(updated 05/11/98) Some things of interest to me......

The Washington Cascade Column

The is a group of people who believe in doing unto before your own ship is done unto. Check out the page for info on R/C combat.

My picture Galley

if you dare! You have been warned! Kid picture alert!

THEOS / OASIS operating system

Oasis was developed in 78 as a business operating system for the Z-80 based computers. I still have a client running one of these boxes. The later versions would run 6-8 users on a Z-80B fairly well. THEOS is the grandchild and runs on PC hardware. The latest version will run 256 users on a fast machine with 32 connected through a TCP/IP net link. It still uses the same structured basic that was available in 1980. Check out ther Theos Software Homepage.


I have had the privledge to do quite a bit of diving in Puget Sound in the past. For a couple of years I was fairly active in underwater photography. The problem with this activity is that an anoying amount of what you take pictures of is not identifiable. Either it is not in the books or it requires a microscopic disection and a PHD to tell two varieties apart. Given time (ha ha, see below) I'd like to put up some of the better pictures to give non-divers a glimpse of the facinating world down there.

My Wife, Laura and Dan

my 5 year old son is the complete explaination for the limit of interests.

Family History

We are working on the LOWE family tree and would like to know anything about Stephen Anderson Lowe. Born around 1795 in TN. Died in 1869 in MO. Was married to Margaret ???, Born April 1798 in TN and died 11 March 1875 in MO. Any other information on LOWE or LOW or LOE familys would also be appreciated.