In a surprise move, Don Nelson named Keith Grant as director of player
personnel.  Grant, as you'll recall, resigned in August as vice president
of basketball operations after two months on the job.  The reason for his
resignation is believed to be the lack of control he was given to make
moves (it is commonly beleived that Grant would not have made the Montross
trade without lottery protection on our '97 pick, but he was over ruled).
Grant has been in contact with Nelson since Nelson was hired as GM and
says that the two get along really well.  Grant has been with the
Mavericks since the first season.  His jobs with the Mavs over the years
include equipment manager, scout, director of scouting, and director of
player personnel in 94-95 and 95-96.

In another move, Dallas gave head scout Ron Ekker a contract extension.

Patricia Bender
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