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>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 


Here we go again.  Not much Brit stuff this week...

Sound bites:

        According to "The Gossip Show" (on E!), Jennifer Saunders wants to
        an AbFab movie with the British cast.

        The BBC is rerunning "Fawlty Towers", and reportedly has been
        12 million viewers per episode.

        I understand that Stephen Fry has his own Web page at
        "http://www.phantom.com/~stephenf/".  I have been unable to verify
        it (I really have to get my Mac configured one of these days).

        Here's a "Chef!" web page:

        Fox's answer to "Saturday Night Live" is "Mad TV", loosely based on
        "Mad" magazine.  Hold me back.

        Michael Moore is committed to do two shows for Fox (one being "TV
        nation").  One of them (?) will start on July 21 at 8pm.

Local news:

        A reminder: The Society of the Rusting TARDIS 10th anniversary
        picnic: August 13th.  More details to follow as Ryan makes them
        available. :-)

        Westercon is coming up this weekend (6/30 - 7/3) in Portland.  For
        info: phone 503-283-0802, email 74007.3342@compuserve.com, or www
        "http://www.teleport.com/~wester48/".  SHAMELESS PLUG: If you go,
        sure to check out the Fanthorpe Reading, done by yours truly. 
        supposedly scheduled for Saturday night, but I won't believe it
        I see it in the schedule.)

        There's some great stuff coming up at the Varsity in the near
        Call 632-3131 for show times.

                "I am Cuba", an incredibly-shot propaganda film (which ran
                the Film Festival), runs through June 29 at the Varsity.

                A British double-feature on June 30: "The Madness of King
                George" and "Orlando".

                "Festival Hong Kong" returns to the Varsity on July 6 with
                Wong Jing's "God of Gamblers' Return" (starring Chow
                and the amazing "Saviour of the Soul".

        Upcoming attractions at the "Fremont Almost Free Outdoor Cinema":
        July 1 - "King Creole" and "GI Blues", July 8 - "Hairspray" and
        "Pee Wee's Big Adventure".  Starts at dusk behind the Red Door Ale
        House (670 N. 34th St.), $5 "donation", B.Y.O. seating.  There are
        prizes for best costume and most original seating.  Call 632-0287

        "Pentagon West," the third of Ryan K. Johnson's Dr. Who movies
        (featuring a female Doctor), will be shown on Public Access in
        Seattle (Channel 29) on Saturday, July 1st at 7:00 pm

        Shame on all of you.  What am I talking about?  Here's a brief
        except from the "Seattle Weekly":
                Due to lack of interest, Pike Street Cinema will close in
                September, relocating to New York.  "New York's one of the
                few real cities left," says Nyback [the owner], "I've given
                up on Seattle.  It's a sad state of affairs...a city of
                followers not leaders."  New York will hopefully draw more
                viewers to films like the dangerous "Chest Surgery in the
                United Kingdom, Army Medicine in Vietnam" [...] and the
                perplexing "Four Guys Discussing the Shape of a Beer

        I hope nobody's upset that I forgot to mention the Kiss convention
        that was at Seattle Center last week.  Admission was $100, BTW.


        According to "The New York Times", British astronomers have
        determined that a gas cloud 10,000 light years distant contains
        "enough alcohol to make 400 trillion trillion pints of beer".

        Enjoying those Tick figures?  There's more to come.  New three-inch
        figures include Die Fledermaus, Captain Mucilage, Tick in a Tuxedo,
        Barry, Thrakkorzog, Tuun-LA, the Evil Midnight Bomber (what bombs
        midnight!), and the Human Ton with Handy the Hand Puppet.  New
        six-inch action figures include "twist and chop" American Maid,
        "propellerized" Skippy the Dog, and "sliming mucus" Tick.  There
        also be a "Rooftop Fortress Playset" and an 18-inch stuffed Tick



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                        ==>> INTERNET SNIPPETS <<==

[Rumors abound... by popular request, here's the latest- ]

" 'DR. WHO' IS IN FOR TELEPIC   by Jeff Kaye

" LONDON - BBC Worldwide Television has struck a deal with Universal
  Television to co-produce a two-hour TV movie based on the 1960s
  British time travel series 'Dr. Who,' BBC sources said Monday.

