WCC - Email List Signup Form
This screen allows you to add yourself to the WCC events maillist. Since we often have to change the location or time of our scheduled events, we have created an email list to notify people of the changes in schedule. Since we run events in a variety of locations in Washington state, it's also nice to have an idea of where you live. We don't need a mailing address, just a city or area is enough. I live south of Seattle, we have captains in Redmond, Bellevue, Portland, Richland and Bainbridge.

By entering your email address here and submitting this form, you will be added to our email list.



If you want off the list, submit your email address and put "unsubscribe" in the location.

If you have problems with this form let Phill know. We have a simple privacy policy. We can't be bothered to do anything with our email list other than let you know about WCC events.