On Wednesday, the Mavs hosted a party at Six Flags for the season ticket
holders.  The team sent free tickets (including parking) to the ticket
holders and rented out the park (it was closed to the public) from 5:30 to
10:30.  All the players and coaches were there and about 6,000 fans showed
up.  It was a great time.  The players enjoyed the rides (those that they 
could fit into - Sasha Danilovic (6-6) barely squeezed himself into the 
Shockwave, so I'm sure the taller players exceeded the maximum height for 
that ride).  A.C. Green, Martin Muursepp, Robert Pack, Ed O'Bannon, and 
one other player did the crazy bungy swing [strapped by the chest and
legs and nothing else, lifted back to a large height, and then released to
swing in the open air] (my family enjoyed watching Green and Muursepp do

As expected, the Mavs did not sign Stevin Smith for the season.  The team
signed Stacey King to a 10-day contract - which will take him to the end
of the season.  Except for a 10-day'er with Boston, King spent the season
in the CBA where he averaged 13.7 points including 63.3% FG and 9.6
rebounds.  King, as you may recall, played with Chicago from 89 - 94
(thus the Cleamons connection).

Khalid Reeves is not expected to return to action this season - Cleamons'
doesn't want to risk re-injuring the strained tendon in Reeves' right

Kudo's to Robert Pack!  Not only does Pack sponsor a section of tickets in
Reunion, but he invites the group down to the floor area before the game
(about 6:40), comes out and talks to the group, passes out "Pack's Posse"
t-shirts, and signs autographs for them.

How slow is the Dallas offense running this season?  Through 78 games, the
team is averaging only 78.1 field goals attempted.  The Mavs' previous
season low was 83.3 in 89-90 (and even then the team averaged 102.2
points).  Again, you can blame the players some for their inability to
simply put the ball in the hole, but you have to put a lot of blame on
Cleamons' shoulders for insisting on a half court game (especially since
he has had players who like to run).

From the Mavs 92-93 team (which only won 11 games), only 4 of the 18 
players that played that season are still in the NBA - and none of the 14 
not in the league officially retired after that season or the next few 
(ie, not a mass turn around caused by the team having a bunch of old 
players retiring).  The 4 are Derek Harper, Jim Jackson (who joined the 
92-93 team in March), Sean Rooks, and Tim Legler (signed 3/2/93).  That's 
only 2 players that were on the opening day roster that are still in the 
league.  The 14 are Terry Davis, Doug Smith, Randy White, Mike Iuzzolino, 
Walter Bond, Dexter Cambridge, Brian Howard, Donald Hodge, Morlon Wiley, 
Radisav Curcic, Tracy Moore, Lamont Strothers, Walter Palmer, and Stephen 
Bardo.  [Moore was released by Houston mid-season and Bardo played a
little for Utah this season.]  

96-97 trivia  (through 78 games)
Here's some trivia from this season.  I'll send out the answers Wednesday.
1. Name the Mav who scored the most points in a game.
2. Name the opponent player who scored the most points in a game.
3. Name the Mav who had the most rebounds in a game.
4. Name the opponent player who had the most rebounds in a game.
5. Name the opponent player who had the most assists in a game.
   bonus: What was the most assists Kidd had in a game with Dallas 
          this season?
6. What player has started the most for Dallas this season?
7. Harper has played in the most games for Dallas.  Who are the two
   players that have played the second most games (they're tied)?
8. Name the 5 players who Dallas signed to 10-day contracts.
9. Name the Mav that converted a 4-point play.
10. Name the opponent player who set the opponent player record for
    3-pointers in a game and in a season.
11. Name the opponent player who had a triple-double against Dallas.
12. How many overtime games has Dallas played?
13. What was Dallas' high point total for a game?
14. What was the opponent's high point total for a game?
15. What was Dallas' low point total for a game?
16. What was the opponent's low point total for a game?
(for 13 - 16, if you don't want to deal with numbers, name the opponent
team that it occurred in.  Or give yourself double points if you know the
points and opponent)
And if you really want to challenge yourself, name all 27 players that
have played for Dallas this season (Kurt Thomas doesn't count).

Patricia Bender
Not affiliated with or representing anyone besides myself.