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>>>  Items of interest to British media fans and Seattle-area residents, 
>>>  and whatever else I feel like spewing about.  You have been warned. 

My eskimo account was temporarily disabled this week.  Mail shouldn't have
bounced, but if it did, please resend it.  Who knows?  Eventually, I might
even reply.

And this week I'll be bringing some of my more interesting London
acquisitions to the meeting.  For those who care.

Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" will start running at this week's meeting.  See
below for details.

On tap this time:
	Quick news items
	Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere"
	Red Dwarf Season Seven
	Gallifrey '97 Update
	Upcoming SotRT events


Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

	Latest AbFab gossip: Jennifer Saunders said recently that Rosanne
	"is getting something together with Home Box Office, which is much
	smaller but far less uptight than the networks, so [an American
	version of AbFab] may yet happen."

	Hugh Laurie (well, his voice, anyway) is among the cast of "101

Local news:

	KBTC begins its December pledge drive Thanksgiving weekend.  Support
	them - they really need every dollar (unlike other stations that
	make more than a 10X return on investment from one "Red Dwarf"
	marathon and use that money for, um, something else, apparently.)
	Seriously, I don't humiliate myself down there just to satisfy some
	masochistic compulsion.  (That's just a happy side effect.  :-)

	Randy Rogel, Guest of Honor at Anglicon 8, will be appearing at the
	5th Avenue Musical Theatre Company in "Singin' in the Rain" (12/03 -
	12/22).  For info, call 206-625-1900, or check out


	"Father Ted" (which starts its Rusting TARDIS run this week) has an
	unofficial webpage that's worth checking out.  (Nobody will pick on
	you if you come to class prepared.)  It's at:

	Kudos to Robert Cook (cook@sos.net), who was the only person to
	correctly identify the "Elevator Killer" as Merv Griffin.
	Congratulations, Robert - your prize is, um, the knowledge that
	you're obviously better informed than most people.

	The soundtrack to the new Beavis and Butt-Head movie has a track by
	Engelbert Humperdinck titled "Lesbian Seagull".  The apocalypse
	draws nigh, my friends.


Subject: Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere"
From: onan@eskimo.com

[Note: This is an excerpt from a shameless play for new blood that I posted
on various Usenet groups.  --jeff]

"Neverwhere", a fantasy series written by Neil Gaiman and broadcast
in the UK, will begin showing this Wednesday (November 27) at the Society
the Rusting TARDIS video meeting Seattle.  I could try to describe it, but
I'll just quote from the ad copy:

	Situated beneath the familiar streets of London is a city without
	limits.  Its fiefdoms and baronies are inhabited by magicians and
	assassins, Rat Speakers and sewer people, and the myriad other
	tribes, gangs and individuals who gather at the Floating Market.

And there are plenty of in-jokes for those who know their London Tube map.

(Gratuitous name dropping: In addition to being written by Neil Gaiman, the
series was developed from an idea by Neil Gaiman and Lenny Henry, the
are by Dave McKean, and the music is by Brian Eno.)


Subject: Red Dwarf Season Seven
From: Britcomedy Digest 

Working titles and writers are filtering out for the highly anticipated new
season of "Red Dwarf," which will be coming in the spring on BBC1.

Included are "Tikka to Ride" by Doug Naylor, "Natural Born Rimmers" by Paul
Alexander and Doug Naylor, "Ouroboros" by Doug Naylor, "Duct Soup" by Doug
Naylor, "Heartache" by sometime Lenny Henry collaborator Kim Fuller,
a Joke" by Robert Llewellyn and Doug Naylor, "Epideme" by Paul Alexander
Doug Naylor, and finally "Nanarchy" by Paul Alexander, James Hendrie, and
Doug Naylor.

In casting news, Chloe Annette will play a new character named Kristine
Kochanski, Norman Lovett will return as Holly, and Chris Barrie will play
Rimmer only in four of the eight episodes.  Rumours are circulating,
that he is interested in returning for an eighth series.

Britcomedy Digest (ISSN 1077-6680) Copyright (c) 1995, 96 by Melinda
Reproduction for personal and non-profit use is permitted only if this
copyright notice is retained. Any other reproduction is prohibited without


Subject: Gallifrey '97 Update
From: GallyOne@aol.com

Gallifrey '97: Gallifrey One Across the Eighth Dimension, the American West
Coast's Eighth Annual DOCTOR WHO and Science Fiction Media Convention, is
only a few months away.  The convention takes place February 14-16, 1997,
the Best Western Airtel Plaza Hotel, Van Nuys, CA, just north of Los
in the heart of the San Fernando Valley.  Gallifrey '97 is a presentation
Gallifrey Conventions and the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles.

