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Welcome to the SotRT newsletter - with 142 readers in 5 countries!

It's time for the annual Rusting TARDIS "Christmas in August".

One of the reasons the last newsletter was so disturbingly early was that I
spent that week hanging out in California at, among other places, the San
Diego ComicCon. Some of what I heard and saw is included in a special
section below.

On tap this time:
Quick news items
Jeff's San Diego ComicCon Notes
Upcoming SotRT events

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Subject: Quick news items

Sound bites:

Ryan K. Johnson announces his all-new British TV site at The Mining Co.
There are links, chat, and weekly articles to keep you updated on the
latest news and information about British television. Check it out at:
(Note: If you want more info about the programmes on the video agenda,
this is the place to go.)

The Hotel Odeon in Paris is offering a "Diana Tour": a personal
re-enactment of Princess Diana's last night alive. It starts with dinner
at the Ritz, a ride in a black Mercedes on the route she was chased by
paparazzi, to the tunnel where she crashed, and finally at the hospital
where she was pronounced dead.

In case you didn't already know, ABC is doing a version of "Whose Line
Is It Anyway?" with Drew Carey hosting.

The new season of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" began Aug. 7. Guests
include "Loveline's" Dr. Drew, Greta Van Susteren, radio's Gary Owens
(the original voice of Space Ghost), Michael Moore, Garrett Morris, Ben
Stiller, Jim Jarmusch and Kevin Smith.

Local news:

"Neverwhere" finally began its run on Channel 9 today (August 25th) at
10pm. (For those of you complaining about the delay, all I can say is
that, had KBTC been allowed to continue running it, it would have aired
long ago.)

CBC (a.k.a. channel 2 up in Canada) is currently showing the third series
of "Father Ted" Tuesdays at 8:30pm.


Saw "Blade" last weekend. Udo Kier is wasted as the "head" vampire.
Except for anything involving fluids, the special effects are pretty
good. All in all harmless fun, and the opening fight is better than any
action I've seen in an American film in a long time.

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Subject: Jeff's San Diego ComicCon Notes

I finally got that Jill Thompson sketch I'd been wanting for years, as well
as issue #2 of "Asthma Explorers" and issue #1 of "Super Heroes Battle Super
Gorillas". And lots of cool Evan Dorkin art. But you don't care about that -
you want to hear the gossip...

I saw the Greta Van Susteren episode of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast"
(mentioned above, and written by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer), and in
addition to being the most plot-heavy SGC2C I've seen, it features two
suprise "villians".

Plans are that Brak, break-out superstar of "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" will
get his own series, "Code Name Brak".

Kevin Smith's new film ("Dogma") is set to star Ben Afleck, that other guy he
stars with, Selma Hyack, a bunch of other people, and Emma Thompson as God.

"Speed Racer 2000" (a.k.a. "Speed Racer Y2K") is here, and if you've been
waiting for Speed to take on villians that look like they escaped from
"Dragonball", prepare to wet yourself with joy. The rest of us will just sit
in the back and vomit quietly.

I talked to Udo Kier, and he said that "Kingdom III" is planned for next
year. Also, one of the reasons his voice was dubbed in "Kingdom II" is that
he doesn't speak Danish.

Dave McKean screened his new film "The Week Before" - it is incredible, and
will show up soon at a Rusting TARDIS video night.

Yes, the rumours are true - San Diego's Museum of Death has opened a "Freak
Farm". Fans of "South Park" might be interested to know that it features a
(live) turkey with two asses.

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Subject: Upcoming SotRT events

Aug 26, 6:30: Video night Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Sep 01, 7:00: Social Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Sep 09, 6:30: Video night Round Table Pizza, 5111 25th Ave. NE, Seattle
Sep 15, 7:00: Social Aqua Verde, 1303 NE Boat St., Seattle

Currently planned for the next video night (Aug 26th):

Series 3, Episode 0 - "Are You Right There Father Ted?"
(Comedy about three misfit priests exiled to Craggy Island)

Christmas Special
(Bizarre comedy disguised as a celebrity game show)

Christmas Special
(Pop music quiz show hosted by "50's throwback" Mark Lamarr)

Christmas Special
(Cast-of-characters sketch comedy)

(Clever stop-motion/2D/cutout animated film)

Series 3, Episode 7
(The original rude-boys sitcom poorly copied by NBC)

Coming soon: New seasons of "Have I Got News For You" and "Rory Bremner".

See you on Wednesday.

"The city slept. Men slept. Women slept. Children
slept. Dogs and Cats slept."
--"March of the Robots", Leo Brett (a.k.a.
Robert Lionel Fanthorpe)

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