The Mavs suspended Chris Gatling for one game for insubordination.
Gatling walked out of practice Monday, still smarting from not playing in
the end of the New Jersey game (which the Mavs won).  Gatling did not play
in the Lakers game but (very strange and something I've never heard of
happening before) was in street clothes sitting on the bench amongst the
assistant coaches.

Jim Cleamons on the suspension: "We're not upset with Chris.  We're upset
with his actions.  It's just like when you discipline a child: You still
love your child; you're just upset at what they did at that particular

Chris Gatling: "I'm here on behalf of myself and the team, to be beside
them for a tough game.  I wanted to be probably one of the first players
ever suspended to come to a game to watch my team play.  I know what I did
was wrong.  I'm feeling some frustration, frustration from my teammates,
from my peers and friends.  There was only so much I could take.  I was
upset with myself, the way I've been playing and the team has been
playing.  I feel a lot of the team's problems because I'm one of the team

Gatling: "I'm a very emotional player and I know the way I handled the
situation wasn't right.  But I'm going to keep my head up and go on.  I
know I did something wrong, and I'm admitting to that.  I made a mistake,
but I thought the best situation at the time was to leave practice and not
take it any further than that."

Oliver Miller put on one of Gatling's headbands (which has the #25 on it)
between the shoot-around and the national anthem and wore it on his arm
during the game.

Patricia Bender
Not affiliated with or representing anyone besides myself.