24 March 1991: Ottumwa, Iowa

Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure about the dating of this display. Digging through Sky and Tel from this time period yielded a report of a great display on this date. I know for sure that this display must have been from about March to July, and almost certainly was from March to May. I had stopped recording the geomagnetic information on WWV by this time, primarily because I was finishing my last semester at the University of Iowa and was working pretty hard on my Senior Thesis (as well as my classes).

However, I do have a written record of this display. It was just notes scribbled down in a palm-sized notebook, but I will give them nearly verbatim. Stuff in parenthesis represent arrows on the original paper. The numbers correspond to the photo number and the integration time, and the times are local time, UT minus 6 hours:

Phew! The photos were all shot with my 50mm lens at either f/1.7 or f/2.8. Unfortunately, the photos were on Seattle FilmWorks film (I can't believe I used that stuff!), ASA 400. The aurora came out pretty dim, and I only give photos 3 and 10, as described above.

[125K JPEG]

[105K JPEG]

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