2000-01 Mavs Transactions

4/13 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $100,000 and suspended him for 1 game for 
     making an obscene gesture towards the refs during Wednesday's Dal-Pho
     game and his comments about the officiating after the game.
4/6 Dallas activated Mark Bryant and Donnell Harvey and placed Greg
    Buckner (dislocated left kneecap) and Obinna Ekezie (strained left
    Achilles) on IR.
4/4 Dallas signed Wang Zhizhi to a 1 year, minimum (prorated for 8
    games) with a 2nd year at the team's option.
3/28 Dallas placed Mark Bryant on IR with a sprained left thumb.
3/24 Dallas activated Obinna Ekezie and placed Donnell Harvey on IR
     with tendinitis in his right elbow.
3/21 Dallas placed Gary Trent on IR with a sprained left toe and
     activated Calvin Booth.
2/27 Dallas placed Obinna Ekezie on IR with a sprained left ankle.
2/23 Dallas placed Calvin Booth on IR with an injured left elbow.
2/22 TRADE: Dallas traded Christian Laettner, Courtney Alexander, Loy
     Vaught, Hubert Davis, Etan Thomas, and $3 million to Washington for 
     Juwan Howard, Calvin Booth, Obinna Ekezie.  Booth underwent surgery 
     on his left elbow on Monday to remove bone particles and will be out
     a month.  
2/22 Dallas activated Eduardo Najera and Donnell Harvey.
2/16 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $10,000 and suspended him for the next 2 
     games for entering the court at the end of Cleveland game.
1/25 Dallas activated Greg Buckner and placed Donnell Harvey on IR with 
     tendinitis in his right elbow.
1/11 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $100,000 for "decorum not becoming an NBA 
     owner" for sitting on the floor along the baseline during the
     Minnesota game.
1/4 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $250,000 for outbursts and actions
    concerning the refs following Wednesday's Detroit game.  Cuban had a
    freeze frame of a missed goaltending call that would have tied the 
    game with 12 seconds left placed on the JumboTron at after the game.
    It was an NBA record fine for an individual.
12/17 Dallas activated Gary Trent and placed Eduardo Najera on IR with a 
      strained right groin.
12/8 Dallas hired Woody Mayfield, a former NBA ref, as a consultant.
12/7 Dallas activated Donnell Harvey and placed Greg Buckner on IR with 
     a sprained right foot.
11/28 Dallas signed Mark Bryant and released Bill Curley.
11/22 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $25,000 for verbally abusing and
      publically criticizing the refs following Tuesday's Seattle game.
11/20 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $15,000 for confronting and verbally
      abusing the refs during and after the Phoenix game.
11/14 The NBA fined Mark Cuban $5,000 for comments he made concerning the 
      officiating after the Sacramento game.
10/30 Dallas placed Gary Trent (strained left adductor muscle), Etan 
      Thomas (turf toe), and Donnell Harvey (bruised elbow) on IR
10/27 Dallas released John Celestand.
10/21 Dallas released Ace Custis, Mike Jones, and Jamal Kendrick.
10/17 TRADE: Dallas traded Dana Barros and Ansu Sesay to Detroit for Loy 
      Vaught.  In a sign-and-trade, Sesay was first signed to a 3 year
      contract with only the first year guaranteed.  
10/11 Dallas signed John Celestand.
10/5 Dallas signed forward Ace Custis.
10/5 Dallas named Jarinn Akana as assistant to player development
     coach Kiki Vandeweghe.
10/2 Dallas released Terry Mills.
10/2 Dallas signed Mike Jones and Jamal Kendrick.
9/13 Dallas named Brett Brungandt as a strength and conditioning coach, 
     joining Chad Lewis with that position.
8/29 TRADE: Dallas traded Cedric Ceballos, John Wallace, and Eric Murdock 
     to Detroit for Christian Laettner and Terry Mills.  As a
     sign-and-trade, Mills had been signed to a 3 year, $4.725 million 
     contract with only the 1st year worth $1.4 million guaranteed.
8/16 TRADE: It's a complicated 4 team trade with a number of 
     sign-and-trades involved: Utah re-signed Howard Eisley, Utah 
     re-signed Adam Keefe, Dallas re-signed Bruno Sundov, and Boston 
     re-signed Danny Fortson and then Dallas traded Robert Pack, Bruno 
     Sundov, John Williams, and $3 million [basically Williams' salary as 
     he like is done playing due to injury] and received Howard Eisley,
     Dana Barros, and Bill Curley; Utah traded Howard Eisley, Adam Keefe,
     and a conditional 1st round draft pick and received Donyell Marshall 
     and Bruno Sundov; Boston traded Danny Fortson and Dana Barros and 
     received Robert Pack, John Williams, a conditional 1st round draft 
     pick, and $3 million; and Golden State traded Donyell Marshall and 
     Bill Curley and received Danny Fortson and Adam Keefe.
8/5 Dallas re-signed Greg Buckner to a 2 year, $2.3 million contract.  
    Buckner was signed using the $1.2 million exception.
8/1 Dallas re-signed Hubert Davis to a 4 year, $10 million contract.
8/1 Dallas re-signed Gary Trent to a 1 year, $2.4 million contract.
7/17 Dallas released Rodrick Rhodes.
7/11 Dallas named Rolando Blackman as an assistant coach.
7/8 Gar Heard was named as Atlanta's top assistant.  Heard had joined 
    the Mavs as an assistant March 15.
7/7 Dallas signed 1st round draft pick (#12) Etan Thomas to a 3 year,
    $4,479,120 contract with a 4th year at the team's option worth 
7/7 Dallas signed 2nd round draft pick (#38) Edurado Najera to a 1 year,
    minimum contract with a 2nd year at the team's option.
7/7 The NBA fined Dallas $50,000 for violating league rules regarding 
    the tryouts of draft prospects.  The Mavs had prospects participate 
    in 5-on-5 scrimmage.  League rules do not allow teams to have more 
    than 4 prospects on the court at the same time and prospects can not
    compete against veterans.
7/6 Dallas signed 1st round draft pick (#13) Courtney Alexander to a 3 
    year, $4,255,080 contract with a 4th year worth $2,168,193 at the
    team's option.
7/1 Gary Trent opted-out of his contract and is a free agent.
7/1 Mavs assistant Scott Roth has taken an assistant job with Vancouver.
    Roth has been a Mav assistant for 3 seasons.
6/28 With the #12 draft pick, Dallas selected Etan Thomas.
6/28 TRADE: Orlando traded the rights to #13 Courtney Alexander to
     Dallas for the rights to #31, Dallas' lottery protected 2001 1st 
     round pick, and $3 million.
6/28 TRADE: New York traded the rights to #22 Donnell Harvey and John
     Wallace to Dallas for Erick Strickland and the rights to #58 Pete 
6/28 TRADE: The LA Clippers traded Eric Murdock and the rights to #31
     (which they received in a trade with Orlando) to Dallas for Sean 
6/28 TRADE: Dallas traded the rights to #31 Dan Langhi to Houston for
     the rights to #38 Eduardo Najera and a 2nd round draft pick in 2001.
6/14 Dallas named Greg Dreiling, Scott Lloyd, Spud Webb, and Morlon 
     Wiley as greeters.
6/12 Derek Harper resigned as vice president of business relations.
6/1 Hubert Davis opted-out of his contract and became a free agent.

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