Mavs Transactions

4/17 Dallas placed Robert Pack on IR with a torn ligaments in his left 
     shoulder and activated Bruno Sundov.  Pack's injury occurred during
     the Phoenix game.  He will be out for the rest of the season (only 
     two weeks left) and may have to undergo surgery.
3/29 Dallas activated Robert Pack and signed Bruno Sundov to a 2 year, 
     $603,750 contract and placed him on IR with an injured wrist.  Pack,
     who has a slightly torn right hamstring will not play for at least two
     more weeks.  Sundov is a project and likely will not be activated this
3/15 Dallas placed Robert Pack on IR with a slightly torn right hamstring.
2/26 Dallas placed Cedric Ceballos on IR with a fractured right wrist 
     and activated Erick Strickland.  Ceballos will be out 6 to 8 weeks.
2/18 Dallas released Khalid Reeves and placed Erick Strickland on IR with 
     a strained right groin.
2/4 Dallas placed Ansu Sesay on IR with a broken right foot.  Sesay is out 
    for the season due to the injury.
2/3 Dallas signed team president and CEO Terdema Ussery to a 3 year 
    contract extension.
2/2 Dallas released Greg Buckner.
1/27 Dallas signed Cedric Ceballos to a 1 year, $725,000 contract.
1/25 Dallas released Ace Custis so that he could sign with AEK Athens of 
     the Greek league.
1/25 Dallas signed Steve Nash to a 6 year contract extension with a
     player opt-out clause after the 5th year.
1/23 Dallas signed Gary Trent to a 1 year, $1 million contract.
1/21 Dallas signed free agent John (Hot Rod) Williams to a 3 year, 
     $5,775,000 contract (the Mavs' average excemption).  
1/21 Dallas signed rookie Dirk Nowitzki to a 3 year contract with a 4th 
     year at the team's option.  Dirk will receive $1.23 million for this
     season and the total contract (including the 4th year) is worth $5.56
1/21 Dallas signed Ansu Sesay, Greg Buckner, and Ace Custis to
     non-guaranteed contracts.
11/17 Don Nelson has decided not to renew the contract of Mark Aguirre as
      a scout and big-man coach.
11/3 Mavs vice president of communications Kevin Sullivan resigned
     in order to join Dallas 2012 - the group trying to bring the 2012 
     Olympics to DFW.  He is the committee's first hire and will be in 
     charge of communications and a variety of other areas.  Sully, one 
     of the best in the business, has been with the Mavs from the start 
     and will be sorely missed.  He joined the team in 1980 as a public 
     relations assistant.  Tony Fay (Director of Media Services) will 
     assume Sully's responsibilities.
6/24 Dallas signed TV color man Bob Ortegael to a 3 year contract 
6/24 With the #30 pick, Dallas drafted Ansu Sesay.  With the #35 pick, 
     Dallas drafted Bruno Sundov.  With the #53 pick, Dallas drafted
     Greg Buckner.
6/24 TRADE: Dallas traded the draft rights to Pat Garrity (#19), Bubba
     Wells, Martin Muursepp, and an unprobected 1999 draft pick to Phoenix
     for Steve Nash.
6/24 TRADE: Dallas traded the draft rights to Robert Traylor (#4) to
     Milwaukee for the draft rights to Dirk Nowitzki (#9) and Pat Garrity

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