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Captain Ship CH Location Status
Patrick Gavin USS North Carolina 00 Seattle AreaUnder Construction
Alex Schumer DKM Bismark 2.4Seattle Area NUnder Construction
Alex Lowe FS Mogador 50 Seattle Area SUnder Construction
Phill Lowe HMS Inflexible 58 Seattle Area SOperational
John Carter HMS Invincible 61 OregonOperational
Rad Russel DKM Scharnhorst 62 Seattle Area NFor Sale
Keith Maxwell DKM Adm Scheer 63 Seattle Area SOperational
Adam Wyant DKM Lutzow 64 Seattle Area SOperational
John Carter USS North Carolina 65 OregonOperational
Stephen Gavin SMS Defflinger 66 Seattle AreaUnder Construction
Rad Russel IJN Mushai 67 Seattle Area NFor Sale
Phill Lowe FS Richelieu 70 Seattle Area SRefitting
Phill Lowe IJN Mutsu 71 Seattle Area SOperational
Danny Lowe SMS Westfalen 72 Seattle Area SOperational
Alex Lowe HMS Roberts 73 Seattle Area SRefitting
Nick Meyers FS Suffren 74 Seattle AreaOperational
Keith Maxwell USS Washington 75 Seattle Area SOperational
Phill Lowe Viribus Unitus 76 Seattle Area SFor Sale
Darrell Lowe HMS Warspite 78 Seattle Area WOperational
Bill Stubbings USS Indiana 81 OregonOperational
Brian Hanson SRS Bayern 82 Eastern WAOperational
Tom Rovegno DKM Graf Spee 84 Seattle Area NOperational
Chris Booth HMS QE 84 B.C.Under Construction
Mike Bartunek USS Chester 86 Seattle Area WOperational
Kelly McClimans IJN Nagato 88 Seattle Area SOperational
Doug Olsen HMS Indomitable 89 ____Under Construction
Hovey Moore USS North Carolina 99 Seattle Area SRefitting
Captain Ship CH Location Status
Rad Russel USS Olympic Victory A1 Seattle Area NOperational
Phill Lowe Tugboat A2 Seattle Area SUnder Construction
Phill Lowe USS Fond Du Lac A3 Seattle Area SOperational
Rad Russel KMS Komit II A5 Seattle Area NUnder Construction
Keith Maxwell KMS Komet A6 Seattle Area SOperational
Radio chanels are not accurate! Originally, radio chanel was unique. The Polk and newer 2.4mhz radios run multiple radios in a frequency band. If you want to purchase a radio on 27mhz or 75mhz, please contact the web master to determine clear channels!
Captain Ship CH Location Status
Jim Hanson USS North Carolina ____lost at sea
Tom Rovegno USS Northampton ____lost at sea
Patrick Blaine SMS Derfflinger 00 OregonOn Hold
Alex Price SRS Molke 00 ____On Hold
Mike Morrill USS Houston 00 ____On Hold
Melissa Elmore RKM Lutzow 00 Eastern WAOn Hold
Darrin Koln USS Northhampton 00 ____On Hold
Brandon Smith FS Foch 00 CaliforniaOperational
Brandon Smith Hindenberg 00 CaliforniaOperational
Keith Thurman USS Pennsilvania 00 Seattle Area SUnder Construction
Chuck Amos HMS Abercrombie 00 Seattle Area NUnder Construction
Ray FS Algerie 00 ____Under Construction
Rad Russel Destroyer 00 Seattle Area NUnder Construction
Mike Bartunek USS Iowa 00 Seattle Area WUnder Construction
Rad Russel HMS Erubus 00 Seattle Area NUnder Construction
Robin Fuller Bismark 00 ____Under Construction
Phill Lowe IJN Nagato 00 Seattle Area SUnder Construction
Chris Sims Z-33 05 OregonUnder Construction
Chris Sims SMS Baden 42 OregonOperational
Phill Lowe HMS Gorgon 59 Seattle Area SOn Hold
Phill Lowe FS Montcalm 60 Seattle Area SRefitting
Gary Bruce DKM Deutchland ____lost at sea
George Mizushi IJN Yamashiro ____lost at sea
Doug Hanson USS South Dakota ____lost at sea
Garth Corbett SMS Derfflinger ____lost at sea
Randy Austad IJN Mogami 77 ____Under Construction
Paul Marshal FS Colbert ____lost at sea
Eric Dowe USS Augusta CA-31 ____lost at sea
Doug Hanson IJN Yamato ____lost at sea
Chris Booth Princess Royal ____lost at sea
Alex Schumer DKM Lutzow ____lost at sea
Al Schumer HMS Invincible ____lost at sea
Andrew Bruce HMS Queen Elizabeth ____lost at sea
Doug Hanson North Carolina ____lost at sea
Andy Rucker SMS Moltke ____lost at sea
Operational    Warships: 22   Cargo Ships: 3    Under Construction: 18    Other: 24