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Hi, I am Brian Rachford and that line "Content-rich web pages since 1996" on my home page isn't a lie. Unlike a lot of people, I waited until I had something to say before I put together my first webpages, which still exist in an updated format. (In the first few years of the WWW, one could put up a page with just a few links and feel cool just because of the alleged novelty.) After having a website at two different universities, I have moved my "interesting" web pages to a commercial ISP. My main focus has been on providing interesting and useful content, on topics for which I am an "expert" of some sort.

At the bottom of nearly every page (at least the ones that have been truly "upgraded" from my old site), there are icons that indicate that I have verified that the page uses standards-compliant HTML and CSS. These images are actually links to a service that will check that particular page. I'm usually good about re-checking a page after I make a modification, but if you ever find a page with invalid code, please send me a note. This sort of verification ensures that if your browser works correctly, my pages should be viewable. It is also sort of a political statement in that I encourage everyone to check their pages against some HTML standard (there are ones much looser than what I use).

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