Frank Zaccenelli, Mark Aguirre, and Jim Cleamons met with Jamal Mashburn
and Jim Jackson yesterday to discuss the player's concerns and the trade

Zaccenelli: "Officially, they are both off the trading block.  I've never
confirmed that they were [on the trading block].  But I am comfirming now
that discussions with other teams, as it pertains to Jamal and Jimmy, are
over and that we are going to bond together with this group, finish the
season, try to build some cohesiveness, and make a run at the playoffs."

Zaccenelli: "They've both expressed their interest to be here and now they
can quit looking over their shoulders."

Jackson: "I take Frank's word to heart when he said I'll be here.  Frank
hasn't lied to me yet.  I don't see any reason why he would do that now."

As a result of the meeting, the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that
Cleamons will tighten his rotation a little with either Montross or Oliver
Miller receiving less minutes.

Patricia Bender
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