=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#29, 01/08/96)

>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 

"Well, Jeffie, what did you learn this Chistmas?"

"Well, I learned that the Pacific Ocean is really really wide."

Yes, I'm back from my whirlwind tour of Hong Kong, China, and Japan.  Yes,
there is much to tell.  Much was seen, and even more was bought.  British
videos (in PAL format, of course) were not too difficult to find in Hong
Kong.  The _BIG_ find was "A Close Shave" (the sequel to "The Wrong
Trousers") on December 28th, only four days after it aired in the UK!  I'll
be showing it at the meeting this week (see the bottom of this message for
the full agenda).

And thanks to my trip, I have yet another good excuse for why this
newsletter is again a little lightweight, brit-wise.  Here's what we _do_

	Quick news items
	New Space Ghost episode schedule
	Upcoming SotRT events


Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

	Comedy Central claims to have canceled "Mystery Science Theater 3000"
	due to poor ratings.  However, given that the crew had supposedly
	already announced that this would be their last season _on Comedy
	Central_ [emphasis mine], the full story has yet to be told.  The
	final episode was taped in December and will air in March.  They are
	supposedly shopping around for another network.

Local news:

	January 26, 27, and 29 are part of a special pledge weekend on KBTC.
	Friday the 26th is a "Mystery" marathon.  Saturday the 27th is an
	"EastEnders" / "Doctor Who" / "Blake's 7" marathon.  And Monday the
	29th is a repeat of Saturday's "Doctor Who" and "Blake's 7"
	programming.  Yes, "Blake's 7" could be back depending on what kind
	of response it receives.  Pledge-$$$-wise, that is.  The "Doctor Who"
	shown will be the only-recently-released to the U.S. first episode of
	"Invasion of the Dinosaurs" followed by the remainder (in movie
	format).  Haven't you ever wondered how the Doctor and Sarah find
	themselves under arrest in the back of a jeep at the beginning?
	Well, what you thought was episode one was really episode two.  Tune
	in and all will be revealed.  After this weekend, "Doctor Who" will
	return episodic format, with two episodes every Saturday (repeated on
	Monday).  Pledge early, pledge often.

	The next meeting of the Emerald City Androgums is January 20th.
	There will be fliers at the next video meeting.

	Ryan K. Johnson's "Doctor Who" videos, one of Public Access' most
	durable reruns, will appear once again on Channel 29 on Tuesday,
	January 9 at 10:30.

	Rumour has it that the Varsity will soon become a first-run theatre.


	Here's a potentially unique TV experience: A weekly half-hour "news"
	programme produced in association with "The Weekly World News".
	"So what?" you say?  Well, it's anchored by Edwin Newman.  It airs
	on USA Saturdays at 10:30pm.  (It started last week, but I forgot to
	watch it.)


Subject: New Space Ghost episode schedule

Here's the latest schedule for new episodes of "Space Ghost


02/02/96  #19 "Explode"				Terry Jones, Glen Phillips
02/09/96  #20 "$20.01: A Space Ghost Episode"	Penn & Teller, Joel Hodgson
02/14/96  #21 "Lovesick"			Carrot Top, Star Lady
02/23/96  #22 "Transcript"			Jonathan Richman
03/02/96  #23 "Tribute"				Thurston Moore, Mike Watt
03/09/96  #24 "Expert"				Michael Norman, Bill Nye


Subject: Upcoming SotRT events

Currently planned for the next Rusting Tardis video night (January 10), at
Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE (in Seattle):

	Wallace and Grommit in "A Close Shave"  (A must see!)

	Doctor Who: Behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the
	regeneration scene from "Caves of Androzani" (apparently someone had
	a camera running the whole time - you get to see them positioning
	Peter Davison and Colin Baker, doing the takes, etc.)

	Goodnight Sweetheart: Series 2, episode 5

	Fist of Fun: Episode 1  (A great comedy sketch show with many jokes
	flashed on the screen so quickly that it's impossible to get them all
	without freeze-frame)

	Jack and Jeremy's Police 4  (A parody of real-life-police-info-docu-

	Beachy Head  (A short comedy(?) about suicide)

  [reflects weight before cooking, some settling of contents may occur
   during shipping, offer void where prohibited, batteries not included,
   your milage may vary, not to be taken internally, do not fold spindle or
   mutilate, if a rash develops consult your physician, objects in mirror
   are closer than they appear, offer good at participating retailers,
   legal tender for all debts public and private, no warantee intended or
   implied, for novelty purposes only, shipping and handling not included,
   salesperson will call, do not use while operating heavy machinery,
   intended only to relieve muscular tension]

Coming soon: The latest season of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie", and "Downtime"
(a Doctor-less Yeti story).

The next social is Tuesday January 16, at the Boston Market in the Oaktree
complex on Aurora at 100th (in Seattle), at the former site of the Happy
Belly greek hamburger joint.  Although I missed the last social, Jim Taylor
informs me:

	"The current silliness-du-jour is Baconization challenges or
	variations thereof (linking two actors together in the fewest steps
	by movies they or their co-cast are in). So bring your challenges
	(plus the answer!) to the next social."

(Personally, I like the ones with very few steps.  For example, Basil
Rathbone to Mothra in two steps (i.e. three movies).)

See you on Wednesday.

			"He looked down inside his mind introspectively."
				--"The Watching World", Robert Lionel

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