In the past three years there has been an explosion of Combat Warship web pages.We are busy working on our ships and so have listed just a few of the main and/or important sites. Check them out! They all have many links to other sites. While nothing can compare to actually seeing an operational ship and talking to the people who built it, these web sites can do wonders to further your understanding of almost every aspect of this hobby.

NW Regional

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Greg's Warship Site is the home of the Richland (eastern WA) based part of the WCC fleet and has a website devoted to his SRS Bayern (Seine Richelanders Shiff :). We should see pictures of the RKM Lutzow (Richelanders Kreigs Marine) and SRS Molke as they are built too.

CNCC, Cal-Neva Combat Club is a new club in the Northern California area.


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Swampworks a mainstay of the hobby for 18 years has folded up shop but there is a chance the business will be sold.

Battler's Connection Supplier of ship kits and accessories, including the new Van Der Tamm fiberglass hull!

Barn Stormer Boats is a new source of hulls and partial kits. The selection is expanding and is not in the hulls list yet. PropsThere is a fairly new source of props in CA. The pictures look nice and the prices reasonable. I haven't ordered any yet (If you have watched me battle you know this is a regular occurance). I'll add info as soon as I find it again.....

The Plans Master George Geoff has drawn an amazing number of plans in 144th scale perfectly suited to our hobby. Useful if you want to scratch build an entire ship or if you get one of the many fiberglass hulls available and want to build the superstructure.

Radical Dave's R/C website. He runs a crystal exchange for Futaba radios plus has the best prices on servo extenders. He is expanding into servo's, noise traps and other goodies. $2 shipping!

Rado South These people really know R/C. Best place to get Air Radio's converted to ground Freq.

Otterbox makes a line of waterproof plastic boxes. Try their model 2500 for battleships and cut it down for cruisers. is an on-line distributor for otterboxes. They have been nice to deal with. If they don't show clear boxes as available, that means they are out of stock right now. Many other places don't carry otterbox's full range of colors.

BDE (A supplier of Big Gun guns and misc parts)

Small Parts Inc A supplier of all sorts of small things (gears, springs, screws........ Great Catalog!)

Balsa USA A supplier of balsa and model grade plywood as well as model spruce and basswood.

Lonestar Models A supplier of good quality.

Clippard The source for small gas controls. (our poppets and CO2 fittings) Airtronics in Bellevue is the WA state distributor for Clippard stuff.

Kipmanufactures selonoids that are used to to handle dual or tripple guns. Usually a group purchase must be made as the 6v version is not a normally stocked part and a special order requires 25 units.


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IR/CWCC site, 1/144th scale Fast gun.
Joe Kutz's page, home of the "fast gun" maillist.
Chris Pearce's Tatics, Should be REQUIRED reading for anyone wanting to battle "fast gun" ships!
Model Warship Combat Inc., 1/144th scale Fast gun.
Queen's Own Scale Model Warship Club, 1/72nd scale slow gun.
Big gun, 1/144th and 1/72nd scale slow guns.