Confirmed guests as of November 22 (with new arrivals!) include:

PHILIP SEGAL: Producer of the FOX Dr. Who Movie
J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI: Creator/exec producer, Babylon 5
MICHAEL CRAZE: Ben Jackson, Dr. Who (Troughton era companion)
ANNEKE WILLS: Polly Wright, Dr. Who (Troughton era companion)
ED WASSER: Morden, Babylon 5 (the Shadows' human liaison)
JULIE CAITLIN BROWN: Na'Toth, Babylon 5 (first season Narn aide)
JOHN LEVENE: Sgt. Benton, Dr. Who (Pertwee era UNIT member)
SPICE WILLIAMS: Vixis, Star Trek V / Actress-stuntwoman
DAVID McINTEE: Dr. Who New & Missing Adventures novelist
MATTHEW JACOBS: Screenwriter, FOX Dr. Who Movie
JEAN-MARC & RANDY LOFFICIER: Authors; "Nth Degree," "Who Program Guide"
ERIC HOFFMAN: Film historian
LARRY STEWART: Canadian artist, historian, comedian

Plus, many, many more local and long-distance guests to be announced

Events and features include:
* Dealers' Room (tables already sold out) and stellar Art Show
* Fully-stocked Video Room
* Hospitality Suite
* Fan panels such as "Doctor Who: Where Do We Go From Here?", "What's All
This With the X-Files Clones," "Larry Stewart on... the Third Age of
Mankind," "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about the Internet, the
and Doctor Who Fandom Therein," "You're Taroting Us Apart: The Sequel" and
much more!
* Two game shows: Prydonian Prevaricators Guild and Win, Lose or Regenerate
* Ben And Polly's Swingin' Sixties Valentine's Day Dance
* Hall costume day on Saturday, with awards
* Weekend-long "Who Killed Doctor Who" living-theater Murder Mystery
* The "Create Your Own Doctor Who New Adventure" Workshop with David
McIntee's insight on how to write your own Who novel
* Vegas In Space: the Friday night Monte Carlo Night
* The Ice Cream Anti-Social, hosted by the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles
* Our Guest of Honor Brunch Banquet (already confirmed: Craze, Levene,
and Brown)
* Charity Benefit Auction (target charity to be announced)
* The return of the Gallifrey Coffee House, the popular performance art &
song session
* The eighth annual "Greatest Show in the Galaxy" Cabaret, once again
by John Levene
* Sunday afternoon Banzai High Tea

Plus more panels, autograph sessions, workshops, and all of the events
come to expect from the continuing event that both the Prydonians of
Prynceton (the U.S.A.'s largest fan-run Who organization) and the Friends
Doctor Who (America's national Doctor Who fan club) called the BEST
CONVENTION of 1995 (for our sixth year).  

Memberships are $40 to January 15, 1996 or $45 at the door, which includes
all events and activities throughout the weekend (except for the Guest
Banquet on Sunday, which is an additional $20 for the meal).  Hotel rates
the Airtel Plaza Hotel are $85 single-through-quad occupancy (does not
include 14% L.A. room tax).

For more information (such as, to be added to our regular mail mailing list
or to get answers to specific questions) contact Gallifrey Conventions at
P.O. Box 3021, North Hollywood, CA  91609 U.S.A. or call U.S. telephone
752-9656.  Or, write to email address: GalleyOne@aol.com or visit our



Subject: Upcoming SotRT events

Nov 27: Video night     Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Dec 03: Social          Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Dec 11: Video night     Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Dec 17: Social          Azteca, 543 NE Northgate Way, Seattle

All events start at 7pm unless noted.

Currently planned for the next video night (Nov 27):

	Neverwhere: Episodes 1 & 2 (fantasy by Neil Gaiman)

	Father Ted: Episode 1 (comedy about three misfit priests exiled to a
	remote island)

	Goodnight Sweetheart: Series 3, episode 4 (time-travelling romantic

	The Long Johns (dizzying political satire)

	Dressing for Breakfast: Season 1, episode 2

Coming soon: "French and Saunders" and "Paul Merton in..."

See you on Wednesday.

			"The city slept.  Men slept.  Women slept.  Children
			 slept.  Dogs and Cats slept."
				--"Space March of the Robots", Leo Brett
				  (a.k.a. Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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