2003-04 Mavs Transactions

5/3 The NBA fined Dallas $25,000 for showing a cartoon that made 
    fun of several Sacramento players prior to the Sal-Dal game on 
    April 24.
4/14 Dallas activated Tony Delk and placed Josh Howard on IR with 
     a strained gluteus muscle.
3/5 Dallas activated Travis Best and placed Tony Delk on IR with a
    sprained left ankle.
2/20 Dallas activated Tony Delk and placed Travis Best on IR with
     inflammation in his right Achilles.
1/30 Dallas claimed Scott Williams from the waiver wire.
1/28 Dallas activated Eduardo Najera and placed Tony Delk on IR with
     a sprained left ankle.
1/26 Dallas elected not to re-sign Mamadou N'diaye after he finished
     his 2nd 10-day contract.
1/16 Dallas is signed Mamadou N'diaye to a 2nd 10-day contract.
1/6 Dallas is signed Mamadou N'diaye to a 10-day contract.
1/2 Dallas placed Eduardo Najera on IR with a sore left knee.
12/6  The NBA fined Don Nelson $7,500 for criticizing the refs.  
      Nelson questioned how the refs would treat Danny Fortson 
      following Fortson's flagrant foul and said that the refs still 
      treat Eduardo Najera different as a result of Najera's 
      inadvertent bump of a ref last season.
12/3 Dallas and 103.3 FM ESPN have reached a contract extension
     agreement and the Mavs games will be broadcast on ESPN through 
11/28 The NBA suspended Danny Fortson for 3 games for his flagrant
      foul on Zarko Cabarkapa during Wednesday's Dal-Pho game.
10/27 Dallas placed Jon Stefansson (sprained left ankle) and Tariq
      Abdul-Wahad (left knee tendinitis) on IR.
10/20 Dallas released Josh Powell.
10/20 TRADE: Dallas traded Raef LaFrentz, Jiri Welsch, Chris Mills, 
      and a 2004 1st round draft pick to Boston for Antoine Walker and
      Tony Delk.
10/3 Dallas released Rod Gregoire.
9/30 Dallas signed Josh Powell and Rod Gregoire to 1 year, 
     non-guaranteed contracts.
9/1 Dallas signed rookie free agent Jon Stefansson.
8/22 Dallas signed Travis Best to a 1 year, minimum contract.
8/18 TRADE: Dallas traded Nick Van Exel, Avery johnson, Evan 
     Eschmeyer, (a re-signed) Popeye Jones, and Antoine Rigadeau to 
     Golden State for Antawn Jamison, Danny Fortson, Jiri Welsch, and 
     Chris Mills.
7/3 Dallas signed 1st round draft pick (#29) Josh Howard to a 3
    year, $2,590,920 contract with a 4th year worth $1,667,603 at 
    the team's option.
7/1 Dallas signed assistant coach Del Harris to a new 3 year contract.
    His previous contract had just expired.
6/30 Dallas signed Don Nelson to a new 3 year contract to continue as
     head coach and GM.  His old coaching contract expired July 1.
6/26 The NBA draft occurred and with the #29 pick Dallas selected
     Josh Howard, a 6-6 203 small forward-shooting guard from Wake 
6/26 With the #57 pick, Dallas selected Xue Yuyang from China, but
     the pick was made for Denver as Dallas traded the rights to 
     that pick to Denver for a 2nd round pick in 2004.  The pick 
     will be from Houston, which Denver obtained in last season's 
     James Posey trade.

Patricia Bender
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