=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#22, 09/11/95)

>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 

Well, this week I had time to go looking for news, and there wasn't very
out there to find.  So I dredged up something I'd been holding for just
a week.  Enjoy...

In this issue:

        Quick news items
        Excerpts from AOL chat with Dr. Who's Phillip Segal
        Adventures in Fandom: The "Red Dwarf Plot Inconsistencies Project"


Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

        Rumours are flying that there will be six "Dr. Who" TV movies a
        At this point that is only a wish on the part of (producer?)
        Segal if the ratings on the first one are good.

        In the "You'll Never See It In This Country" Department: Channel 4
        will be airing "Dyke TV", a late night mixture of short films,
        documentaries, and movies about lesbians, each Saturday in

        Kevin McDonald (formerly of "The Kids In the Hall") may be joining
        the cast of "Saturday Night Live", joining Mark McKinney and
        occasional contributor Bruce McCollough.  (Pardon my spelling, it's
        late and I'm tired.)

Local news:

        Ryan K. Johnson's first two female "Doctor Who" movies surface yet
        again on Public Access at 10am, Tuesday, September 12th (Channel 29
        in the Seattle area).  BTW, Ryan has a homepage specifically about
        the movies - check it out: http://www.eskimo.com/~rkj/doctor.html

        This Wednesday and Thursday at the Varsity, "Festival Hong Kong"
        features two films starring Jet Li: "The New Legend of Shaolin"
        (featuring an impressive child martial-arts actor) and "My Father
        a Hero".  Call 632-3131 for show times.


        Harry Hill, a British comedian, will be on Letterman sometime this
        week.  I don't know what his act is like, but he's done a few odd
        comic short films for (I think) the BBC.  (One will be shown at
        week's video meeting, BTW.)

        Several people have asked if Nick Park ("Creature Comforts", "The
        Wrong Trousers") has anything to do with those Texaco commercials.
        I still haven't heard anything.  (It's definitely his style, but it
        looks computer-animated to me.)  In the UK, there is a Levi's ad
        campaign also using the same style, but it is _not_ Nick Park.

        Another sign of the coming apocalypse: "Baywatch Barbie and Ken".
        (And is it just me, or when you see "Goddess of the Sun Barbie" do
        you too have a vision of Barbie standing high atop an Aztec pyramid
        brandishing a ceremonial knife while Ken lies in front of her
        strapped to a stone alter?)


Subject: Excerpts from AOL chat with Dr. Who's Phillip Segal

I've excerpted the excerpts for the sake of space.  Enjoy (what's left)!

From: cheer@isisph.com (Christopher D. Heer)

TomFODW: Will there be a regeneration from seventh to eigth Doctor?

Segal: Is it seven to eight or eight to nine or one to two?  [...]  There
will be a regeneration scene!

JeffSHall: Does that mean the 7th Dr. (McCoy) will make a brief cameo?

Segal: We have asked Sylvester McCoy to join us.  He has been told to keep
a secret.  Can you? :)

Saroz: Mr. Segal, have you chosen to use any of the old and popular 
monsters/villians, and do you plan to make changes to these 

Segal: We have to introduce the Doctor to an American audience.  We have
asked not to make the first story too dense.

TomFODW: When will you be able to announce who will play the new Doctor?

Segal: We will announce him closer to production.

SEVEN86: Who will be the companion?

Segal: Companion will be a she.  That is all I will say.

DoctorWho8: Is the production team going to use the BBC blueprints for the 

Segal: The TARDIS is and always will be a blue Police Box.  But you guys
help me out.  Should we age it or not?

(various discussion ensues as to whether or not the TARDIS ought to look a
bit weatherbeaten)

Segal: Yes, I did not like the feature film version.  Nore did I care for
Plastic version (Davison era).  I like the Troughton box, does anyone
remember the great light on top?

DoctorWho8: What is the console going to look like?

Segal: Let's wait and see.  I won't disappoint you.  [..]  I love the hat
stand, let's keep it.

DauphinTim: Are you planning to use any of the old writers?

Segal: I'm a huge Terrance Dicks fan, I have had lunch with him in London,
would love him to be involved.  We hope that can happen some time soon;
next movie.

[...someone asks about Gallifrey]

Segal: No, not in the first story.  Gallifrey is very expensive.  We will
go there in the first chapter.

TOMELORD: Why is the movie set in San Fransisco?  And is that the only

Segal: Sorry, I cannot talk about the story.  It would not be fair to those
who want to be surprised.

