=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#19-A, 07/25/95)

>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 


Hi, folks, Dictator-For-Life Ryan K. Johnson here, filling in for a 
vacationing Jeff Stout.  The reason you didn't get a newsletter two weeks 
ago was Eskimo North, our mutual internet provider, was hacked over the 
4th of July weekend and was down nearly two weeks.  It's back now and so 
are we...

Not much news this time except to report my Spies In England (tm) tell me 
that the Philip Segal-produced version of "Doctor Who" (aka "The Amblin 
Doctor Who") will be delayed because the BBC inadvertently sold the rights 
to a *movie* version of "Doctor Who" to a separate company who are now 
suing the BBC claiming that Segal can't call his TV-movie pilot a "movie." 
 Pick, pick, pick.  This rumor is unconfirmed of course.

RED DWARF apparently will be going into production for the 7th season in
March of 1996.  Plans include a Christmas special that will run at the
end of '96.  Obviously it's too early to tell who'll be signed, whether
they find the ship, who's playing Holly, etc.


Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (July 26), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

        Have I Got News For You

        Glam Metal Detectives: Episode 6

        Murder Most Horrid

        Telly Addicts

        Steam Trek: The Moving Picture (British-made fan parody)

        Waiting for God: Season 5(?), Episode 2

  [reflects weight before cooking, some settling of contents may occur
   during shipping, offer void where prohibited, batteries not included,
   your milage may vary, not to be taken internally, if a rash develops
   consult your physician]

Coming in the near future: the new season of "Goodnight Sweetheart" with 
Nicholas Lyndhurst, and Robert Lindsay as "The Wimbledon Poisoner."

The next social will be August 1st at the Round Table Pizza.



Join us on Sunday, August 13th at Discovery Park in Seattle (by the Ranger 
station just inside the entrance) for a day of food, fun, and sunshine 
(*guaranteed nice weather!*).  Folks will begin gathering around 11 am, 
but you can drop by any time during the day until around 5 pm.  Bring your 
own everything.  No alcohol is allowing in Seattle Parks.  Look for us at 
the TARDIS Towel (tm).  Call Ryan if you have any questions.  
We're going to try and have as many original members of the club show up 
for this special anniversary picnic.  See you there!

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