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Thanks (persumably) to Saturday's marathon on KBTC, there are several new
subscribers. Consider this an unfortunately impersonal "welcome".

On tap this time:
Quick news items
New "South Park" episodes
Upcoming SotRT events

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Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

The John Woo produced "The Replacement Killers" is due out next month
(featuring the Hollywood debut of Chow Yun-Fat!). Woo's next project
is a pilot for the USA Network titled "Blackjack", starring Dolph
"He-Man" Lundgren.

Robert Lindsey's stint as Fagin (in "Oliver!" at the London
Palladium) has come to an end. (Did I mention I had front row seats
on his opening night, and met him backstage afterward? I did? Oh,
nevermind.) Taking over the role is Barry Humphries (better known as
Dame Edna Everage).

Rugrats (which seems to be bigger in the UK than here, actually) will
star in their own film (due out at Christmas). Rumour has it several
musicians contributing to the soundtrack, including Mark
Mothersbaugh, Beck, Jakob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Patti Smith, Iggy
Pop, and Lisa Loeb, will appear in a Mothersbaugh-penned production
number called "This World Is Something Strange To Me", as newborn
babies. (Darn - no sign of Lou Reed.)

"The Full Monty" is now the highest grossing film of 1997 in Britain,
with a total UK take of $66.3 million. In October, the film overtook
Four Weddings and a Funeral to become the highest-grossing
British-made film ever in the UK. "The Full Monty" stars Robert
Carlyle ("Trainspotting") who starred in the BBC drama "Hamish
Macbeth" (which will appear at future Rusting TARDIS video meeting).

Channel 4 currently is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a bunch
of specials and retrospectives.

David Jason ("Only Fools and Horses") will play an evil Mafia boss in
a film shot in Chicago titled "Windy City".

Local news:

The semi-annual KBTC "Doctor Who"/"EastEnders" marathon was quite a
success. "EastEnders" met its $9000 goal with a whole three minutes
to spare. "Doctor Who"/"Star Cops"/"Neverwhere" raised its $15,000
with one break to spare (so there were no pre-recorded spots aired on

KBTC has already started airing "Star Cops", and when it ends in
March, current plans call for it to be replaced by "Neverwhere".
These two series will alternate for the forseeable future.

It was previously announced that KBTC would be airing "Monty Python's
Flying Circus". Unfortunately, when Channel 9 learned of this, they
suddenly decided they not only wanted to air it too, they wanted
exclusive rights to PREVENT KBTC FROM AIRING IT. Yes, that's your
Channel 9 pledge dollars at work. If you don't like it, give them
a call. (And while you're at it, ask if they'll ever allow KBTC to
air "Red Dwarf".)


Well, "Spiceworld" is out. And based on what I've heard, I will be
seeing it. At last, something so shameful I'll be able to forget
about seeing A Flock of Seagulls at the Ballard Firehouse a few years

And last time I mentioned that "Spiceworld" was written by Jennifer
Saunders. Apparently this was due to a brain spasm on my part, but I
swear I read something somewhere about her working on the script.
Well, even without her there's plenty of Brit cameos to entertain.

Tired of "reality-based television? From December 21st: "10:15 The
Lily Savage Show, gs: Gayle Tuesday". Yes, a man pretending to be a
woman, and a talented woman pretending to be a page-three girl.

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Subject: New "South Park" episodes

February will feature a new "South Park" episode every week. The current

#108 "Damien" Jesus and Satan fight on Pay-Per-View, Cartman has a

#111 "Tom's Rhinoplasty" A substitute teacher gets between Stan and Wendy's

#112 "Mecha Streisand" The boys find a prehistoric relic that spawns a
monster that threatens to destroy the world

#113 "Cliffhanger" When Cartman begins acting strange, a guidance
counsler suggests finding his father

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Subject: Upcoming SotRT events

Jan 28, 6:30: Video night Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Feb 03, 7:00: Social Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Feb 11, 6:30: Video night Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Feb 17, 7:00: Social Pomodoro, 2366 Eastlake Ave. E, Seattle

Currently planned for the next video night (January 28th):

Episode 3
(The man behind "The Day Today" returns in a news parody so vicious
and over-the-top Channel 4 initially refused to air it)

Episode 3 - "The Absentee Landlord"
(Documentary comedy - Jonathan Meades is back, and he's still
dancing about architecture)

Episode 2 - "A Death in the Family"
(Time-travelling police drama starring actors you may know better as
Kochanski and David Wicks)

(Probably the rudest celebrity ambush show you will ever see)

Series 9, Episode 9
(Satirical current-events game show)

Series 2, Episode 6 - "Bruce Willis & Robert DeNiro Holding a Fish"
(Charmingly rude 20-something sitcom)

Coming soon: More of the above.

See you on Wednesday.

"The city slept. Men slept. Women slept. Children
slept. Dogs and Cats slept."
--"March of the Robots", Leo Brett (a.k.a.
Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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