=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#25, 10/24/95)

>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 

Another short-ish one this week, folks.  (This week's excuses: a week in
Austin and the Nine Inch Nails / David Bowie concert.)

In this issue:

	Quick news items
	Emerald City Androgums Halloween party
	Latest broadcast schedule for "Sherlock Holmes" on PBS
	Got a question for Magnus Magnusson?
	Visions '95 Update [excerpts]
	Upcoming SotRT events


Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

	Phillip Segal posted a message stating that production on the "Dr.
	Who" TV movie is now scheduled to start in November, with a May air
	date.  The reason is scheduling conflicts with some of the actors.

	Latest "Red Dwarf" rumour is that the seventh season is still on for
	filming in March/April '96, but it will be done on a closed set with
	no audience.  In June or July the episodes will be shown to a studio
	audience to record a laugh track.  There will be a staff of writers
	headed by Doug Naylor, Robert Llewellyn will write an episode or two,
	and Rob Grant will _not_ write.

	This year's "Comic Relief" (the folks who brought us "Torvill and
	Bean") has raised over 20 million pounds.

Local news:

	Halloween night will be a special night on KBTC (you know, our friends
	who bring us "Dr. Who", "EastEnders", and who would love to bring us
	"Red Dwarf" if Channel 9 didn't pay for exclusive rights...oops, don't
	get me started).  On the agenda is the "best" of "So Bad It's Good
	Theater" and "Edgar Allen Poe: Terror of the Soul".  Be sure to tune
	in - no doubt I'll be wearing a humiliating costume!

	Channel 9 is airing "Mr. Bean" on Monday nights.  Apparently the
	package consists of 13 episodes.  11 of these aired on HBO, but two
	episodes are new to the U.S. (including "Goodnight, Mr. Bean",
	mentioned here last time out).

	Next Thursday (November 2nd) at the Varsity, "Festival Hong Kong"
	features a new Tsui Hark film ("The Chinese Feast") and Hong Kong's
	answer to "Ernest", Stephen Chiau, in "Mad Monk".  Call 632-3131 for
	show times.


	Here's a "Brittas Empire" web site - "The Whitbury New Town Leisure
	Centre" can be found at: "http://www.dungeon.com/~clay/gordon4.html".

	There's a new Monty Python electronic newsletter/zine.  Check out
	"The Daily Llama" at "http://www.futron.com/hans/llama/llama.html".

	Uber-absurdity: The U.S. Ambassador to Canada recently visited Dick
	Assman's Petro-Canada station in Regina, citing his status as an
	"international celebrity."  Being a celebrity in Canada - it's just
	that simple.

	Movie review - "The Usual Suspects": Imagine if Brian dePalma rewrote
	"A Fish Called Wanda".  I mean that in a _good_ way.  Jeff-Bob says
	check it out.


Subject: Emerald City Androgums Halloween party

Real quick note here, y'all:  The Emerald City Androgums will be having 
fourth annual Who-loween party this Saturday, October 28, from 2:00  to
whenever.  It's at the home of Androgum David Baker, 14005 SE 42nd Pl.  in
Bellevue.  Bring something to eat for our traditional potluck feast,  and
costumes of any sort (but especially of the "Doctor Who" variety) are 
encouraged -- but you'll be welcome even if you're dressed as a college 
student or something equally mundane .  For videos, we'll definitely  be
showing "The Invasion," plus whatever else we can come up with (if you  got
something you want to share, bring it along!).

For more information, Laura and I will be at the next Rusting TARDIS 
and we hope to have flyers.  Or e-mail me back, or call the  Bakers at

--Eric Gjovaag, Head Chef, The Emerald City Androgums


Subject: Latest broadcast schedule for "Sherlock Holmes" on PBS

21 Dec 1995     Sherlock Holmes   The Dying Detective
28 Dec 1995     Sherlock Holmes   The Cardboard Box
 4 Jan 1996     Sherlock Holmes   The Three Gables
11 Jan 1996     Sherlock Holmes   The Red Circle
18 Jan 1996     Sherlock Holmes   The Golden Pince-Nez
25 Jan 1996     Sherlock Holmes   The Mazarin Stone


Subject: Got a question for Magnus Magnusson?
From: ec91@dial.pipex.com (mike plowman)

Magnus Magnusson is listed in the phone directory in Edinburgh (or was at
least). We read in an article that he refused to be ex-directory and got
number and phoned him up. He was amazingly couteous and didn't mind in the
least. He told us he got a lot of students phoning in the early hours,
and asking him obscure questions. Top bloke!!


