <<==

>From alex@smec.sel.sony.com Fri May 26 12:56:46 1995
Web Site:       http://www.cais.com/jpadgett/www/home.html
THE AVENGERS News.  NICHOLAS MEYER of STAR TREK movie fame, has closed
a deal to direct WARNER BROTHERS' big-screen adaptation of the British
series THE AVENGERS, which ran on ABC from 1966 to 1969, during the
John Steed and Emma Peel episodes.  The film is scheduled to go before
the cameras this Fall.  No names have been attached to the project as
of this writing.  [Variety (My thanks to FordaT@aol.com)]
A new, modernized version of ROMEO & JULIET will be filmed by BAZ
use the original SHAKESPEARean lines.

>From alex@smec.sel.sony.com Fri Jun  9 16:35:49 1995
PATRICK STEWART attended a meeting at PARAMOUNT, held the 3rd week of
April, in which the follow-up to GENERATIONS was discussed.  The
next film does not have a title, but STEWART reports that the
discussions kept going back to the episode YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE from
THE NEXT GENERATION.  [Mr. Data's Data #69 dated May 95]
STAR WARS News.  GEORGE LUCAS took a break from writing the next three
installments of the STAR WARS saga to give up some information on the
new epics.  The first one will be in theaters in 1998, all three will
be budgeted between $50 and $70 million, and he plans to direct at
least one of them, which will be the first time he's directed since
the 1977 original.  The new trilogy will be shot back to back "like
a TV series," said LUCAS.  [Lifeline Column, USA Today dated 6/1/95]
DOCTOR WHO News.  A story meeting on the 2 hour film for FOX was
held on May 23.  Producer PHILIP SEGAL and Scriptwriter MATTHEW
JACOBS pitched and outline of the pilot to a FOX executive.  It
went very well to the point were they are now beginning script
composition and considering casting ideas.  [Mr. Data's Data
#69B dated June 95]
There is word that NBC is interested in reviving FOX's THE ADVENTURES
OF BRISCO COUNTY JR.  NBC is requesting 6 new episodes.
                                 * * *

                       ==>> INTERNET SNIPPETS <==


>From fergus@areaplg2.corp.mot.com Thu May 25 09:50:44 CDT 1995

We'd like to announce a new web site devoted to the history of our
annual convention devoted to unusual television shows:


Previous guests at VISIONS in Chicago IL over the past 5 years have
included actors, writers and directors from:

    Doctor Who   Red Dwarf   Blake's Seven   The Avengers
    Robin of Sherwood   Lovejoy   Kung Fu The Legend Continues
    Star Trek The Next Generation   Mystery Science Theater 3000

Our guest lineup this year is still in development, but we hope
to add guests from more American science fiction shows such as
Babylon 5 and The X-Files, as well as more British comedy shows
such as Blackadder and The Young Ones.

Video & audio tapes from the Visions '94 convention are now available.  

Please allow 8 weeks for delivery.  If you'd like a list of tapes available
from previous years ('90-93), send me email at fergus@areaplg2.corp.mot.com
or check the Visions a/v web page at http://www.xnet.com/~tardis/av.html

Unless otherwise requested, all video tapes will be done at the LP speed
except for the variety show tapes, which will be done at the standard SP.
Please specify which programs you would like us to put on each tape, up to
the 4-hour maximum.  Please order a minimum of $20 worth of programs per
video tape.

Send Check or Money Order to:
                                    or to    Visions Videos
HER MAJESTY'S ENTERTAINMENT              c/o Lisa Albergo
P.O. Box 1202                                4122 W. Cortland
Highland Park, IL 60035-1202                 Chicago, IL 60647-5028

$5 Section: Video Programs $5 each    Audio Programs $8 each or 2-for-$15
Video       Audio
Catalog     Catalog
Number      Number      Program Title
------      -------     -------------
94-01       401         Visions 94 Opening Ceremonies (25 minutes)
94-02       401         Visions 94 Closing Ceremonies (23 minutes)
94-03       NA          Visions 94 Masquerade (42 minutes)
94-04       402         Paul Darrow/Sheelagh Wells, Sunday (29 minutes)
94-05       402         Sheelagh Wells Press Conference (37 minutes)
94-06       403         John Levene Press Conference (30 minutes)
94-06       403         Rob Grant Press Conference (42 minutes)

$10 Section: Video Programs $10 ea    Audio Programs $8 each or 2-for-$15
Video       Audio
94-08       404         Jon Pertwee Press Conference (61 minutes)
94-09       405         Paul Darrow Press Conference (56 minutes)
94-10       406         Robert Llewellyn Press Conference (52 minutes)
94-11       407         Danny John-Jules Press Conference (64 minutes)
94-12       408         Mark Ryan/Phil Rose Press Conference (58 minutes)
94-13       409         Chris Potter Press Conference (55 minutes)
94-14       410         Nicholas Courtney Press Conference (56 minutes)
94-15       411         D. John-Jules/R. Llewellyn/R. Grant, Friday (52
94-16       412         Mark Ryan/Phil Rose, Friday (59 minutes)
94-17       413         Paul Darrow/Sheelagh Wells, Friday (74 minutes)
94-18       414         Phil Rose/M. Ryan/Chris Potter/P. Darrow, Sat (66
94-19       415         Jon Pertwee/Joe Nazzaro, Saturday (58 minutes)
94-20       416         Nicholas Courtney/John Levene, Saturday (53
94-21       417         Robert Llewellyn/Danny John-Jules/Rob Grant/J.
                            Saturday (53 minutes)
94-22       418         D. John-Jules/R. Llewellyn/R. Grant, Sunday (56
94-23       419         Jon Pertwee/Nicholas Courtney/John Levene, Sun(59
94-24       420         Mark Ryan/Phil Rose, Sunday (58 minutes)
94-25       421         Chris Potter, Sunday (68 minutes)

$20 Section: Video Programs $20 ea   Audio Programs $15 each (on 2 tapes)
Video       Audio
94-26       NA          Visions 94 Charity Auction (2 hours, 11 minutes)
94-27       422         Visions 94 Highlights (2 hours)

$40 Section: Video Programs $40 each (on 2 tapes at SP)
Video       Audio
94-VS       NA          Visions 94 Variety Show

                                 * * *

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            really responsible for this newsletter.  ;)

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Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (June 14), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

        Have I Got News For You

        Glam Metal Detectives: Episode 3

        Murder Most Horrid

        Absolutely Fabulous: Season 3, Episode 4

        The 10%-ers: "Galaxy Quest 8" (This week's experiment in terror -
        from the creators of "Red Dwarf")

  [reflects weight before cooking, some settling of contents may occur
   during shipping, offer void where prohibited, batteries not included,
   your milage may vary, not to be taken internally]

Coming in the near future: more new "Absolutely Fabulous", and new seasons
"Goodnight Sweetheart" and "Brittas Empire".

The next Rusting Tardis Social (June 20, 7pm) will be held at Two Dagos
Texas, 2600 1st Ave. (in Seattle).

See you on Wednesday.

                        "They rounded the corner, and saw, in the
                         firelight, a sight which chilled the very blood in
                         their veins.  It seemed to coagulate the very
                         corpuscles in their arteries."
                                --"Beyond Time", John E. Muller (actually
                                  Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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