Getting Started


Please read this page carefully if you believe you want to get involved with building and battling a ship with the WCC. It will probably also be useful if you are interested in battling with another club because the issues are the same. Here are some basic things to do.

Battling model warships is a group activity. This means that some coordination is critical to making things go smoothly. We are blessed/cursed with two sets of national level rules covering warship combat. Currently they are close enough that any ship build to one set can be converted fairly easly to be acceptable to the other set. The WCC is fairly neutral as far as the national organizations go. The primary difference is in the insurance coverage.

There are a number of things that the national organization handles that isolated clubs like the WCC should take on. The primary issue is radio Frequencies. When two ships are set up on the same freq, neither ship is controlable. The only solution is to put one ship on the beach. This has happened when the crystals for one ship were missing. The only spares turned out to be on an already used freq. The result was that that ship missed most of the day of battling. The only reason it was able to battle was that the other ship lost two guns and it was decided that the team was better served by the other ship with more working guns.