RAShade: Will you have the Doctor casually reflect on the old show's

Segal: Mythology is a fun part of the Who world.  Let's wait and see.

RAShade: Will the TARDIS simply fade or warp in and out in some new, flashy

Segal: We have not made effects decisions yet.  Sorry.

Segal: We will be rescoring the original theme.


Subject: Adventures in Fandom: The "Red Dwarf Plot Inconsistencies Project"

I pulled this off the net a few months ago, and it's an interesting example
of, well, I'll let you judge for yourself.  The original post is _much_
longer - every episode has _at least_ one inconsistency, and some have
several alternate explanations.  I've extracted some choice examples of
the project is all about.  Enjoy!

From: damone@ios.com (Michael N. Rusignuolo)

A loving look at everything that's not quite right with Red Dwarf.
Edited by Damone (damone@ios.com).
Editor's editor and head writer-person: El Skutto (mcintosh@wehi.edu.au).

These will be listed by season, by episode. Each inconsistency will be 
listed, and if a resolution exists for it, it will be included below it.

Waiting For God (1-4)
- In the illustration concerning the war between the Red Hats and the 
Blue Hats, both sides are shown wearing Red Hats.
        - This could have been in-fighting within the Red faction. The 
        vermilions versus the ambers. Kind of like Protestant groups.

Me^2 (1-6)
- The 'Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of your Death' door opens 
before Lister touches the panel.
        - The panel might be light-sensitive so that holograms could use 
        it, so Lister would not have to touch the panel.

Kryten (2-1)
- The heights of the crew of the Nova-5 are listed as: Anne (164 cm), Jane 
(161 cm), and Tracey (158 cm). Yet when they are in shot together, Tracey 
is noticeably taller than the others.

Thanks For The Memory (2-3)
- Both Lister and the Cat injure their left feet, yet the Cat has a cast 
on his right foot.
- 'Mr. Fat Bastard 2044': Is 2044 just a number, or a reference to a 
year? The year would conflict with times established in Stasis Leak (3-4).
        - Maybe it is the number of times Hollister scooped the title.
        - He may also be the 2044th Mr. Fat Bastard.

Marooned (3-2)
- When looking at 'Lolita', Rimmer says to keep page 61. Lister then 
tears out the *left* page, which would be page 60.
        - Since Lister doesn't turn the page, it is obviously a 
        non-standardly numbered book.

Camille (4-1)
- ASCII to hex for love would be 4C, 4F, 56, 45. The code Kryten says 
translates as 'theta, graphics-character, backspace, graphics-character'.

DNA (4-2)
- Kryten says all human cells have DNA. Not true. Mature red blood cells in

adult humans are hemoglobin-filled disk-shaped bags lacking their DNA 
        - This may have changed. Since Lister is the only one left, one of
        adventures might have caused a mutation to make this true, so when
        Kryten says that *all* humans have it, he is technically right. 

Meltdown (4-6)
- In some of the outdoor scenes, you can see Rimmer's breath. Holograms 
don't breathe.
        - If the program is sophisticated enough to reproduce a human 
        being, it is sophisticated enough to simulate breath condensation
        the air.

Holoship (5-1)
- Commander Binks refers to Cat as Felis sapiens, yet in The Last Day 
(3-6) Hudzen refers to Cat as Felix sapiens.
        - Hudzen was insane.

Terrorform (5-3)
- In all practical sense, Lister and Cat's typing is too perfect and does 
not match what is being typed.
        - They may not have been using a standard keyboard.


Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (September 13),
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

        "Waiting for God": Season 5(?), Episode 6

        1994 Christmas Night with the Stars, hosted by Fry & Laurie

        Harry Hill's Fruit Fancies: "The End"

        "Harry Enfield and Chums"

        "The Wimbledon Poisoner": Part 2 of 2, starring Robert Lindsay
        "Ghengis Cohen", "Nightingales").

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Coming in the near future (honest!): the new season of "Goodnight
with Nicholas Lyndhurst.

The next social is Tuesday September 19 at Jalisco Restaurant, on the west
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See you on Wednesday.

                        "Eric Fenn glanced at the screen and thought of the
                         Earth as a little, coloured, round pill, a pill
                         which somebody had sucked half the sugar coating
                         found the harsh-tasting chemical inside was not
                         pallitable and had therefore spat it out.  It had
                         been a good strong expectoration, thought Eric
                                --"The Last Astronaut", Pel Torro (actually
                                  Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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