The Washington Cascade Column or WCC for short, is a group of individuals who get together on a regular basis to have fun battling model warships built to the IR/CWCC and MWC regulations. We man a booth at the Puyllup Hobby fair in February and schedule a battle each month from March through November. We maintain a modest email list to notify interested people about upcomming events. Sometimes we get together after the battles at a local eating establishment to brag and distort the results of the previous battles.

The WCC was started in early 1997 and the first actual battle was in October of that year. The members are a diverse group, with both college students and retirees as well as several Father/son or Father/daughter teams. Our youngest captain took the helm of his ship at 6 1/2. The emphasis is on having fun and battling. The ships are designed for battling and look pretty good as long as you don't get close to them!

Membership: Send us an email address and we will put you on the list. Send us a picture of a model ship in any shape that could battle some day and the channel you plan to use and we will add you to our ship list. Show up at a battle with your protective eyewear and stand near the shore, we will be happy to hose you down with the bilge pumps. Come help out at the hobby fair booth and you can spread misinformation to hundreds of unsuspecting people. This concludes the benefits of membership.

These ships are actually pretty complicated and having an experienced captain to talk to makes building a ship a lot quicker and less frustrating. We are happy to share the long lists of things we did wrong in building our ships.... We also have found suppliers for many of the various bits and pieces that we use to build ships and are happy to help new captains (aka. Targets). The best way to decide if this hobby is for you is to come watch a battle and talk to the current captains. We usually hold one or more building parties in the early spring to provide assistance to new captains. One-on-one help is available, just ask!

There is a tremendous amount of information available on other web sites dealing with building and battling model warships. Most of it is fairly good but as with anything, there are various opinions on what is the best way to do something. Don't take any of it too seriously!

Our goal is to have fun battling warships!