Subject: Visions '95 Update [excerpts]
From: George Fergus 

Our 6th Annual Convention Dedicated to Unusual Television

Dates:      November 23-26, 1995
Location:   Chicago, Illinois
Hotel:      Hyatt Regency O'Hare (room rate: $73 per night) 708-696-1234
Note that basic membership prices go up $15 at the end of this month:
   3-day:   $60 until 10-31-95    $75 at the door
   2-day:   $50 until 10-31-95    $65 at the door
   1-day:   $40 until 10-31-95    $55 at the door

BLAKE'S SEVEN star Paul Darrow:
   Paul joins Gareth Thomas for their first appearance together at any
   American convention.

DOCTOR WHO authors Kate Orman and Paul Cornell:
   Kate is the author of 4 New Adventures books
   Paul is the author of 5 New Adventures books and 1 Missing Adventure

DOCTOR WHO documentarian Gary Shoefield, an independent producer who
   will be showing his movie "Doctor Who: 30 Years of Time Travel"

Multi-talented actor Brian Blessed is also coming to Visions '95.


We expect to be showing several new fan videos this year, including:

The complete 4-episode story of which we showed episode one last year,
continuing the adventures of the 7th Doctor and Ace.  Produced by a group
Maryland fans led by Jonathan Blum.  For more information e-mail

HORIZONS BEYOND: Rite of Destruction
Part one of the first 90-minute story in a projected new series about an
entirely different timelord than The Doctor, who has led a sheltered life
now faces danger, death and regeneration for the first time.
Produced by a group of suburban Chicago fans led by James Snyder.
For more information e-mail NyghtWyng@aol.com or AlterReal@aol.com.

HIGHLANDER II: The Quickening
This will be skewered in the fashion of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 as was
done last year with STAR TREK V.  Produced by Tony Case and starring Ryan
Johnson.  For more information on this and Ryan's
Doctor Who movies, see Ryan's web page at http://www.eskimo.com/~rkj/.
   Memberships, Dealers, Art Show: RobertM469@aol.com (Bob McLaughlin)
   General Sessions: vmaker@interaccess.com (Debi Smolinske)
   Autograph/Photograph Sessions: najaen@aol.com (Jeanna Bloom)
   Masquerade: Loredata@aol.com (Jennifer Adams Kelley)
   Fan Panels: ausfooty@aol.com (Lisa Albergo)
   Videotaping: mjthane@aol.com (Dave Thomas)
   Video Program: NBFJ35A@prodigy.com (Charlie Thomson)
   Fan Videos, E-mail List: fergus@areaplg2.corp.mot.com (George Fergus)
For a good time, visit http://www.xnet.com/~tardis/visions.html

from BABYLON 5:
   Michael O'Hare (Commander Sinclair)
   Mira Furlan (Ambassador Delenn)

   Brian Blessed

   Gareth Thomas (Blake)
   Paul Darrow (Avon)

   Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor)
   Sophie Aldred (Ace)
   Michael Craze (Ben)    [Michael and Anneke were in the last 3 Hartnell
   Anneke Wills (Polly)    stories and the first 6 Troughton stories]
   Kate Orman (author of 3 New Adventures books)
   Paul Cornell (author of 5 New Adventures books and 1 Missing Adventure)
   Gary Shoefield (documentary producer)
   Kim "Howard" Johnson (author of several books about the series)

   Norman Lovett (Holly the computer in series 1 & 2)
   Hattie Hayridge (Holly in series 3, 4 & 5)

   Michael Praed (Robin)
   Terry Walsh (stunt coordinator)

*Guests may cancel at any time due to conflicting professional commitments.
Send e-mail to fergus@areaplg2.corp.mot.com (George Fergus) to be removed
this mailing list or to get:
   a copy of our Rookie Guide to Conventions,
   a more complete credits list for Brian Blessed,
   a list of tapes you can order of events at previous Visions conventions,
   a copy of the information already sent out in Visions Updates #1 thru


Subject: Upcoming SotRT events

Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (October 25), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

	Goodnight Sweetheart: Series 2, episode 1

	Rik Mayall Presents: "Clair de Lune"

	Harry Enfield and Chums: Episode 1

	Bottom: Season 4(?), episode 2

  [reflects weight before cooking, some settling of contents may occur
   during shipping, offer void where prohibited, batteries not included,
   your milage may vary, not to be taken internally, do not fold spindle or
   mutilate, if a rash develops consult your physician, objects in mirror
   are closer than they appear, offer good at participating retailers,
   no warantee intended or implied, shipping and handling not included, no
   salesperson will call]

Coming soon: "Have I Got News for You" and the "missing" first episode of
"The Glam Metal Detectives".

The next social is Tuesday October 31 at Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave.
(in Seattle):

See you on Wednesday.

			"The space in which they found themselves at present
			 was a large open-looking chamber with a very high
			 ceiling.  It gave an impression of tragic grandeur
			 which would have reminded Vir of old Vienna, except
			 for the fact that he had never been there.
				--"Nemesis", Bron Fane (actually Robert
				  Lionel Fanthorpe)

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