Dallas Mavericks at Charlotte Hornets  (January 2)

George McCloud did not play due to a right hip flexor.
Dallas opened the game with an 8-2 run over the first 2 minutes.
Charlotte then scored the next 4 points.  Dallas led 8-6 with 9:03 left.  
The game stayed close the rest of the quarter.  Dallas led 19-16 with 3:40
left on a 3-pointer from Jim Jackson and 27-25 after 1.  Jackson had 11 
points on 5-5 FG and Sam Cassell had 6 points.  Glen Rice had 11 points 
and Muggsy Bogues had 6 points.  Dallas shot 60% FG and Charlotte shot 55%
Charlotte opened the 2nd quarter by scoring the first 7 points, capped by
a 3-pointer from Anthony Goldwire.  Charlotte led 32-27 with 10:27 left.
Dallas scored 3 points and then Cassell collected a T for complaining.
Rice made the T and Charlotte hit on two 3-pointers to go up 39-30 with
7:39 left.  Dallas only shot 1-5 FG while Charlotte shot 5-6 FG thus far.
Chris Gatling collected his 3rd foul with 5:45 remaining and Charlotte up
41-34.  Charlotte slowly built their lead up to 12 at 54-42 with 1:15
left.  Cassell hit a 3-pointer a short bit later.  With the quarter 
running down, Charlotte missed, the rebound was tapped out, and A.C. 
Green picked up the loose ball and launched the running heave from 60 feet
and swished it at the buzzer (well, slightly after the buzzer, but it 
counted).  Charlotte led 54-48 at the half.  Charlotte shot 49% FG and 8-8
FT and Dallas shot 54% FG and 3-7 FT.  Rice had 20 points, Goldwire had 10
points, and Bogues had 8 points.  Cassell had 13 points and Jackson had 11
As usual for the Mavs, Dallas started the 3rd quarter very flat.  Dallas
only scored 6 points over the first 6 minutes and Charlotte led 68-54 with
6:10 left as Vlade Divac scored 6 points.  Dallas wasn't able to cut into
Charlotte's led as the as the teams traded baskets over the next 2:20.
Charlotte actually added a point as they hit a 3-pointers.  Charlotte
led 77-62 with 3:21 left.  Charlotte then scored the next 7 points to go
up 84-62 with 2 minutes remaining.  Dallas out-scored Charlotte 8-3 over
the last 2 minutes.  Charlotte led 87-70 after 3.  Rice scored 12 points
in the quarter.
Charlotte led 91-74 with 9:40 to go.  Dallas started to turn the game
around when Gatling fed Michael Finley for the flying one hand power jam
over Divac wih 9:25.  Including the jam, Dallas went on a 9-1 run with 5
points from Gatling.  Charlotte led 92-83 with 7:06 left.  The teams
traded two points and Rice converted a 3-point play to give Charlotte a 
97-85 lead with 6:19 remaining.  Both teams went dry over a minute.  
Jackson hit a 10-footer and Dell Curry hit a 9-footer with 3:40 
remaining.  Jackson hit a 10-footer and 30 seconds later Jackson fed 
Gatling off the inbounds under the basket for the layup*.  Charlotte led 
99-91 with 2:50 remaining.  Bogues missed a shot and Gatling turned the 
ball over.  Rice hit a 15-foot fade away with 1:30 to go.  Jackson drove 
for 2 and then Bogues drove for 2 with a minute left to put Charlotte up 
103-93.  Finley hit a 3-pointer with 55 seconds left.  The Mavs wasted 
20 seconds before they fouled Curry who hit both free throws with 28 
seconds remaining.  For some reason, the Mavs tried to feed the ball 
inside instead of shooting a 3-pointer.  Oliver Miller was fouled and 
hit 1-2 free throws.  Divac closed the scoring by hitting 2 free throws.
Charlotte 107, Dallas 97.

*Prior to the layup, the Mavs were running and Jackson was brining up the
ball.  Gatling got free behind the defense near the basket but Jackson
attempted the 12-footer.  Jackson's shot missed and Charlotte tipped the
rebound out of bounds.  Gatling was very upset and went to get in
Jackson's face.  Green stepped in and a timeout was called (don't know 
if the timeout was called purely to set up a play or to calm the players 
down).  Jackson then inbounded the ball to Gatling for the layup.  The 
next time down the court, Jackson had a (not completely open) shot but 
decided to pass the ball instead.

The Mavs were terrible at the free throw line missing 13 freebies (14-27).
Chris Gatling finished with 22 points including 9-14 FG and 13 rebounds 
but missed 4 of his last 5 shots.  Jim Jackson had 22 points on 10-16 FG 
and 5 rebounds.  Glen Rice led all players with 37 points including 12-15
FT and Anthony Mason had a solid game with 14 points on 7-11 FG, 9
rebounds, and 6 assists.

Dave Cowens: "Glen [Rice] just feels like he wants to step it up and he 
wants to contribute more, and we need to use him more."

Glen Rice: "I haven't been going out and playing as aggressive as I 
possibly can.  I've always realized in the past that when I go out and 
try to pick it up on the defensive end, it really gets me more involved in
the game.  That's something I'm trying to do."

Rice: "I am trying to go out and play aggressively, go strong to the
basket, and do what is best for the team.  I have always been a good 
rebounder, so that helps along with my scoring points.  My teammates are 
a big help when it comes to looking for me on offense."

Muggsy Bogues: "We are starting to play well together as a team.  We have
been up and down all season long, but for the most part we have been 
winning games.  These guys see that if we put forth an effort for 48 
minutes, we can get a win."

Jim Cleamons: "We looked like a team that has been together a couple of
days during that stretch [in the 3rd quarter].  We really couldn't find a
flow and rhythm to play."

Cleamons: "We didn't do ourselves any favors tonight.  We dug ourselves a
hole.  We can only learn from this."

Jamal Mashburn: "I've got to take care of things in practice.  I've been
practicing really well.  One game's not going to stop me from practicing
well. I'm still trying to feel my way back."

Mashburn: "I shot the ball poorly.  It's nothing physical.  We have a lot
of new faces.  We're just learning to work together."

Mashburn: "We haven't played that much together.  It's difficult.  I think
we're a little better off than we were before [the trade].  I think
everyone's more focused and into just playing the game and winning."

Jim Jackson: "We had our chances tonight.  You have to give credit to 
Glen Rice, Dell Curry, and Anthony Mason.  The way they were shooting
tonight, you have to do everything perfect to beat them."

Jackson regarding the trade rumors: "This is a different kind of
business, in that things like this happen all the time.  I mean, they're
not obligated to say anything.  But I think the relationship I've
developed with the organization, maybe they owe me some explanation."

Dal-Cha boxscore

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