=-=-=-=-= Society of the Rusting TARDIS Newsletter (#36, 04/22/96)

>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 

Sorry, but it's another bare-bones newsletter.  I should get my life back
after Anglicon.  And later this week I'll probably post some highlights
from the panel and video schedules to entice those of you who haven't
registered yet (and cannot access our web page).

On tap this time:
	Quick news items
	ANGLICON 9 in Seattle, 5/3/96 - 5/5/96 (Current info)
	Upcoming SotRT events


Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

	The new "Doctor Who" TV movie (now apparently "officially" a pilot)
	airs on Fox May 14.  (That is a Rusting TARDIS social night, and
	we'll being going residential - see the schedule of events below
	for preliminary details.)

Local news:

	Anglicon 9.  (Need I say more?)


	Here are a couple of Mr. Bean web pages:

	Obligatory pat-on-the-back-department: For nearly half-a-year I've
	been saying that Commander Cisco's girlfriend on "Deep Space 9" is
	a shape-shifter.  It seemed obvious to me that we were at least
	_supposed_ to think so (and I don't even watch regularly).  And
	everyone just laughed.  And now I've seen the preview for this week's
	episode.  Well, here it comes: "Told'ya so."  (Or so it seems - I
	haven't seen the episode yet.)


Subject: ANGLICON 9 in Seattle, 5/3/96 - 5/5/96 (Current info)

			      ANGLICON 9

			    May 3-5, 1996
	 Quality Inn, 17101 Pacific Hwy S, SeaTac, Washington

		     This year's Guests of Honor:

	"Doctor Who" companion Polly, from the Troughton years

	Writer, "Highlander", "Quantum Leap", "Forever Knight"

		   Script Coordinator, "Highlander

Anglicon is the Northwest's premier British (and international) media
It is a celebration of all things British, but special attention is given
to media (television, film, books, etc).  The three-day convention

	Question-and-answer sessions and autograph sessions with the guests...
	art show...art & charity auction...panel discussions...movie
	previews...two video tracks with over 90 hours of British and
	Commonwealth video...dealers' room...dance and masquerade ball...
	casino...gaming...and much more!

Membership is $45.  Dealer tables and artist panels are also available. 
All prices are in U.S. funds.

Anglicon is a non-profit convention with all proceeds benefitting PBS
KBTC-TV, Tacoma, WA.

Anglicon would like to thank last year's guests, Nigel Bennett and Randy
Rogel, for making Anglicon 8 a success.

For info and updates:
	Call 206-789-BRIT
	Write to Anglicon, P.O. Box 75536, Seattle, WA 98125
	E-mail to tiktok@eskimo.com
	Visit our Web page: http://www.eskimo.com/~rkj/anglicon.html


Subject: Upcoming SotRT events

Apr 24: Video night     Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Apr 30: Social          Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
May 08: Video night     Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
May 14: Social          Home of Ryan K. Johnson [new "Doctor Who" viewing
                            night - directions in the next newsletter]

All events start at 7pm.

Currently planned for the next video night (April 24):

	A Bit of Fry and Laurie: An episode from the latest season

	Game On: Episode 4

	Laughter and Loathing: Stephen Fry plays Roman critic Juvenal, and
	Ian Hislop ("Private Eye", "Have I Got News for You") narrates

	Unbroadcastable "Have I Got News For You": An extra-long
	direct-to-video release

Coming real soon now: "The All New Alexei Sayle Show II"

See you on Wednesday.

			"Helen Powell kept her head and began working away
			 bravely at the gag.  She was glad that she had
			 washed her cardigan in soft, gentle soap flakes, in
			 accordance with the instruction on its ticket.  She
			 would not have fancied chewing her way through wool
			 that might have been flavoured with powerful
				--"Projection Infinity", Karl Zeigfreid
				  (a.k.a. Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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