" The telefilm is slated to appear first on Fox Broadcasting in the
  United States and the BBC in the United Kingdom.  Tentatively
  budgeted at about $5.5 million, the telefilm will be well above
  the $3.2 million average for long-form projects on America's
  big three TV networks.

" BBC Worldwide, the international and commercial arm of Great 
  Britain's giant public broadcaster, will handle worldwide sales
  of the movie, while Universal will hold North American rights.

" Bent on exploiting the commercial value of its assets to the full,
  the BBC has been holding discussions for some time about making
  a film of the classic sci-fi series, which remains a deeply
  entrenched part of British culture.  'Dr. Who' became a cult hit
  when syndicated in the U.S. during the 1970s.

" The revival project is at an early stage and no decisions have
  been made about casting or where the film will be shot, the 
  BBC said.

" Both Fox and the BBC's domestic service have approved the storyline
  for the movie and screenwriter Matthew Jacobs ('Paper House,'
  'Lassie') has been assigned to write the script, which is expected
  to be completed in a few months.

" Production details will be decided once Fox and the BBC approve the
  script, the BBC said.

" 'It is a distinct privilege to have an opportunity to breathe life
  into the Good Doctor once more,' said executive producer Philip Segal.
  'He is a true hero in the classic sense of the word.' "

This much-awaited BBC release confirms the news released so far on
the Net.  We shall keep you posted as new developments occur.  We
think fans will be very pleased by some of the decisions taken in
the new script.

For DOCTOR WHO   Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier
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                        ==>> E-ZINE EXTRACTS <<==

>From melinda@badger.idiscover.co.uk Fri Jun 23 18:56:22 1995

                        B R I T C O M E D Y  D I G E S T

VOL. I                    ==> RIK MAYALL FUN FEST <==            JUNE 1995
No. 13                    our pants are all custardy!

A monthly electronic newsletter on British comedies.

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Among Her Majesty's birthday honors this year was Harry Rodger Webb,
otherwise known as Cliff Richard. Surprisingly, the 54 year-old
rock-n-roller is not the first in the industry to be knighted: Bob Geldof
was bestowed the honor after his fundraising efforts for famine victims in


SelecTV--a combination of three companies including WitzEnd Productions and
Alamo TV--hit the airwaves June 1. The channel will show a mixture of
comedy and drama; some of the Britcoms include "Birds of a Feather,"
"Lovejoy," and "The New Statesman" - yes, Alan B'stard will appear on the
opening night of the new channel which will run from 1700 to midnight
weekdays and 1200 to midnight weekends.

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Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (June 28), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

        Have I Got News For You

        Glam Metal Detectives: Episode 4

        Murder Most Horrid

        Absolutely Fabulous: Season 3, Episode 5

        Waiting for God: Season 5(?), Episode 1

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   during shipping, offer void where prohibited, batteries not included,
   your milage may vary, not to be taken internally, if a rash develops
   consult your physician]

Coming in the near future: the FINAL episode of "Absolutely Fabulous", and
new seasons of "Goodnight Sweetheart" and "Brittas Empire".

The next Rusting Tardis Social falls on July 4th.  Since that is a holiday,
the social will go residential with a special event.  Jim and Julia Taylor
will be hosting a get-together at their home in Mountlake Terrace.  On the
agenda is "1776" and the massively-extended Criterion laserdisc version of
"This is Spinal Tap".  It starts in the afternoon, and it's B.Y.O.F.A.D.
(bring your own food and drink).  Call 775-3858 for details (and also so
know how many people to expect).

See you on Wednesday.

                        "They rounded the corner, and saw, in the
                         firelight, a sight which chilled the very blood in
                         their veins.  It seemed to coagulate the very
                         corpuscles in their arteries."
                                --"Beyond Time", John E. Muller (actually
                                  Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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